Jefferson County


Copied and then transcribed from the originals at the Jefferson County Clerk and 
Recorder’s Office at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Mt. Vernon, IL.
Transcribed to the best of my ability. Julie (Bradford) Lusby

James D. Pace's Last Will and Testament:

"In the name of God Amen. I James D. Pace, of the County of Jefferson and state of Illinois 
being of sound mind & memory do make, ordain & establish this to be my last will & testament
hereby revoking all other wills by me heretofore executed.

First. It is my will that all my just debts be paid.

Second. It is my will & desire that my wife, Mary A. Pace if she shall survive me shall have all 
my personal property goods and chattels to be her absolute property; and also have the use and 
occupancy of my homestead & the --- issues and profits arising therefrom during her natural life. 
At the death of my said wife, I direct that my homestead shall be sold by my executor hereinafter
 named either at public or private sale and I hereby authorize and empower my said executor to 
execute the proper deed or deeds of conveyance of the same either with or without the authority 
of the court.

Third. I direct that my executor shall first pay the expenses of the sale of said homestead - and 
out of the residue be shall pay to my daughter Doretta Stonewitz one hundred fifty dollars; to 
my daughter Mary A. Piper, one hundred fifty dollars; to my son George H. Pace, four hundred 
dollars; to my daughter Celia A. Pace three hundred dollars; to my daughter Druzilla May Pace,
three hundred dollars; & to my daughter Lillie Pearl Pace, three hundred dollars; and shall divide
the remainder if any equally between the six above named children and Wm. N. Pace, James D. Pace, 
Martin E. Pace, Sarah A. Breeze and Avery E. Stonewitz my other children. It is my will that if either 
Celia A., George H., Druzilla May, or Lille Pearl, or any one or more of them shall die before receiving 
their legacy the survivor or survivors of the 4 named shall receive the share of such an one. In the event 
of my wife decease prior to my own it is my will and desire that my executor shall convert all my personal 
property into money, either at private or public sale as speedily as possible and shall sell the homestead 
consisting of 42 acres more or less, situated in Shiloh Tp. Jefferson County Illinois 
(it being the same "homestead" or tract of land heretofore referred to) in the same manner as herein 
before directed, paying the specific legacies above set forth & distributing the residue as herein above 
directed. I hereby nominate and appoint Norman H. Moss, my executor to carry out the provisions 
of this will. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 17th day of Nov. 1896.

[Signature of James D. Pace Seal]

The above instrument consisting of one sheet, was at the date thereof signed, sealed, published and 
declared by the said James Downing Pace, as and for, his last will and testament, in presence of us 
who, at his request, & in his presence have subscribed our names, as witnesses thereto, believing the 
said James Downing Pace to be at the time of so subscribing our names as witnesses as aforesaid of 
sound mind and memory.

[Signatures of Frank E. Patton Seal and --- B. Fly Seal]"

Jefferson Co., IL. Circuit Clerk - Probate Records, Box 89


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