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from the Mt. Vernon Daily Register January 29, 1910
Submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera
Sept 27, 1997
Jan. 1 Samuel D. Grant and Miss Mabel Ross married New Year's Eve. J. E. Maimia and Miss Maude Greer married Thursday evening. Jan. 3 Miss Anne Judd showered with linen at the A. C. Johnson home. Jan. 5 J. V. E. Marsh and Miss Anne Judd married in St. Louis. R. F. Breese died at home in Grand Prairie Township. Jan. 7 First steps taken regarding hospital for Mt. Vernon. Jan. 11 Announcement of engagement of Miss Georgia Howard and Karl D.Weaver  made at home of Misses Blair. Jan. 12 January term of circuit court. Zero weather; fine sleighing. Jan.13 John Wesley Heck, of Moore's Prairie, died. Jan. 14 John Holt and Miss Morningstar married. Jan. 15 Josiah Willis died at home in Bald Hill township. Jan. 17 Mrs. Anna Hughey died. Jan. 18 Mrs. Elizabeth Maulding died at Memphis, TN. Jan. 20 R. N. Hinman weds Mrs. Emma Cristy, in Kansas City. Jan. 21 John E. Wallace found dead on his farm. Jan. 23 Karl D. Weaver and Miss Georgia Howard married. Jan. 27 Rev. Wm. Richardson died at Belle Rive. Jan. 29 Mrs. Bertha Dunning died. Mrs. Harry Green died near Waltonville. Jan. 30 Dr. Simeon M. Roberson died. 

Feb. 1 Mrs. James Warren died at Eldorado. Feb. 3 W. U. Coats & Bros. forced into bankruptcy. Feb. 4 Sylvester Fitzgerrell died at home in Benton. Feb. 5 Mrs. Laura Carpenter died. Feb. 6 Wm. Linder buys interest in Junker's Smoke House. Feb. 7 Christian Endeavorers celebrate 26th or 28th anniversary. H. H. Simmons died in hospital at New York. Feb.8 John A. Koons hears his store in Jonesboro, Ark. is robbed. Feb. 11 E. J. Scott injured in coal mine at Sesser. Feb. 12 Mrs. Eliza J. Allen died. Feb. 15 Mrs. Dennis Dial died. Feb. 16 Orville Jones lost life in mine explosion at West Frankfort. Miss Menetta Brooks and J. Frank Daniel wed at Baltimore, MD. Feb. 17 Miss Carrie Fisher, of Grand Prairie, hanged self in corn crib. Feb. 23 Sheriff Grant Irvin shot by bad negro on rampage. J. C. Kirk died. Feb. 24 Mrs. James Dodson died. Rev. Mayes barber shop burglarized. Feb. 25 Frank Threat died. Feb. 26 Jim Houseworth shot Louis Jones at Belleville. 

Mar. 7 Roy R. Ward died. Mar. 8 T. J. Maxey, former resident, died at Yokon, Okla. Mar. 9 Rain fall record for 24 hrs., heaviest for 10 yrs. 8.54 inches. Mar. 10 Mrs. Harry Patterson died. Z. T. Cross of Opdyke died. N. A. Smith bought Mt. Vernon coal mine. Mrs. T. L. Cates died at home in Elk Prairie. Mar. 18 Reva Crawford and Earl Kent charged with murder of Mabel Chambliss, who died Mar. 12 Mar. 15 March term county court in session. A. W. Plummer died. Mar. 20 Dr. L. Irons and Miss Katherine Pace married. Mar. 23 James Humphrey dead. Mar. 24 S. W. Temple died. Mrs. J. J. Willis died. Mar. 25 Alva Marlow appointed as deputy treasurer. Mar. 27 R. W. Alexander died. Mar. 29 Definite announcement of plans for Egyptian hospital to be leased by Drs. J. W. Hamilton and W. H. Gillmore. Mrs. Marion Williams dead. 

Apr. 2 Robert Walters, of East St. Louis, former resident, dead. Apr. 3 Capt. F. A. Owen, travelling for Howard and Casey Co. died in hotel at Dahlgren. Apr. 7 Capt. W. E. Satterfield re-elected to command Co. F. John Taylor died. Apr. 8 John D. Kincheloe died. Mrs. Susan B. Buck died. Apr. 9 Announcement of engagement of Miss Mary Arendale to Jay C. Williams. Apr. 11 Mrs. Mary A. Jones, of Opdyke, died. Apr. 12 Circuit court convened. Apr. 13 S. A. Patterson died. Apr. 15 Keys Milton sentenced to pententiary for muderous assualt on Leslie Alexander. Apr. 16 Mrs. Susan S. Varnell died. Jim Lewis, colored, plead guilty to assault to murder Sheriff Irvin and sent to Pontiac. Mrs. Clem Reece died. Apr. 19 Wall's "History of Jefferson Co." out. Miss Minnie Pumley died. Apr. 22 J. A. Hamilton died. Apr. 25 Mrs. S. C. Copple, of Keysport, died here. Apr. 26 Ground broken for new hospital. Apr. 27 W. Barg. Casey died. Loren N. Wood buys 2,600 coal land of local capitalists.

May 1 Seburn Francis died. R. I. Coleman, a former resident, died in Mt. Carmel. May 2 Carson Martin of Belle Rive killed self with dynamite. May 3 Graham G. Smith, a former resident, died in St. Louis. May 4 James Winfree badly hurt at car works. May 5 Robert F. Pace ended life by drowning. John Burns, alias Kelly Woodlawn, bank robber, arrested. May 10 Mrs. J. J. Fly died. May 11 Mrs. E. D. Youngblood died. May 15 Circus in town. Frank Sechrest died. May 16 Chas. H. Judd died. May 21 Elks gave jolly stag party. May 24 Mrs. Martha Dickerson died. Marriage of Miss Mary Arendale and Jay C. Williams. May 25 Harvey C. Gibson died. May 26 Mrs. Kate Martin found dead. Mrs. W. B. Chamness died. May 27 R. R. Drake died. "Guy Mannering" senior class play given. Mrs. Sarah Bailey died. May 29 Eighty-seven graduates finish grade school. James M. Hall dead. May 30 Martin Price died. 

June 2 J. P. Harrison, pioneer citizen of Ashley, died. June 4 Mrs. C. D. Riggs died. June 7 J. T. Shephard died at Opdyke. Alfred Bond drowned in pond in Farrington township. June 9 Ewing post office robbed. C. E. McGuire died. June 11 Miss Lottie Weeks died. June 12 James Stull killed by a train at Richview. June 15 Mrs. Carrie Estes Pettit died. June 17 Mrs. A. W. Lawrence died. June 23 James Blake killed in Texas. June 25 H. F. Bray declared bankrupt. June 27 Koons Bros. hardware store burned. June 28 Mrs. Ellen Newman killed by lightning, near Richview. June 30 Edward W. Hamill died at Los Angelus. (sic) 

July 1 W. H. Watson's store burned. Charles P. Johnson died in St. Louis. July 4 Mrs. Martha A. Howell died. July 5 W. H. Poole died. July 8 Mrs. Chas. Edminson badly burned by gas explosion. July 9 Washington Johnson died. Fred Wright died at Centralia. July 11 Mrs. Goodwin Perkins died in LaGrange. July 12 Circuit court in session. July 16 J. N. Johnson notified he had been appointed a trustee of McKendree College. July 18 Fire at Grand Hotel. Miss Freda Craft, of Bonnie, accidently shot herself through the hand. July 22 Colored church destroyed by fire. July 24 Samuel Clifton died east of town. July 26 John Lambert's new house destroyed by fire. July 30 Mrs. Sarah Ballard died. 

Aug. 1 Allan Dinwidie died. Aug. 5 Barns of Pete Whitlock, near Dix, and W. H. Carpenter in the Camp Ground, struck by lightning. Aug 13 A. W. Highsmith died. W. L. Willoughby residence damaged by fire. Aug 17 Mrs. Jane Dulaney died near Marlow. Aug 18 P. G. Wallace died. Aug 19 Walter Pigg died. Aug 23 Egyptian Hospital opened. Aug 26 Mrs. Harry Flanery died. Aug 27 Hottest day of the summer. Aug 28 Mrs. S. K. Latham died. Aug 29 Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Lacey of near Woodlawn, the fiftieth anniversary of their wedding. 

Sept 1 Mrs. Nannie Warfield did. Sept 2 D. Johnson died in Denver. Sept 5 Theo. Pancer killed in a runaway near Waltonville. Sept 7 Miss Anna Damon died. Sept 9 Mrs. Elizabeth McCord died. Sept 11 Simeon W. Maxey, a former resident, died at Ellensburg, Washington. Jasper Davis, a former resident of McClellan township, died in Geary, Okla. Sept 12 Douglas Robinson of Pleasant Grove died. Sept 15 Wesley Rose's barn burned. Sidney Woolner and Miss Olive Krieckhaus married in St. Louis. Sept 17 James L. Cates died. Sept 19 J. Logan Brown, east of the city, died. Sept 24 Wilson Caroll Webb died near Webb. Sept 25 Mrs. Annie Harper died. Sept 26 Mrs. Millie Klein, a former resident, died at the hospital. Sept 27 Circuit convened. Rev. J. D. MCammon appointed pastor First M. E. church, Mt. Vernon. Sept 29 Mrs. J. P. Doyle, south of this city, died. Sept 30 Nathan Thompson, north of Woodlawn, died. 

Oct. 1 John B. Flannigan died. Oct. 2 Edmund Barton died. Oct. 4 Rev. Bersha Green appointed to Free M. E. church. Oct. 6 Preston Pigg died. Oct. 8 Mrs. Nancy J. Wright, of Camp Ground, died. Oct. 10 Mrs. Rachel Sides, colored, died. Oct. 11 Joshua Hopper died. Oct. 15 F. J. Bruce, of Ina, died. Oct. 16 Henry H. Dick died. Mrs. John Cameron, of Woodlawn, died. Oct. 19 B. F. Scott died. Mrs. M. Cordes died. A. N. Pace died in Montgomery Ala. Oct. 20 Fred Henley run over by wagon loaded with coal and killed. E. A. Roy died. Oct. 21 Hon. Albert Watson elected grand chancellor of Illinois Knights of Pythias. Samuel W. Jones struck by L & N passsenger train near Drivers and killed. Mrs. L. B. Kelley died in St. Louis. Oct. 22 Mrs. Elizabeth Barnard died as results of burns she received. Mrs. Amelia Jane Guthrie died, oldest resident who was born in county. W. W. Merritt died in St. Louis. Oct. 23 Henry Johnson finds pearl slug in shoulder of two-year old beef. Oct. 24 Mrs. L. L. Record died. E. S. Claybourne, former resident, hurt on Panama canal in 1906, died at Champaign. Oct. 25 Circuit court convenes. Oct. 26 Appellate court convenes. Oct. 27 Rev. Duff H. Wells, former resident, died at Carterville. Oct 28 Announcement of engagement of Homer Hobbs and Miss Abbie McMackin. Oct. 29 Edgar Landgraf died from ptomaine poisoning. Dix possum club take annual outing. Oct. 30 J. G. Crozier, former resident, died at Masonic Home in Sullivan. Word received of death of Miss Anita Hayes, at Fowler, Calif. C. T. Sullans son-in-law of John P. Guthrie, killed by live wire at Webb City, MO. Ruele Carter died. Oct. 31 W. L. Crouch died. Mrs. Ed Carter, of Dodds, died. Infant daughter of Rufus Willoughby, of Grand Prairie, died from eating headache tablets. 

Nov. 1 Jessie Rhea Son died. (sic) Nov. 2 Miss Nellie Luese, of Bluford, died. Fred Dewey shot while hunting near Arthur, Illinois. Nov. 8 Homer W. Hobbs and Miss Abbie McMackin married. Nov. 10 Old Gibson home, on Shawnee St., burned. Strattan Elsea Cohlmyer shot while hunting near Richview. Willis A. Keller died near Bonnie. Nov. 11 Dr. C. H. McFall died. David Price died. Public opening of Egyptian Hospital. Nov. 14 Moses F. Bagley, a former resident, died in Evansville. Ray Kirk, of Ina, wounded while playing with rifle. Nov. 15 O. M. Pace died. Clarence Breeze of Grand Prairie, sentenced to the military prison. Nov. 17 Carl Wilson died. Nov. 18 Samuel T. Lacey died near Woodlawn. Nov. 21 Mrs. Warner White died. Robert Gaston, of Dix, died. Nov. 23 Charles A. Vaughn, a former resident, died in Denver. Nov. 28 Pink Hayes died. Nov. 30 W. H. McCann died. 

Dec. 1 Postoffice safe at Walnut Hill dynamited and robbed. Dec. 4 Bert Arthurs, a former resident, died in Seymour, Ind. Dec. 8 Sidney J. Roth and Miss Anna Ayers married. Dec. 10 Corydon Slygh died. Dec. 11 Little daughter of James Hutchison, died from burns. Dec. 13 Jack T. Kelly died. Dec. 14 Dix postoffice robbed. Dec. 15 Fred Krieckhaus and Miss Hazel Jacobs married at Salem. Thomas Roney, east of the city, died. Dec. 16 John Ramsdale died. Dec. 17 Iswell Snyder died near Sheller. W. D. Rogers, a former resident, shot self in St. Louis. Dec. 20 Mrs. Carrie Wilson, a former resident, died at Riverside, Cal. Dec. 23 J. E. Swarts and Miss Ethel Weir married. Dec. 24 Lela Belle Ore died. Dec. 25 Hal Anderson and Miss Sadie Swift married. Wilsie Williams and Miss Alma Roeder married. Mabel McKinley died. Grace Gibson died. Dec. 26 Mrs. A. J. Gruel, of the Camp Ground neighborhood, died. Miss Rachel Ann Hallowell died at Opdyke. Dec. 28 Pearl Legge opened a new grocery. Dec. 31 For 1909 there was reported 166 deaths, 400 births, 292 marriage license granted and 41 divorces.

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