Jefferson County



(The microfilm did not take for Jan to July)

Submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera

Aug. 9 Wedding of Circuit Court Clerk Burrell Hawkins and Miss Dena Jackson 
was announced.

Aug. 11 Wedding of Carroll Holt and Miss Winifred Way in New 
York was announced.

Aug. 20 A big storm does great damage to the corn crops.

Aug. 30 Appointment of Merritt O. Chance, former Mt. Vernon boy, as 
postmaster at Washington D.C. is announced.

Aug. 31 Asa L. Ferguson, well known farmer living near Woodlawn, ended 
own life by drinking carbolic acid.

Sept. 1 Public schools open with a total attendance of 1927, breaking all records in Mt. Vernon. Sept. 2 Dr. I.G. Gee, long leading citizen of this county, died at his home in Mt. Vernon. Sept. 3 Mrs. Similda L. Pease died in hospital at Rock Island, Illinois. Sept. 7 Announcement of marriage of Miss Martha Miller, formerly of this city, and Jess Coffer, on platform at Chaqtauqua at Centralia, Missouri. Sept. 7 Monroe Jackson, a well known old Mt. Vernon citizen, died. Sept. 11 County Judge A.D. Webb announced that no more widow's pensions would be paid in advance, because some of the widows were drawing their pensions to buy trousseaus. Sept. 13 William F. Yearwood, well known old citizen, dead. Sept. 16 Albert Bentley, former Mt. Vernon boy, killed in I.C. shops at Wamac. Sept. 18 Miss Vivian Maxey and D.O.C. Cleveland of McGehee, Ark., married here. Sept. 24 Charles H. Thompson of this city, elected to receive the thirty-third degree of Masonry.
Oct. 7 Infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson, member of ComeOnter church dies after parents refuse to allow doctor to attend it. Oct. 9 Automobiles belonging to R.F. Buckham and E.T. Hobbs are reduced to junk. Oct. 11 News of the wedding of Judge Conrad Schul and Miss Pearl Hicks is received. Oct. 13 Mrs. Jennie Adcock is sent to the county jail by Circuit Judge Miller because she refuses to testify before the grand jury. Oct. 13 Hagebusch Hardware store on west side of square is robbed for the fifth time in a single year. Oct. 18 Fred Yearwood killed when he fell asleep on C & EI track north of city. Oct. 22 Sheriff McMackin foiled a lynching party at Salem by spiriting two negroes from the Marion county jail and bringing them to Mt. Vernon for safe keeping. Oct. 26 Hiram Stearns, Mt. Vernon boy missing from home for two years and thought dead, returned.
Nov. 1 Will Mack, a negro, is considerably shot up by the police in Grand Avenue battle. Nov. 8 Six hundred chickens and geese perished when car of poultry overturns in wreck. Nov. 10 Mrs. Mary Reece died suddenly while driving to her home south of Mt. Vernon. Nov. 15 First snow fall of the season is recorded. Nov. 25 Fred Goddard is a Thanksgiving day suicide in Mt. Vernon. Nov. 26 Rev. Cal Richardson, well known Jefferson county minister, dead.
Dec. 4 Fred Hermann, well known old citizen, adjudged insane. Dec. 7 Frank G.Thompson and Miss Lynne Chapman married. Dec. 8 H.A. Lowein and Miss Regna Fly married. Dec. 14 Virgil Klumpp dangerous injured when struck on head with hammer by workman at thecar shops. Dec. 15 Ellis McMackin, a well known young man, dead. Dec. 27 Two dozen marriage licenses issued by County Clerk during Christmas week. Dec. 31 Tom Ames, arrested here in complaint of Thomas Stone because Ames married Stone's daughter, age 16 after one days acqauintance.


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