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Petition of James M. Bigham In the matter of the Estate of David Bigham deceased.
To the Hon. Jared Foster, Judge of the County Court of Jefferson County, in the State
of Illinois. This Petition of the undersigned, James M. Bigham respectfully represents
that David Bigham, late of the County of Jefferson aforesaid, departed this life at his
residence in said County, on or about the sixth day of March A.D. 1873, leaving no last
will and testament, as far as your petitioner knows or believes.
And this Petition further shows that the said David Bigham died, seized and possessed
of Real Estate and Personal Estate, consisting chiefly of: Horses, one hog and Kitchen
furniture and Farming tools. Also 60 acres of Land in Section 5 Town 4 Range No. 4
East Jefferson County, Ill. all of said personal estate being estimated to be worth about
two hundred and fifty dollars. That said deceased left surviving him Malinda C. Bigham,
his widow who has since died and Manerva J Burchell, Sarah A. McGinnis, J.M. Big-
ham, G.W. Bigham, Tobitha L. Moore, Francis L. Fuqua (** should be Nancy Fuqua**)
Martha C. Moore, Francis L.M. Bigham and Wm. R. Bigham, his children as heirs.
That your petitioner James M. Bigham, son, of said deceased and believing taht the said
estate should be immediately administered as well for the proper management of said es-
tate as for the prompt collection of the assests, by virtue of his right under the Statute.
He therefore pays that your honor will grant Letters of Administration to him in the prem-
ises upon his taking the oath prescribed by the Statute, and entering into bond in such sum, 
and with securities, as may be approved by your home.
State of Illinois James M. Bigham
Sworn and subscribed before me Wm. N.(?) Smith Clerk of the County Court Jeff Co.
this 8th day of December A.D. 1873

Appraisement Bill Certified by me this 11th day of December AD 1873
A. J. Willis, John E. Winn, David S. Hunter Appraisers
We, the appraisers above named, do certify, that we have attended and served one day
each in appraising the Estate of deceased. Justice fees for Swearing appraisers at the
residence of deceased. $1.00 Edward Price, J.P.
Filed this 18th day of March 1874 by W. M.(?) Hicks Deputy Recorded in Bk B. Pg. 27

Rec'd of James M. Bigham Admr. Estate of David Bigham ?? with Thos. D. Combs
the sum of 50 cents fees as witness in said case This Jan. 19, 1876 W. N.(?) Smith Clk.

October the 7, 1875 Resvued of James Bigham --- -ool of my claim against the Estate of
David Bigham Deceast in -oat a gaint --- is correct before/ R.(?) Saterfeel. W. J. Finley

Opdyke Jan. 13, 1875 Recd of J.M. Bigham five dollars on account of David Bigham,
Deceased as administrator. J. Storments or Stonemets

ADMINISTRATOR SALE Notice is hereby given that on Tusday the 6 day of Jan-
uary next, between the hours of ten o'clock in the forenoon and five o'clock in the after-
noon of the said day, at the late residence of David Bigham deceased, personal property
of the said decedent, consisting of Horses, corn and Hous hold and Kitchen Furniture and 
Farming utensils and rails and wagon and Tobaco. Going one mile south east Hames Grove 
on the Shony Town road and other articles, will be sold at Public Sale. Terms of Sale: on 
Twelve Months credit on all sums of three dollars and all sumes under cash in
hand all notes secured J. M. Bigham December the 19, 1873


Article Sold Name of Purchaser Cost
four chair Charles Fukway .60
tub Daniel Hughey .40
one chern Daniel Hughey .20
one table T. A. Murry .25
one barrel Daniel Hughey .65
one barel Ransom More .25
one barel Rutherd Nooner .25
one barel Charles Fukway .15
one coler William More 1.00
one coler John Winn .05
one bed shet Mr. McColough 1.10
one bed shet Efron Toney .50
one clock Ransom More 1.30
one plow William More 3.60
one plow Ransom More .30
two hows Charley Fukway .10
one pair of doble tros? Mr. McColough 1.10
one kitle ? Mr. McColough 3.10
one ax William More .90
one wagon John Ovington 12.00
860 rails W. Willmore 12.50
13 bushels of corn William More 3.50
one trough John Burchell .10
one iron widy? Daniel Hughey .85
one bundle of tobaco Sanford Epperson ? 3.60
one bed con b/en D. Bigham 1.00
one lot of tobaco C. Fukway 1.05
one lot of tobaco W. More 1.00
one lot of tobaco R. More 1.50
one bay mare C. Fukway 40.00
one black mare D. Hughey 90.50
one bay horse William More 85.00
one plow Charley Fukway .50
one rear hook?? Mr. McColough .10
one lot of corn 25 bushels John Hoper 8.75
one lot of corn 25 bushels John Hoper 9.00
one lot of corn 25 bushels Ransom More 8.75
one lot of corn 25 bushels Ransom More 9.00
one lot of corn 30 bushels Ransom More 11.10
one lot of corn 25 bushels William More 8.75
one lot of corn 25 bushels Efrom Toney 9.00

We do hereby certify that the above Sale Bill in the Estate of David Bigham de-
ceased is true and correct. Given under our hands, this 6th day of January, 1874.
David S. Hunter, Clerk John Overton, Crier Subscribed and sworn before me
this 5th day of March, 1874 H.M. Williams, J.P.

Personaly appeared before the undersigned J.P. E.M. Rotromel who being duly
sworn states that the annexed acct. against Mrs. Bigham for medical attendance
and medicine is just and correct as pr. acct. rendered. Signed E. M. Rotramel
Subscribed and sworn before me this Apr. 1, 1874 C. H? Judd, J.P.

Received of James M. Bigham Adm. of Estate of David Bigham, the sum of twenty
dollars, balance of my claim against said Estate. Tazwell B. Tanner Feb. 26, 1876
Fees as atty. in Estate $50.00

May the 11th AD 1875 Received of James M Bigham in fool of my fees agant the
es tate of Daved Bigham in the soat? before J.R. Saterfeel Justes of the pease in MT
veronon, Ill. Anniaz Knoles

Received of J.M.Bigham the Administrator in full of my account againt him Jan.
the 1, 1875 ten dollars and fifty sents John Brooks

Submitted by Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera
June 4, 1998


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