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PROBATE RECORDS OF Nancy Allen Cockrum
Probate Box  60  Jefferson Co., IL  Photocopies of papers obtained.

(July 2, 1888)
State of Illinois
Jefferson County
	In the name of God, amen – I, Nancy Cockrum, widow of 
David Cockrum deceased, of the Town of Spring Garden in the County 
of Jefferson and State of Illinois, being of sound mind and memory 
though of the age of eighty-six years, do make and publish this and 
declare it to be my last will and testament, that is to say –
After my just debts and funeral expenses are paid, then the residue 
of my personal property and effects is to be paid to my Heir or Heirs 
who will care for me and take care of me during my natural life and 
minister to my wants and necessities in a reasonable and just manner.
And if any of my Real Estate remains after all my just debts and funeral 
expenses are paid – that is to say – the South West Quarter of the North 
West Quarter of Section Fifteen (15) Township four (4) South, Range three 
(3) East, and containing thirty-five acres – Also the North East Quarter 
of the South East Quarter of Section Sixteen (16) Township four (4) South, 
Range three (3) East of the third principal meridian in Jefferson County, 
Illinois, shall descend and be vested in my Heirs who shall take care of 
me during my natural life, share and share alike in said land and in proceeds 
thereof – hereby revoking all other wills made by me.
And I hereby appoint my son Rush Cockrum and James Jones as my Executors of 
this my last will and Testament.
In witness whereof, I the said Nancy Cockrum have hereunto set my hand and 
seal this 2nd day of July A. D. 1888.
					Nancy Cockrum (her mark)
W. W. KcKenny
Lewis Tucker
John L.  Bogan	Signed, sealed, published and declared by the said 
Nancy Cockrum as and for her last will and testament in presence of us, 
who in her presence and in the presence of each other and at her request 
have hereunto subscribed our names as witnesses.  July 2 A. D. 1888.						
	W. W. McKenny
	Lewis Tucker
	John L. Bogan

(May 2, 1892)
Jefferson County		ss.		Mt. Vernon, Ill., May 2nd, 1892

We, the undersigned, publishers of “The News,” a weekly newspaper 
printed in Mt. Vernon, in said County, hereby certify that the annexed 
notice has been published in said newspaper 3 successive weeks, the first 
insertion appearing in the paper issued on the 13th day of April A. D. 1892, 
and the last insertion in the paper issued on the 27th day of April A. D. 1892.
							Grear & Baker, Publishers

Received of James Jones & Rush Cockrum the sum of Three Dollars and -------- 
Cents in full for publishing said notice.
$3.00						Grear & Baker

County of Jefferson.			Ss.
Estate of Nancy Cockrum, deceased. 
To Harriet Pucket [Pickett], Nan [Nace] Allen, Eldorus Allen, 
Zenobia Camel, Adie Marshal, Joe Allen, Mary E. Marshal, Charles R. Allen, 
Cora Knowles, J. E. Knowles, Lorenza Knowles, Martin Knowles, Asey Knowles, 
John Jones, Nathaniel Jones, Josiah Jones, Grisey Kailer, James D. Jones, 
Malissa Palier, James Laird, William Laird, Lewis Laird, Jess McIntosh, 
Nancy Wilson, Mary Summers, Sophia Johnson, Myra Atchison, Jane Estes, heirs 
and distributees of Nancy Cockrum’s said estate: You are hereby notified that 
on Monday, the second day of May, 1892, the executors of said estate will 
present to the County Court of Jefferson County, at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, 
their final report of their acts and doings as said executors, and ask the 
Court to be discharged from any and all further duties and responsibilities 
connected with said estate and their administration thereof, at which time 
and place you may be present and resist such application, if you choose so 
to do.
						James Jones
					And	Rush Cockrum,				

(July 1892)
State of Illinois				In the County Court to
Jefferson County		ss.		July Term A. D. 1892

Exceptions of 
Heirs of Emaline Laird
Elizabeth Jones
“	“  Charles R. Allen
“	“  John Allen
Sophia Johnson
Mary Summers					Exceptions to 
Myra Atchinson					Final Report of
Jane Estes 					Executors
To Final Report of James Jones
& Rush Cockram, Executors of the
Estate of Nancy Cockrum, Dec’d.

	And now comes the above named heirs of Nancy Cockrum 
deceased in their own profession? Jurians? And by Samuel Laird 
their attorney and asks leave of this honorable court to file 
the following exceptions to the Final Report of the said Executors, 
1st They except to said Report because it is informal.
2nd Because the footings of the sum due from the Executors to the 
Estate is incorrect.
3rd Because the footing w/I of the sums received and paid out by 
the Executors is incorrect as is shown by a professer? Footing of said sums.
4th Said Report is incorrect.
5th Incomplete
6th Does not show all the money received by the Executors
7th Report does not show assets received from Rush Cockrum that it 
ought to show.
8th The Executors have received large sums of money and property for 
which they have failed to account.
9th The claims of Rush Cockrum for the sum of $260.00 is totally incorrect 
and never should have been allowed.
10th The credit by Error of $24.00 given Rush Cockrum should not have been given.
11th The credit made of $50.00 to Rush Cockrum on account of Error in 
account of Bill Allen is incorrect.
12th Dr. Scarborough’s claim should not have been paid amounting to $13.00
13th Sophia Cockrum’s claim of $30.00 ought not to have been allowed or paid.
14th James Joneses claim of $81.22 ought not to have been allowed or paid.
15th The Taxes $49.09 reported paid by James Jones claimed to have been 
paid on March 19th 1889 is incorrect and should not be allowed.
16th James Peavler’s claim of $22.00 is incorrect and should not be paid.
17th Item of Seven Dollars paid Rolan Sullivan is incorrect.
18th Taxes paid or reported as having been paid for year 1890 amounting 
to the sum of $29.67 is incorrect.
19th James Jones received large sums of money from the deceased for which 
he has not accounted and for which he ought to account.
20th James Jones rec’d. from Bank of B. Z. Evans or Bank of Evans Willbanks 
& Co. the sum of $443.00 of money for which he should be held to account 
which said money was then and there the money of Nancy Cockrum deceased.
	And for this and various other good and sufficient reasons it is asked 
that the said Executors be compelled to file a sufficient and correct report &c.
						Samuel Laird
						Atty. For heirs
Along the side of the above document is written: Myra Atchinson, Jane Estes, 
Sophia Johnson, C. R. Allen, Heirs of Emaline Laird, grandchildren of deceased 
Malissa Parlier, Nancy Laird, Joseph McEntock William Laird, James Laird, and 
Lewis Laird, Heirs of John Allen – Nace Allen, Eldorus Allen, Joseph Allen, 
Harriet Allen, Hatty Marshall, Zenova Campbell, Mary Marshall.

State of Illinois				In the County Court
Jefferson County		ss.		July Term A. D. 1892
In the Matter of 
Exceptions of Myra Atchinson et al. To
Report of James Jones & Rush Cockram	Praicipe? for
Executors of Estate of Nancy Cockram 	Subpoenas
		The Clerk of said Court will please issue a Subpoena in 
the above entitled cause for Charles Atchinson, Belle Cockram, Nancy Cockram, 
William Toney, William Allen, & G. W. Evans and oblige as witnesses on the part 
of Exceptors and Oblige.
						Samuel Laird
						Atty. For Exceptors
(PS) Make Subpoenas returnable on the 11th day of July A. D. 1892 at 10 o’clock A. M. 
and oblige.							S. L.

$10.00						Jefferson County,
						May 7
Received of James Jones Adminstrat______ of the Estate of Nancy Cochran deceased, 
the sum of ten Dollars, of my claim against said Estate.	
						Miria Atchison

Spring Garden
September the 27, 1882
On or before the first say of September in 1883, we or either of us 
promise to pay to the order of Nancy Cockren the sum of eighty dollars 
for vaul received of her with eight per sent interst from date.
					James M. Williams
					Jane Allen

August 7, 1888
	We the arbartrtors of Nancy Cocram & Charley Atchison to settle the 
difference between them, after hearing the evidence find that Charley owes her 
55 bushels of oats & that he must stack or thrash her one half of the mowed oats 
& that Nancy Cocram owes Charley $30.00 Thirty Dollars.
		& we find that Nancy Cocram owes Bill Toney Five Dollars instead 
of Charley owing Toney.
This we submit as our verdic.
					Benj. Smith
					W. W. McKenny

Nancy Cockrum died Dec. 25, 1889 at Spring Garden. ** Will filed Dec. 31, 1889 and recorded in Record A, p. 284-85. SEE COPY. James Jones and Rush Cockrum, Executor and Administrator April 14, 1890. Charge of insanity - medical attendance by J. B. Scarborough, MD. Sale May 5, 1890. Buyers: A. P. Bumpus, Wm. Allen, Adcock, M. Cockrum, S. Book. C. R. Allen, D. Cockrum, Glazebrook, J. N. Allen, Nathan Jones, C. Atchison, C. L. Estes, etc. 1888 Tax year taxes on 440 acres. Notes due to A. P. Allen, C. R. Allen. Notes due from: Thomas Atchison, Page, John W. Peavler, Hopper, Bert Cockrum, James Jones for Bill Allen, Jane Allen, Rush Cockrum, etc. Sophia C. Johnson bill for care. Exception to final report of executor filed by heirs of Emaline Laird, Eliza. Jones, Charles R. Allen, John, Sophia Johnson, Myra Atchison. Jane Estes, Rush Cockrum, Mary Summer. Assigned to James Jones share in estate on final report. May 7, 1892.


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