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Submitted By: Janet Fryar Rohlfs


Petition for Letters of Administration
(Dec. 7, 1917)
Petition of Minnie Goddard in the matter of the estate of 
Ignatius Atchison Deceased, for Letters of Administration. 

To the Honorable A. D. Webb Judge of the County Court of Jefferson County, 
in the State of Illinois:
The petition of the undersigned Minnie Goddard respectfully requests that 
Ignatius Atchison late of the County of Jefferson aforesaid, departed this 
life at his late residence in said County, on or about the twenty 19th day 
of November A. D. 1917 leaving no last will and testament as far as your 
petitioner knows or believes.
	And this Petition further shows that the said Ignatius Atchison died, 
seized and possessed of Personal Estate, consisting chiefly of household goods, 
one telephone, 1 clock, one bureau, one safe, 2 bed steads, two feather beds, 
some quilts, one range cook stove, about 75 bu corn and also some real estate 
situated in said county and state, all of said personal estate being estimated 
to be worth about 1760 seventeen hundred sixty dollars.  That said deceased left 
surviving no widow, and Charles I. Atchison, Gaston D. Atchison, Harriet E. Fryer, 
Minnie Goddard, Nancy Fryer, Sophie Boyle, Winnie Atchison and Emma Allen his 
children, and William Fryer (a son of Delphia Fryer, deceased), Fred Atchison 
and Ignatius Atchison (sons of David Atchison, deceased), Charles Atchison, 
Viola Flanagan, Arzilla Houseworth, Captiola Atchison, Orval Atchison, Everett 
Atchison, Ignatius Atchison, and Zelma Atchison (children of Ambrose Atchison, 
deceased) his grandchildren, his only heirs at law.  That your petitioner 
(being a daughter of said deceased), and believing that the said estate should 
be immediately administered, as well as for the proper management of said estate 
as for the prompt collection of the assets, by virtue of her right under the 
Statute she therefore prays that your Honor will grant Letters of Administration 
to John Snodsmith in the premises upon his taking the oath prescribed by the Statute, 
and entering into bond in such sum and with securities, as may be approved by your Honor.
				Minnie Goddard (her signature)

State of Illinois,
Jefferson County} ss.   Minnie Goddard

Being duly sworn, deposes and says that the facts averred in the above petition 
are true, according to the best of her knowledge, information and belief.

Sworn to and subscribed before me,
this 7th  day of December A. D 1917.		Minnie Goddard (her signature) 
I. W. Waters, Notary Public (his signature)


(Jan. 3, 1918)
State of Illinois,
Jefferson County } ss.

The People of the State of Illinois to all to whom these Presents 
shall come – GREETING:

	KNOW YE, THAT, WHEREAS Ignatius Atchison, of the county of 
Jefferson and State of Illinois, died intestate, as it is said, on or 
about the 19th day of November A. D. 1917, having at the time of his 
decease, personal property in this state, which may be lost, destroyed 
or diminished in value if speedy care be not taken of the same.

	TO THE END, THEREFORE.  That the said property may be collected 
and preserved for those who shall have a legal right or interest therein, 
we do hereby appoint John Snodsmith of the County of Jefferson and the 
State of Illinois, administrator of all and singular goods and chattels, 
rights and credits, which were of the said Ignatius Atchison at the time 
of his decease, with full power and authority to secure and collect the 
said property and debts, wheresoever the same may be found in this state, 
and in general to do and perform all other acts which now are, or hereafter 
may be required of him by law.

		WITNESS, John G. Young Clerk of the County Court in and 
for the said County of Jefferson, at his office in Mt. Vernon, this 18th 
day of January A. D. 1918 and the Probate Seal of said Court hereunto fixed.

						John G. Young, Clerk of County Court

Administrator’s Oath
(Jan. 3, 1918)
Estate of Ignatius Atchison, deceased.

	In County Court December Term A. D. 1917.
I do solemnly swear that I will well and truly administer all and singular 
the goods and chattels, rights, credits and effects of Ignatius Atchison, 
deceased and pay all just claims and charges against his estate as far as 
his goods, chattels and effects shall extend, and the law charge me; and 
that I will do and perform all other acts required of me by law, to the best 
of my knowledge and abilities.
			John Snodsmith (his signature)

Sworn and subscribed before me this
3d day of January A. D. 1918, in County Court.
I. W. Waters, Notary Public


(Mar. 1, 1918)
Of the Estate of Ignatius Atchison, Deceased. 

STATE OF ILLINOIS,			To the Honorable A. D. Webb
Jefferson County.             }ss.	Judge of the County Court of Jefferson Co.

	The undersigned, John Snodsmith, Administrator of the Estate of 
Ignatius Atchison, deceased, would respectfully report the following Bill 
of Sale of the Personal Estate of said deceased, which sale was made at 
the late residence of said deceased on the first day of March A. D. 1918, 
in accordance with an order of this Court, and was first duly advertised 
as required by the Statute.


2 jugs			Henry Goddard	  	.05
12 jars			James Houseworth	.55
glass cans		do	  		.10
saw			Henry Puckett		.10
glass jars		James Houseworth	.10
rake			Tom Atchison	  	.05
hoe			Frank Johnson	  	.05
rake			James Houseworth	.10
mowing blade		Hardy Sams	  	.75
basket			Clarence Thompson	.60
two pillows		Fonzo Boyle	  	.80
do			Gaston Atchison	  	.85
one quilt		do	  		.25
do			do	  		.35
do			do	  		.10
blanket			do	  		.75
comfort			Tom Atchison	 	.75
quilt			do	  		.10
blanket			Gaston Atchison	  	.75
quilt			Tom Atchison	  	.80
do			do	  		.10
comfort			Gaston Atchison	  	.50
do			Frank Johnson	  	.30
jug			Henry Goddard	  	.05
coffee mill		Ben Riggs	  	.10
lamp			Pierce Phillips	  	.25
do			Gaston Atchison	  	.30
pans and jar		Chandler Shrum	  	.15
dish			Bill Atchison	  	.35
3 dishes		Fonzo Boyle	  	.45
5 plates		Gaston Atchison	  	.35
7 saucers and cups	Tom Atchison	  	.15
2 dishes, knifes	Gaston Atchison	  	.25
glass dish		Tom Atchison	  	.15
glasses			Frank Johnson	  	.10
sugar bowl		Chandler Shrum	  	.10
platter			Gaston Atchison	  	.15
cake stand		Tom Atchison	  	.05
lard			Guy Schwenigen	  	.20
canned apples		Tom Atchison	  	.05
black berry		Henry Goddard	  	.10
2 peaches		James Houseworth	.20
2 apples		do	  		.25
do			do	  		.10
do			do	  		.05
2 irons			Wiley Hopkins	  	.10
do			do	  		.15
2 skillets		James Houseworth	.50
b. pans			Helen Friar	  	.10
kettle			Wiley Hopkins	  	.35
do			do	  		.20
table			Gaston Atchison	  	.80
flour chest		do	  		.50
safe			do	  		.25
lantern			Ben Riggs	  	.25
clock			James Houseworth	2.35
last			Orval Atchison	  	.05
scales			Ben Riggs	  	.75
Bible			Fonzo Boyle	  	.75
2 books			Frank Johnson	  	.10
looking glass		Gaston Atchison	  	.05
wardrobe		George Friar	 	1.00
2 chairs		Gaston Atchison	  	.50
do			do	  		.50
table			Henry Goddard	  	.05
telephone		Joe Glenn	 	4.80
stove			Gaston Atchison	 	4.00
bed stead		do	  		.25
do			Dick Spurlock	  	.35
dog irons		Henry Goddard	  	.50
1 feather bed		Gaston Atchison	 	4.00
do			Wiley Hopkins	 	5.60
potatoes at $1.75	Tom Atchison	 	6.56
mail box		Frank Johnson	  	.15
4 bales hay		Ben Black	 	3.00
soft corn		Charley Riggs	 	3.30
15 bu. Corn at $1.30	James Houseworth	32.50
do             $.95	do			19.15
do            none	George Friar	  	.75


(Mar. 4, 1918)
State of Illinois
Jefferson County  } ss.       In the County Court of 
Jefferson County March Term, A. D. 1918.  

G. D. Atkinson being duly sworn, on his oath says, that the 
annexed account against the estate of Ignatius Atkinson deceased, 
amounting to the sum of five hundred and forty one dollars, and 
forty seven cents, is just and unpaid, after allowing all just credits.

Subscribed and sworn to before me 
this 4 day of March A. D. 1918	G. D. Atchison (his signature)
John G. Young Clerk

1917	Feb. 21 to taxes paid at request of 
Ignatius Atkinson on farm	 $11.72

1917 19 day of November to work and labor performed 
	by affiant in taking care of Ignatius Atkinson for one 
	year ten months and 19 days at rate of $5 per week 
	or 98 weeks at $5 per week			$490.00

1917 April 1st.     Repair on house by request of Ignatius Atkinson 
	money actually spent				$14.75

1817 August 15   to labor, repair on fences and cleaning 
out fence rows, etc.	 				$25.00

Bills submitted on estate.

Oct. 6, 1916 a note for $25 from The Ina Bank.
On demand we or either of us promise to pay to the order of 
THE INA BANK Twenty five dollars with interest from date at the 
rate of seven per cent per annum, payable annually.  The makers, 
endorsers and guarantors of this note agree, of this note is not 
paid when due, to pay ten per centum of the principal for the 
attorney fees if this note is [;aced in the hands of an attorney 
for collection; and sureties consent that the time of payment may 
be extended without notice thereof.

P. O. Belle Rive, Ill 				Ignatious Atchison (sig.) 
Interest Paid to Dec. 1916, Jan. 1917,		G. W friar (sig.)
Apr. 1917, July 1917, Oct. 1917, Nov. 1917	

Statement form H. D. Henderson, M.D.		Opdyke, Illinois, Feb. 21, 1918
Mr. Ignatius Atchison  near Opdyke, Ills.

Dec. 7	To call at office self	$1.50
May 	do			$1.50
June 15	to call at house self	$3.00
June 17	to call stop in		$1.50
July 1	to call at house self	$3.00
July 2	to call at house self	$3.00
Nov. 9	do			$3.00
Nov. 10	do			$3.00
Nov. 11	do			$3.00
Nov. 12	do			$3.00
Nov. 13	do			$3.00
Nov. 14	do			$3.00
Nov. 15	do			$3.00
Nov. 16	do			$3.00
Nov. 17	do			$3.00
Nov. 18	do			$3.00
Nov. 19	do			$3.00
		Total	        $46.50

	Administrator’s Report
(Jan. 29, 1919)
State of Illinois,			To the Judge of the County Court
Jefferson County,  }   ss.		Of Jefferson County, January Term, A. D. 1919

      The undersigned, John Snodsmith, Administrator of the Estate of 
Ignatius Atchison, Deceased, would respectfully submit to the Court 
the following report of his acts and doings as such Administrator from 
his appointment to January 29th, A. D. 1919.  He charges himself with 
the following, to-wit:


Cash on hand at decease		   	$6.72
Amount of sale bill			$106.21
Amount received for grass seed	 	$53.40
Amount received for hay		 	$44.80
Received from other sources	  	$4.10
		       Total   		$215.23


He asks to be credited with the following payments as
per vouchers when submitted.

W. H. Dement for hauling ha		   		$4.00
Harvey Friar for threshing and baling hay		$17.52	
Orville Atchison for hauling hay			$2.00
J. C. Glenn for hauling hay		  		$2.00
Taxes				  			$9.87
H. H. Davis, judgment			 		$11.90
G. E. Willis, do					$10.00
G. D. Atchison, judgement and interest thereon		$143.24
M. D> Henderson, judgment		 		$46.50
Security Bank, judgment	 		 		$15.79
Fee bill, clerk’s, printer, appraisers, witness fees	$64.15
Crier at sale $1  notary public’s fees 		$1.50	$2.50
Admin’s com. On $215.20 @ 6%		 		$12.91
Do   amt to be collected from Master in Chancery	$5.07
Expenses of Admin. For money paid out		  	$2.07
	Of G. D. Atchison against estate
Wm. T. Pace, atty’s fees including also fee in suit	$40.00
					Total		$389.52

Administrator’s Report

(Feb. 24th, 1919)
Another report just like above with the addition of:
Receipt of $174.29 received from Master in Chancery, Robert M. Farthing, 
from sale of real estate, per order of Circuit Court.  
Total received $389.52 (identical to contra).


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