Jefferson County


MARTHA A. YEARWOOD Probate File Box 128
Petition of B.F. Yearwood For letters of Adminstration form Martha A Yearwood
To the Hon. John R Piercy, Judge of the County Clerk. The Petition of the
under-signed Martha A. Yearwood respectfully represents that Martha A. Yearwood,
late of the Co. of Jeff. departed this life at her home in said Co., on or about
the 16 day of December AD 1923, leaving no last will or testament. This petition shows
that said Martha A. Yearwood left Estate , consisting chiefly of money in bank, household
goods,all of said personal estate being estimated to be worth about one hundred
seventy five dollars. That said deceased left surviving her Nora Swisher, Sarah Miller,
Lula Wil-kerson, May Warman and petitioner, B.F. Yearwood(son).
Sworn and subscribed before me, Felix E. Johnston, Clerk of the County Court,
this24 day of Dec. AD 1923. Signed B.F. Yearwood Mrs.

Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera


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