Jefferson County


Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta


Placing implicit faith and confidence in my wife ANNE LACEY VINCENZ, 
I appoint her as guardian of our children, Executrix of my will and Administratrix 
of my Estate and without being accountable to any body for her acts. I authorize
 her to pay my debts, to collect all moneys due to my Estate and to sell and buy
whatever she thinks advantageous- She shall enjoy during her lifetime the proceeds 
of all the real and personal property. After my wife's decease the home-place (viz) 
Part of SWSW 31-2-1, 26 acres; SESW 31-2-2, 40 acres; NWSW 31-2-2, 40 acres; 
NWNE 6-3-2, 38 acres; and NESE 36-2-1, 40 acres; containing about 184 acres, and 
the SW 1/4 of the SW 1/4, 36-2-1 containing 40 acres shall belong in common to my 
sons JOHN L. GIROCK and GOODING; likewise all the horses, mules, cattle, sheep, 
hogs, wagons, farm implements, household furniture and utensils, in short everything 
that is on the place or that belongs to it. Any money left shall be equally divided 
among all my children.

To my daughter, A. MAGDALENE, having already received money and 40 acres of land 
I bequeath the NW 1/4 of the SE 1/4 1-3-1, containing 40 acres.

To my daughter M. ELIZABETH I bequeath the East half of the SW quarter 1-3-1 containing 
80 acres and the SW 1/4 of the SE 1/4, 1-3-1 containing 40 acres. Also four hundred dollars 
to be pain to her whenever the executrix deems it proper or convenient.

Should there be any minors at the time of my wife's decease, then the children shall continue 
to live to-gether till all are of age and my daughter A. Magdalene, and my son John L. shall act 
as Guardians, Administrators and Executors and account for their acts to minors, when they reach 
their majority.

Jefferson Co. Ill.            Chas. W. Vincenz
the 6th March, 1870

The undersigned certify hereby, that Chs. W. Vincenz signed this day in their presence his 
Last Will and Testament, and that he was of sound mind and memory.

Jefferson Co. Ill            James R. Piercy
the 6th March, 1870          Samuel Lacey

State of Illinois } Jefferson County }

In the County court of said County, 2d day of May, A.D. 1870 Personally appeared before 
the Clk Samuel Lacey and James R. Piercy, subscribing witnesses to the annexed instrument 
of writing, purporting to be the Last Will and Testament of Chas. W. Vincenz, late of said County, 
deceased, who being duly sworn according to laws do depose and same said will signed in 
the presence of said testator and by his direction, and the said testator then acknowledged the 
said Will to be his act and deed, and the said witnesses then attested said will in the presence 
of said testator and at his request; and that said witnesses believes that said testator was of 
sound mind and memory, of full age, and under no constraint at the time he acknowledged said
will.      Samuel Lacey; James R. Piercy

subscribed and sworn to in open Court this 2d day of May A.D. 1870.

SEAL                          W. Dodds, County Clerk



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