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Jan. 1, 1915 Mt. Vernon Daily News

Submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera

Jan. 1 Everybody made at least one good resolution.
Jan. 3 L.D. Jines, a 15 year old school boy, accidently shot on New Year'd day, died at the hospital. Jan. 7 Richard McBride, cashier of the Ina bank, died at his home in Ina. Jan. 12 The trial of Abe C. Eaton, on a murder charge, brought here from DuQuoin, was be
gun in circuit court. Jan. 16 John F. Guthrie, a well known Mt. Vernon citizen, died at his home here. Jan. 22 Howard Alexander Wyche convicted of attempting to rob the Jefferson State bank. Jan. 23 Bodies of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Winn, formerly of this city, victims of murder and suicide at East St. Louis, brought to this county for burial. Jan. 24 John A. Sprouse convicted of dynamiting Rightnowar home in Long Pairie and sentenced to Chester. Jan. 26 Death of Mrs. Margaret Howard, a well known old resident of this city, took place at Jacksonville, Illinois. Jan. 29 Police Magistrate William Estes found dead in his office at the northwest corner of the square.

Feb. 4 Oliver Jackson killed in accident in car shop. Feb. 9 Aunt Nan Maxey, a well known pioneer resident of this county, died. Feb.? Wedding of Mr. William Seymour and Miss Georgia Farthing took place. Feb. 16 Death of Mrs. Burrell Hawkins and Mrs. R. C. Claybourn, both well known in Mt. Vernon, was announced. Feb. 21 First woman jury in this county was called in a case tried in the county court. Feb. 25 Virgil Johnson, a Mt. Vernon boy, was accidentally shot and killed in Chicago.
Mar. 4 Mrs. Elizabeth Welch died at her home in this city. Mar. 9 Committe meets to distribute $500 reward among the ten who claimed to have assisted in the capture of Horace Wyche, who attempted to rob the Jefferson State bank. Mar. 9 A.T. Ranus, a Mt. Vernon man, lost his life in the M.A.C. fire in St. Louis Mar.15 Farmers in the northern part of the county discover that they have been swindled out of about $10,000 by the operations of O.R. Reeves, stock buyer. Mar.28 Adam Culli, a well known Mt. Vernon business man, died at his home here. Mar.28 Joe Johnson, an employee of the Purity Ice Cream company, seriously injured in an accident at the plant.
Apr. 2 News of the death of Ed Heiserman, a former resident of Mt. Vernon, which took place at Oklahoma City, received here. Apr. 3 City Council votes to raise salary of police officers to $60 per month. Apr. 5 William Bain fatally wounded in pistol duel wtih Police Officer Connor. (Unreadable.) Apr. 6 Sheriff Payne notified of the capture of Ray Sweetin, wanted on a charge of assault for two years, at town in California. Apr.13 Robert Kattner, a well known citizen of Mt. Vernon, died at his home here. Apr.21 E.D. Wilkerson elected president of new county board of supervisors
May 1 Tax Collector Floyd White closed his books today, having collected $94,000 in taxes in Mt. Vernon township. May 12 Wedding of Henry Ben Ward and Miss Aline Emmerson, one of the big social events of the year. May 16 Sam Holloway, want by Jefferson county sheriff since 1911 captured in Wyoming. May 18 Lack of rain hurt farmers and country looked more like August than May. May 19 Dr. Fay Reid and Miss Florence Miller married at First Baptist church. May 21 Paul Arendale drove an automobile to Centralia in 49 minutes and 36 seconds on a wager, making a new speed record. May 27 Army worms make their appearance and add to the woes of the farmer. May 29 Class of 34 graduated from Mt. Vernon high school. May 29 Mrs. Mary Herrin, a well known resident of Mt. Vernon, died.
Jun 1 W. T. Badgett, and old resident of this city, died from a sudden stroke, a paralysis sustained while walking on the street. Jun 5 Long drought broken by heavy shower. Jun 5 L.B. Whitson, well known old resident of Mt. Vernon, died here at the home of his daughter, Mrs. W. Duff Piercy. Jun 11 Dr. L. Irons bid in the property of the Wabash railroad at a tax sale for $2,907.02. Jun 13 Commercial Club and Highway Commissioner, Warner Louth, unable to agree as to the kind of hard road to be built. Jun 16 John J. Manion, well known Mt. Vernon resident, died of sudden attack of heart failure Jun 17 Reve Gullie, prodigal husband, slipped with $2,200 in currency, his wife's money,which he had found stuck behind a picture. He was captured in Salem. Jun 26 Long, continued drought does great damage to crops.
Jul 12 Thermometer registers 107. Jul 14 Something about Ethel Hitchcock. Jul 30 Sarah Maxey, an old resident of the county, died at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. Belle M. Allen.
Aug. 6 Lester Maxey, of this city, killed and several injured in an automobile accident. Aug. 7 Heavy rain breaks long drought, but may come too late to save many crops. Aug. 8 Fine dairy herd of Ransom Merrill destroyed when the cows got on the C & EI right of way. Aug. 11 Joseph G. Cannon speaks at the Mt. Vernon Chautauqua. Aug. 19 James M. Mitchell dies at his home in this city. Aug. 26 Six business houses on or near the square are burglarized. Aug. 27 Homer Badgett, formerly of this city, killed in railroad accident in Louisiana.
Sept.27 Sam Holloway acquitted in circuit court on charge of horse stealing.
Oct. 1 Orville Reeves found guilty of embezzelment in circuit court and sentenced to prison. Oct. 6 As a result of sermon on "The Devil at the King City Fair," Rev. C. L. Green is called before the grand jury to tell what he knows about gambling alleged to have taken place there. Oct. 10 More than 4 inches of rain fell in Mt. Vernon in 48 hours. Oct. 12 Judge E.E. Newlin here to pass on hard road litigation issues. Oct. 13 John Rainey, and old citizen of Mt. Vernon, run down and fatally injured by automobile on the sqaure. Oct. 14 John Will Baugh, agent for Adams Express company in Mt. Vernon since 1880, announces his retirement. Oct. 14 James H. Dennis died suddenly at his home in this city. Oct. 18 Claude Lindsay, formerly of Mt. Vernon, killed at West Frankfort. Oct. 23 Samuel Gibson, a well known old resident of Mt. Vernon, died at his home here. Oct. 24 Death of John Maloney and John H. Harlow, well known old citizens, occurred today.
Nov. 8 Allen C. Dickerson, East St. Louis boy, fatally injured under C & EI train. Nov. 8 Fire destroys three business houses at Waltonville. Nov. 8 Farewell reception for Rev. McAdoo who retires as pastor of First Presbyterian church. Nov. 15 James Bond, well known Jefferson county farmer, dies from a sudden attack of heart failure. Nov. 22 Death of Louis Robor, a well known Mt. Vernon merchant, at Thebes, is announced.
Dec. 11 Fire destroys store of A.W.B. Johnson at Birmingham, Alabama. Dec. 15 Mercury drops to 10 below zero in cold spell. Dec. 15 R.W. Dulaney, old resident of Bluford, ends life. Dec. 26 William Byars, former prison guard, arrested here on charge of aiding convict to escape from Chester prison. 
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