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Probate Box    Jefferson Co., IL  Photocopies of papers obtained.
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(Oct. 30, 1858)
A Bill of Sale of the goods and chattels and personal estate of Harral Boswell, 
late of the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois in pursuance of notice 
thereof, a copy of which is hereto attached, sale made on the 30th day of 
October A. D. 1858.

1 bed stead		Samuel Champion		  3.50
1 rifle gun		Wm. Baker		  9.30
1 mans saddle		Asbury Bean		  2.05
1 kettle		Wm. Baker		  2.30
2 old ploughs		Mathew Kirk		   .40
1 hogshead		I. S. Boswell		   .80
  Sundries		J. L. Taylor		   .80
1 grindstone		Ransome Boswell		   .55
3 chairs		J. L. Taylor		  1.30
1 chair			I. S. Boswell		   .55
1 drawing knife		Asbury Bean		   .30
1 axe			T. L. Cotton		   .10
1 saw			Brooks Boswell		   .35
1 table & sundries	S. McCasland		   .05
1 molasses pitcher	Samuel Champion		   .75
1 jug			Asbury Bean		   .20
1 pr. Shears		Thos. Vance		  1.75
1 tub & sundries	J. L. Taylor		   .30
1 pr. Belly? Bands	I. S. Boswell		   .55
1 keg of nails		J. L. Taylor		  1.05
1 reeler & sundries	Asbury Bean		   .40
1 History of the U. S.	Enoch Osborn		  3.00
1 book			Felix Boswell		  1.00
1 book			Thos. Vance		  1.05
2 books			J. W. Hagle		   .25
1 book			Ransome Boswell		   .80
2 books			Felix Boswell		   .25
7 head of cabbage	I. S. Boswell		  1.30
1 lot plank		I. S. Boswell	   	  2.30
1 accordian		Samuel Champion		  2.75
1 trunk			Brooks Boswell		  1.35
2           & harness	J. L. Taylor		  1.15
1 lot of wool yarn	Asbury Bean		  5.10
  Sundries		Newton Hayes		   .40
2 sacks of wheat	J. L. Taylor		  5.00
1 lot bed clothing	Thos. Vance		   .40
1 quilt			Newton Hayes		   .55
2 quilts		Ditto			   .95
1 bed tick & quilt	Brooks Boswell		   .20
2 ditto			Felix Boswell		   .25
1 bed & bedding		Newton Hayes		  9.75
1 waggon		Brooks Boswell		 31.75
1 bull yearling		Felix Boswell		  7.00
1 heifer ditto		Ditto			  9.25
1 cow			I. S. W. Harget?	 20.25
5 hoggs			Alfred Dees		 10.00
5 ditto			Sampson Reeves		  9.90
2 sows & four shoats	Wm. Baker		 17.00
1 acc't. book		Lewis McCasland		   .55
1 spade			Thos. Vance		  1.45
1 lot of jewelry	Lewis McCasland		   .35
1 ditto			J. L. Taylor		   .40
1 breast pin		James Baker		   .50
1 ditto			I. S. Boswell		   .50
Shaving utensils	Newton Hayes		  1.50
1 house to		S. S. Mannen		 50.00
The undersigned clerk and crier at the said sale do hereby certify 
that the foregoing is a true and correct bill of the sale of the goods 
and chattels of the said Harral Boswell deceased made on the 30th day 
of October A. D. 1858.	
						Samuel Champion Clerk seal
						S. S. Mannen Crier seal

(Jan. 30, 1860)
Jefferson County		ss.
Whereas, Isaac S. Boswell Administrator of the estate of Herral Boswell 
deceased, has filed his memorial, suggesting to our honorable County Court 
in and for said County, that the personal estate of said decedent is insufficient 
to pay his debts, and praying our said Court to grant an Order for the sale of 
the Real Estate of said decedent, or so much thereof, as may be sufficient for 
the payment of the said debts:
We therefore command you, that you summon Wm. Boswell, Elizabeth Boswell, 
Sam'l. Boswell. Lewis C. Boswell, Mary E. Boswell, and Green H. W. Lynch, 
heirs of said Herral Boswell deceased, to be and appear before our said County, 
at the February Term, 1960, thereof, to be holden at the Court House in Mt. Vernon 
on the 3rd Monday in February next, and show cause if any they have, why said Order 
should not be granted.  And have you then and there this writ.
			Witness, W. Dodds Clerk of our said Court, 
and the Seal thereof affixed at Mt. Vernon 
in the County aforesaid, the 30 day of Jan'y. A. D. 1860
W. Dodds Clerk

(Feb. 6, 1860)
State of Illinois
County of Jefferson
	I, W. Dodds Clk. County Court certify, these the assets and liabilities 
of the Estate of Herrall Boswell and is a correct statement as appears from the 
papers on file in my office to-wit, 
whole am't. sale bill 						$225.95
whole am't. of claims proven and allowed against said estate	$673.13
Excess of liabilities						$447.18

Given under my hand and seal 6th Feb'y. A. D. 1860. W. Dodds Clk.

(Feb. 1860)
					February Term Jefferson County Court A. D. 1860
					Sitting for Probate Business
Isaac S. Boswell Administrator
Of the Estate of Harral Boswell
William Boswell, Elizabeth Boswell,
Samuel Boswell, Lewis C. Boswell,	Petition to Sell Real Estate
Mary E. Boswell, and Green H. Lynch
	And now on this day come the minor defendants (to wit) William Boswell, 
Elizabeth Boswell, Samuel Boswell, Lewis C. Boswell and Mary E. Boswell by William Dodds 
their "Guardian ad litem" and for answer to petition filed in this cause, say, that they 
know nothing of the matters and things therein contained, and owing to their tender years 
they are incapable of protecting their rights in the premises and therefore pray that the 
Honorable Court may require strict proof of every material allegation therein contained 
and in all respects protect their interest.
					William Boswell
					Elizabeth Boswell
					Samuel Boswell
					Lewis C. Boswell
					Mary E. Boswell
					By W. Dodds, Guardian ad litem

					February Term Probate Court
Jefferson County, Ills. 1860
Isaac S. Boswell Executor
Harral Boswell dec'd.
William Boswell, Elizabeth Boswell,
Samuel Boswell, Lewis C. Boswell,	Petition to Sell Real Estate
Mary E. Boswell, children of Harrall
Boswell dec'd. & Green H. Lynch

Clerk County Court will please issue summons in the above cause & oblige.
					James T. Casey for Pet.

State of Illinois			February Term Jefferson County Court
Jefferson County }	ss.		Sitting for Probate purposes A. D. 1860

To the Hon. John R. Satterfield, Presiding Judge of the County Court in and for 
the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois
			The petition of Isaac S. Boswell executor of all and singular 
the goods and chattels rights and credits which were of Harrall Boswell late of said 
county and state deceased, who died testate would respectfully represent that on or 
about the 9th day of September A. D. 1859 the said Harral Boswell departed this life 
testate leaving Lurany Boswell his widow and William Boswell, Elizabeth Boswell, 
Samuel Boswell, Lewis C. Boswell, Mary E. Boswell, his children and heirs at law.  
That the said children are all minors under the age of twenty one years and that the 
said Lorany Boswell widow as aforesaid departed this life intestate in Jeff. Co. Ills. 
On the    day of   A. D. 1859.  
That on the 4th day of October A. D. 1858 Letters Testamentary were issued to your 
petitioner this Hon. Court which said letters are herewith filed and prayed to be taken 
as part of this petition.  Your petitioner further represents that the personal estate 
of the said Harral Boswell dec'd. is insufficient to pay his just debts and that so far 
as the same has come to his knowledge he has applied the whole of said personal estate 
towards the payment of said indebtedness, and as will appear by the report and certificate 
of the Clerk of this Court there is still due and owing from the said estate the sum of 
	Your petitioner further represents that at the time of the death of the said 
Harral Boswell, dec'd. he and one Green H. W. Lynch were the owners in equal parts of 
the SE 1/4 of the SW quarter of the NW quarter of Sec. 22 Township 4S R 2E, 3rd P. M. in 
Jefferson County Ills. containing ten acres upon which said land is & was situated a saw 
mill and that the debts of the said partnership have been paid.  He therefore prays the 
aid of the Court in the premises, and that the interest of the said Harrall Boswell in 
said real estate or so much thereof as may be necessary to pay the debt of the said estate 
of the said deceased, may be ordered to be sold for that purpose, that the said children 
and the said Green H. W. Lynch may be made party deft's. and a Guardian ad litem appointed 
for the said minors and as in duty bound your petitioner will ever pay &c.
						Isaac S. Boswell Executor
						H. Boswell, dec'd.
						By James T. Casey Atty.

(Jan. 21, 1861)
						January Term Jefferson County
						Court for Probate business 1861
	To the Honorable John R. Satterfield, the Judge of the County Court, of the 
County of Jefferson and State of Illinois
		The undersigned, the Administrator of the goods and chattels which 
were of Harrol Boswell deceased, would respectfully ask leave to report that he has 
on hand, belonging to the aforesaid Estate and subject to distribution, under and by 
the direction of this Honorable Court the sum of One hundred dollars, and for the 
distribution of which he asks and order &c
	January 21st, 1861			I. S. Boswell (his sig.)

Sate of Illinois				September Term Jefferson County
Jefferson County				Court Probate Business A. D. 1861

	Isaac S. Boswell Executor of Herrell Boswell deceased the plaintiff in 
this suit By Tanner Casey his atty. complains of Green H. W. Lynch and John Darnall 
the defendants in this suit who have been summoned to answer the dec'd. plaintiff 
of a plea of trespass on the case on premises.
	For that whereas the said defendants heretofore (to-wit) on the twenty third 
day of April 1860 at the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois the said Green H. W. 
Lynch in an abbreviated name & style of "G. H. W. Lynch" and the said John Darnall, 
made there certain joint and several promissory note in writing bearing date a certain 
day and year therein mentioned (to wit) the day and year aforesaid and thereby then and 
there jointly and severally promise to pay twelve months after the date thereof with said 
plaintiff as Executor as aforesaid, the sum of Four Hundred thirty five Dollars and fifty 
cents for value received.  And then and there deliver the said promissory note to the 
said plaintiff by means whereof and by force of the statute in such case made and provided 
the two defendants then and there became liable jointly and severally to pay to the said 
plaintiff the said sum of money in the said promissory note specified according with terms 
and effect thereof.  And being so liable, they the said defendants in consideration thereof, 
afterwards (to wit) on the day and year aforesaid, at the court and state aforesaid, undertook 
and there and then faithfully promised the said plaintiff to pay him the said sum of money 
in the said promissory note specified according to the terms & effect thereof.
	But nevertheless the said defendants jointly or severally did not twelve months 
after the date of the execution of the said promissory note pay to the said plaintiff the 
said sum of money therein specified, or any part thereof, according to the terms & effect 
thereof but to pay the same to the said Plaintiff the said defendants jointly & severally 
have hitherto wholly failed & refused, and still do fail and refuse to do so…to the damage 

of the said plaintiff as Executor as aforesaid of Four Hundred Dollars & therefore he sues.   
And the said Plaintiff brings now here into Court the letters testamentary of Herral Boswell 
dec'd. whereby it fully appears with said Court that the said plaintiff is Executor of the 
last will & testament of Herral Boswell, dec'd. & hath the execution thereof.
					Tanner Casey Atty. For Plaintiff
					(Copy of note sued on. )  April the 23rd of 1860
twelve months after date we or either of us promise to pay I. S. Boswell Executor of 
Herral Boswell deceased the sum of Four Hundred and thirty five dollars & 50 cts. for value 
received, given under our hand &c &c.	"G. H. W. Lynch"
					"John Darnall"
Dec. 25th  1860 $87.175
June 28th 1861  $16.64
	Total      $103.815
Am't. of principle & interest due Sept. 17, 1861		$339.85

(Dec. 16,  1861)
This affiant James J. Fitzgerald being first duly sworn on his oath says that 
he has an allowed and probated? claim against the Estate of Harral Boswell dec'd. 
for the sum of over One Hundred Dollars, that Isaac S. Boswell is administrator 
of said estate and that one John Hagle is the security of the said Adm'r.
	This affiant further states that he is informed and believes that the 
said John Hagle has left the said County of Jefferson and that the said Boswell 
is about to leave said County.  He therefore prays that the said Boswell may be 
compelled to giver further security as adm'r. aforesaid.  That this affiant fears 
he will loose his said claim unless further security is given.
					J. J. Fitzgerrell (his sig.)

(Dec. 16,  1861)
The People of the State of Illinois to the Sheriff of said County, GREETING:
We command you, that you attach the body of Isaac S. Boswell, Executor of 
Herrall Boswell, dec'd., if to be found in your County, and him safely keep 
so that you have him before the County Court of said County for Probate Business 
on the third day of the next term thereof, Wednesday, December 18, 1861, to be 
commenced and holden at the Court House in the town of Mt. Vernon on the third 
Monday in the month of December inst. to answer The People of the State of Illinois, 
for a contempt of Court in not attending as Administrator in a certain case then 
pending before said Court at the December term thereof A. D. 1861 wherein The People 
of the State of Illinois Plaintiffs and you are Defendant, although regularly notified 
so to do; and hereof make return according to law, and have then and there this writ.

			Witness W. Dodds Clerk of our said Court and the Judicial Seal
			Thereof, at Mt.Vernon, this 16th day of December A. D. 1861

DEBITS AGAINST ESTATE (Misc. papers in file)
(no date)
Harril Boswell Dec.    Dr. [debtor]
To Felix Boswell on account to the payment of a security debet in favor of James Hicks 
Administrator of the Estate of Isaac Hicks			$58.30 cents
And also a doctor bill paid to Dr. Pace and Hodge Riss??	$12.00
To balance on account						$ 2.00
the above account is just to the best of my reculation.  I refer you to the account 
in the hands of Isaac Boswell Administrator of the estate of Harril Boswell deceased.

State of Illinois Jefferson
Before me a Justice of the Peace in and for said County personally appeared Felix Boswell 
creditor of Harril Boswell Dec. who doth depose and say that the above stated account is 
just and true to the best of his knowledge and belief.
Sworn to before me on this 29th day of October 1860		P. J. Candiss J. P.

November the 28 1856
One day after date I promise to pay to J. F. Fitzjerrell twenty eight dollars and fifty cts. 
Bearing ten percent interest for loned money for value received of him.  Harral Boswell

Promise to pay J. F. Fitzjerrell or order One Hundred and twenty four 25/100 Dollars,
		Harral Boswell (his sig.)
		I. S. Boswell (his sig.)

Gazaway Elkins		Note filed  $4.25
       Vs.			Interest       $ .18 3/4
Harold Boswell

Serving & docketing		.31 1/4	Summons issued to John Darnall Const. 24 May /58
Judgement			.25	Summons returned.  Served by acknowledgement.
f. fa. One			.25
coppy			.25
Judgement rendered against said Boswell for four dollars 35 cts. & cost herein the 5 day 
of June 1858.
Const. Cost  40 cts. John Darnall interest from date of judgement
Fifa issued the 27 day of Aug. 1858.
I hereby certify that this is a true copy of a judgement in favor G. Elkins and against 
Harald Boswell the 12 day of February 1859 from my docket page 59.
				Elisha Wilson J. P.

Harral Boswell  Dr. [debtor] to James Bodine
To mare to my horse by the insurance		$5.00
Feby. 7, 1859


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