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Notice of Real Estate Sale of Abraham Buffington, Dec'd.
Mt.Vernon, Ill. Jan 21st 1864, This is to certify that the annexed notice
has been published for four consecutive weeks in the Unionist, a weekly
newspaper published in Mt.Vernon, Jefferson County, Illinois-the first
insertion having been made on the 15th day of December 1863 and the last on
the 12th day of January 1864.
John A. Wall
Publisher Unionist

charge for publishing $3.00


To Rebecca Buffington, Isaac Depriest and Elizabeth, his wife (formerly
Buffington), Joel Buffington, Phillip Buffington, Lewis Harvey and
Margaret, his wife (formerly Buffington), Joseph Buffington, Abraham C.
Buffington, William Holliday and Mary his wife (formerly Buffington),
Elvira Buffington and Asa J. Buffington, heirs at law of Abraham
Buffington, deceased, late of the county of Jefferson and state of Illinois
and all others interested:

Take notice that a petition has been filed in the office of the
clerk of the county court of Jefferson County and state of Illinois praying
that at the next January term of said court leave may be granted to sell
the following described real estate, excepting the widow's dower, situate
in said county of Jefferson, to wit: The SESW and SWSE in section
thirty-four township one south, range four east and NNE and NENW, section
three, and NENW section 10 in township two south of range four east; of
which the late Abraham Buffington died seized, or so much thereof as may be
sufficient to pay the debts of the decedant remaining still unpaid, the
personal estate of the said decedent having been exhausted and found
insufficient for the payment of the debts due by said decedent, at which
time and place you are thereby notified
to appear and show cause why it should not be sold for the purposes aforesaid.
W.Dodds, CPK.
Dec. 15, 1863 J.K. Albright, Sol.

SOURCE:Transcribed as written from photocopied documents in the court file of
Abraham Buffington

Submitted by: Carol Renner
Jan 27, 1998  

Widow's Dower of Rebecca Buffington
We the undersigned apraisers appointed by the Judge of the County Court of
Jefferson County, to appraise and value the goods, chattles & personal
estate of Abraham Buffington deceased, do hereby make & certify to the said
court the following estimate of the value of specific property allowed by
law to the widow for herself & family to wit:

Necessary beds, bedsteads & bedding 20.00
for the widow, set apart and taken
One spinning wheel " " " 2.75
One weaving loom & its appendanges 4.00
set apart and taken
One pair of cards (none) 50/100 .50
taken instead of
One stove & pipe therefor set apart 6.00
or taken
Wearing appearel of widow & family
(called for - widow refused to surrender
or show any)
One milk cow & calf (none) $15 allowed, 15.00
taken in other property
One horse, set apart or taken in other 40.00
One womans saddle & bridle (none) 15.00
taken in other property
Provisions for one year for widow 45.00
set apart
Two sheep fleeces to widow set apart 2.00
Food for the stock 6 months set apart 3.00
Fuel for 3 months allowed and set apart 3.00
Other property allowed & taken to the 60.00
full amount total $216.25

Appraisment value of specific articles for which other property was taken
by widow instead thereof:

One pair of cards allowed .50
One milk cow & calf allowed 15.00
one woman's saddle & bridle 15.00
allowed total $30.50

Given under our hands this 2nd day of April 1861
Due $96.57 P.T. Maxey} Appraisers
John W.Johnson}
B.T. Woods}

Transcribed as written by Carol Renner

Submitted by: Carol Renner,
Jan 28, 1998


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