Jefferson County


Submitted By: Mary Zinzilieta

William K. Foster

Jefferson County, IL Probate Box 14 - 1857

Petition to Sell Real Estate - 26 May 1859

John KIRK administrator of the estate of William K. FOSTER, deceased.


 Cynthia FOSTER, widow, and Emiline and Wm. B. FOSTER, children
 and heirs at law of W. K. FOSTER, deceased.

 Now on this day comes again the Petitioner of TANNER & CASY, his attys, and the said minor Defendants, 
 Emiline and Wm. B. FOSTER by W. DODDS their guardian ad litem file their answer to Petitioners petition neither 
 admitting or denying the allegations in said contained petition but calling for the proof.... and the said Cynthia FOSTER 
 being three times solemnly called comes not, but wholly makes default, although legal service of the notice of the pending 
 of this suit has been had upon her more than ten days prior to the sitting of this Court, and this cause coming on to be 
 heard before upon Petition answer of Guardian ad litem exhibits and proofs. The court finds that Wm. K. FOSTER departed this 
 life intestate in Jefferson County, IL on the 18th day of April A. D. 1857, leaving Cynthia FOSTER his widow and Emaline and 
 Wm. B. FOSTER his children and only heirs at law. That on this 26th day of May A. D. 1859 the petitioner was appointed by this 
 Court administrator of the !
 estate of the said Wm. K. FOSTER, dec'd.

 The court _______ finds that amount of assets of the estate is applied to the payment of the debts thereof the sum of $67.89... 
 That the said W. K. FOSTER and seized of the (there is land descriptions here but hard to read) Section 30 in Township 4SR3E in 
 Jefferson County, IL; and also Section 1 in Township 5 _SR2E in Franklin County, IL. It is therefore ordered adjudged and decreed 
 that the said administrator be and he is hereby authorized and empowered with full power and authority to sell said land or so much 
 thereof as may be necessary to pay the debts of the said estate upon six months credit after giving such notice and upon such terms 
 as is recognized by law and it is further ordered that the said administrator report his proceedings under this decree to this Court 
 at its next Term.


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