Jefferson County


Copied and then transcribed from the originals at the Jefferson County Clerk and 
Recorder’s Office at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Mt. Vernon, IL.
Transcribed to the best of my ability. Julie (Bradford) Lusby

Wiley D. Chambliss' Last Will and Testament:

"I, Wiley D. Chambliss, of Jefferson County, Illinois, do make and declare 
this to be my last will and testament.

First. I direct that my funeral expenses and all of my just debts, if I should 
owe any debts at my death, be fully paid.

Second. After the payment of any just debts and funeral expenses as above 
herein provided for I give, devise and bequeath to my beloved wife, Mary E. Chambliss, 
all of my property of every kind and nature real estate, personal property and mixed 
property, for and during her lifetime, and at her death the same shall be divided among 
my heirs, who are then living, in accordance with the statute of deceased with this express 
provision that my said wife may sell or dispose of any of my personal property, without any 
order of court for that purpose, which in her judgment she may desire necessary or proper. 
And this provision for my said wife shall be in lien of widow's award and my and all other 
provisions or allowances now made to her by statute or which may be hereafter made by statute.

Third. I hereby constitute and appoint my said wife, Mary E. Chambliss, executrix of this will, 
and direct that she may not be required by the court to give any bond as such executrix.

In witness whereof I, Wiley D. Chambliss, have hereunto set my hand the First day of April, 1913.

[Signature of Wiley D. Chambliss]

The foregoing will was signed by the said Wiley D. Chambliss in our presence and 
attested by us in his presence.

[Signatures of D.B. Archer and Oscar E. Yandell]"

Jefferson Co., IL. Circuit Clerk - Probate Records, Box 116


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