Jefferson County


In The Name Of God, Amen

I Jeremiah Taylor of the city of Mt. Vernon in the county of Jeferson and State of Illinois being of sound and 
disposing mind and memory and realizing the uncertain tenure of here are life, do make publish and declare 
this my last will and testament hereby annulling and revoking all former wills by this one made.


It is my will that all 'fly just debts and my funeral expensed be fully paid.


I give and ivise to my step-son, Orlando M.D. Ham, all my real estate situate in Pendleto township in the 
county oforsaid the same being mon particlarly described as follows VZ:

The south west fourth of the south west quarter of section ninteen. The north west fourth of the north west 
quarter of section twentynine. The south half of the North We~st quarter of section twenty nine. The North 
West fourth of the North Est quarter section twentynine. The South half of the North Est quarter of section 
thirty. The East half of the South West quarter of section thirty. The South West fourth of the south west 
quarter of section thirty and the south East quarter of section Thirty, all in Town 3 south range 4 east of the 
3ed P.M., and containing in all 560 acres more or less.


I give and devised to my step-son, Christopher D. Ham, all my real Estate situate in Dodds township in the 
county oforsaid, my 20 acre pature situate in Mt. Vernon township, my homestead in the city of Mt. Vernon 
and a small tenenent property in said city, all in the county oforsaid and no particulary described as fowllows 
viz: The West half of the North East quarter of section fourteen. the North East fourth of the north west quarter 
of section fourteen. The south East fourth of the north west quarter of section fourteen, The south East fourth of 
the BOUth east quarter of section fourteen, The North east fourth of the south West quarter of section fourteen, 
all in town 3 south, range 3 east of the 3ed p.M. and containing in all 240 acres, more or less and the soutrh half 
of the ninth west fourth of the north west quarter of section twentV nine in town 2 south range 3 east of the 3ed p.m. 
containing 20 acres more or less, of section twenty nine.and lots * 9 and 10 in Zadock Casey's addition to the town, 
now city of Mt. Vernon and the south half of lot no 61 in block no. 10 in storms survey of the town now city of Mt. Vernon.

I give and devise to Emily Crisel lot no. one in S.K. Casey's first addition to the town and city of Mt. Vernon, in 
said county on condition that she remain with me as my housekeeper until my death: this devise is not to be considered 
as conpensation for her services, but as a token of my good will and gratitude toward her for the care she has taken 
of me and my home. I expect to pay her, as I have heretofor done, for her time and labor expended in my servie: in 
case she shall for any cause or reason not comply with the condition above written, then it is my will that Orlando 
M.D. Ham and Christopher D.Ham shall be the owners in equal shares, as tenents in common of said lot one.


I give and devise and bequeath to Orlando M. D. Ham and Christopher D. Ham, in equal shares all my interest, 
right and title, legal and equitable, in and to the following described real eastate, viz: The South half of lot no. 4 
and lots 5,6,7 and 8 in block no. 23 in storms survey of the town now city of Mt. Vernon1 aforsaid, together 
with the mill situate awa past thereof, and its boiler enine machinery and fixtures also the east half of the south 
east quarter and the east half of the west halfof the south east quarter of section seven in town three south range
five east in the county of Wayne in the state aforsaid.


I give and devise my undivided one half interest in and to fourty four feet off of the west side of lot no twenty one 
in block no eight in storms survey of the town, now city of Mt. Vernon, aforsaid, (being part of what is commonly 
called the Harrison Block) to Orlando M. D. Ham and Christopher D. Ham to be held and owned by them as 
tenants in common with equal interests: it is my will , however, and direct, that said property shall be controlled 
and managed by Christopher D. Ham exclusivly during the period of ten years from and after my death and that 
he shall semi-annually during said period pay to said Orlando M. D. Ham one half the net income arising there 
of now and after payment of the necessary taxes, repairs and insurance, It is my desire that no bondshall be 
required of said Christopher D. Ham in this matter, and that his semi annual settlement herein shall be made 
directly with said Orlando M. D. Ham on his legal representations and not in any court the said Christopher D. 
Ham to be subject, however, to the general jurisdiction of courts of equality over trusts.

I am the owner of $14,000 of stock in the Mt. Vernon Bank of CeDe Ham & Co, that is to pay $14,000, is the 
amount of capital I have invested in said bank, thirteen thousand dollars of this capital or stock I give and bequeath 
to Christopher D. Ham in trust nevertheless for the purposes and under the restrictions, conditions and limitations 
followinf to wit: the said sum of t1hirteen thousand dollars shall be kept invested in the said banking buisness either 
with the present firm of C. D. Ham & Co or with successors or with signers in case of negotiation or change in the 
firm name and such investments shall be managed and controlled by C. D. Ham as trustee in accordance with his 
discretion and judgment: and the procipal sum of said investet shall be preserved intact and undisushed for the period 
of ten years from and after my demise; at the end of said ten year period said trust shall terminate and said principal 
sum shall vest in and be owned in sevisality by the persons named below, or their legal representaions each taking and 
owrlin(J ~he amount theree set opposite his or her name respectivly.. viz: Orlando M. D. Ham five thousand dollars 
Christopher D. Ham five thousand dollar, Mattie Ham five hundred dollars Charles R. Ham five hundred Dollars 
Siducy B. Ham five hundred dollars Orley Taylor Ham five hundred dollars Bernadine Francis Ham five hundred 
dollars C~rant Taylor Ham five hundred dollars The net income or profit arising from said investment of $13.OOO 
shall during said period of ten years be semi aimually pad over by said trustee to the above mentioned distrih]ters 
of the principal sum in proporLion to their respective interests in the principal sum as above set forth, Notwithstanding 
the fact that some of said distributers are minors, all of them excepting Grant Taylor Ham are old enough to understand 
the nature and proper use of money and it is my will that the income or profit from time to time due them shall be paid 
to them directly and not to any one for them, whether a legally appointed guardian or otherwise, and the receipt of 
each shall be conclusive evidence of the amount of such profits from time to time paid over to him or her, as the case
may be, Grant Taylor Ham may not be of agewhen the trust herein above created shall terminate: if he shalt then be a
minor it is my will and desire that the trust shall continue as to his share until he is 21 yearsold, I repose full confidence 
in the honesty, integrety and capability of said trustee, Christopher D. Ham, and I therefore direct that he serve in said 
trust capacity without giving bond, and without making reports or settlements to or with any court or person other then 
the panes in interest or their legal representations: but I do not intend to prohibit or interfere with the general jurisdiction 
of courts of equality over the administartion of this trust.

All indebtness due from either Orlando M. D. Ham or Christopher D. Ham to me is hereby donated to them 
respectivly and declared s~t~sfied, null and void; i hold Orlando M. D. Ham's 2 notes, one dated July 26 1887 
for one thousand dollars, the other dated Oct 23, 1389 for two hundred dollars: they are to be cancelled and 
cieliveredto him immediately after my death: I also hold Phristopher D. Ham's 2 notes, one dated July 26, 1387, 
for one tousand dollars, the other dated Dec 22, 1888 for thirty two hundred and sixteen and 43/100 dollars:
they are to be cancelled and delivered to him imediately af ter my death: and each of my step sons shall be released 
from all obligations to pay to me or to my legal representations any sum or sums of money which they or either 
of them now owe me.

I give and bequeath to Orley Taylor Ham my gold watch.


I give and bequeath to ? Silvia? H. Ham my set of silverware ~onsisting of 1 teapot, 1 coffee pot, 1 sugar bowl, 
1 cream pitcherf, 1 set table ~p()C)fl5, 1 ~ugar sp(.)QVI ~rd ¼'~I( butter knife, I also give to her one horse, 
being the horse that I may be using ~s my buggy horse at the time of my death.

I give and bequeath to Marinda Ham my parlor organ and my buggy harness

I give and bequeath to my two step sons my houshold and kitchen furniture, clothing and personal belongings
including books, pictures and the like, and request that they make division ~}eieof betweeii themselves if they 
can do ~o, and avoid selliong IL ~ame at public sale.

I direct that my lie stock; farming utensils and other simular £;~~onal property shall be sold by my excutor 
ac'ording to his discretion, at public or private sale and the proceeds thereof qually divided between Orlando 
M.D. Ham and C. D. Ham , no orders of court petitions, or other precede i~~jO shall be held necessary in 
the provisions and full power and authority is hereby confirded upon such excutor for making such sale 
without submitting the same to the court.

All the rest residue and remainders of my estate I give, devise aud bequeath to Orlando M. D. Ham and 
Christopher D. Ham in equal

Orlando M. D. Ham is hereby appointed and designated as excutor ef this ~y will and as I have full confidence 
in his honesty ItUtety ci r~(] ~)~i )'f1(¼~5 ¼'cip(~city I di re(.~t t~[&t he be not required to give any bond 
as su(~h executor and that he be permitted to q~d4ify and serve as such executor without bond or security 
In ~itiiess of all of which I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal on this 2ed day of October A.D. l(~J9O.

                               Jeremiah Taylor {SEAL}

The above aboved forgoing inistument was at the date thereof signed, sealed, published and declared by the 
said Jeremiah Taylor to be his last will and testamnet in presence of us who at his request and in his presence 
and in the presence of- each other have subscribed our naffles as witnesses thereto on this 2ed day of 
October A.D. 1890

                         Walter Watson of Mt. Vernon Il
                         Morris Emmerson of Mt. Vernon II

This will still needs to be proofed. I have a copy of the original in my possesion. Misty Flannigan


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