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Submitted By: Janet Fryar Rohlfs

Probate Box    Jefferson Co., IL  Photocopies of papers obtained.

Petition for Letters of Administration
Petition of Walter Fryar in the matter of the estate of 
Ambrose Atchisson Deceased, for Letters of Administration. 

To the Honorable Conrad Schul Judge of the County Court of Jefferson County, 
in the State of Illinois:
The petition of the undersigned Walter Fryar respectfully requests that 
Ambrose Atchisson late of the County of Jefferson aforesaid, departed this 
life at Moores Prairie in said County, on or about the twenty fourth day of 
October A. D. 1904 leaving no last will and testament as far as your petitioner 
knows or believes.
	And this Petition further shows that the said Ambrose Atchisson died, seized 
and possessed of Real and Personal Estate, consisting chiefly of household goods, 
three head of horses, three head of milk cows, four head of yearling cattle, eleven 
head of hogs, farming implements, one saw rig, two buggies, three wagons, harnesses 
etc. Two water tanks, some hay and about two hundred bushel of corn.  An undivided 
interest in forty acres of land in Jefferson County, Illinois, in section 15 in 
Spring Garden township all of said personal estate being estimated to be worth 
about five hundred dollars.  That said deceased left surviving him Jane Atchisson 
his widow, and Viola Atchisson, Charles Atchisson, Arzilla Atchisson, Captiola Atchisson, 
Orville Atchisson, Everett Atchisson, Nace Atchisson, his children as heirs.  That your 
petitioner (being a brother-in-law of said deceased), and believing that the said estate 
should be immediately administered, as well as for the proper management of said estate 
as for the prompt collection of the assets under the Statue he therefore pray that your 
Honor will grant Letters of Administration to him in the premises upon his taking the 
oath prescribed by the Statute, and entering into bond in such sum and with securities, 
as may be approved by your Honor.
				Walter fryar (his signature)

State of Illinois,
Jefferson County } ss.   Walter Fryar 

Being duly sworn, deposes and says that the facts averred in the above petition 
are true, according to the best of h__ knowledge, information and belief.

Sworn to and subscribed before me,
 _____________ Clerk of the County 
Court of Jefferson, this 28th day of 		Walter fryar (his signature)
November A. D 1904.
W. B. Phillips, Clerk (his signature)


Estate of Ambrose Atchison deceased.  State of Illinois, Jefferson County.  
In County Court, November Term, 1904.  An appraisement bill of the goods, chattels 
and personal estate of Ambrose ATCHISON late of said county, deceased, made by virtue 
of the annexed warrant.

Household furniture							30
Farming tools								10
Two buggies								25
Saws, barrells, pitchforks						 1
Harness & belting							25
Three hoorses								75
Eleven hogs								88
Three wagons								40
Four cows, two yearlings, two clav (calves?)				75
Saw mill								35
Corn in field								50
Three hay in stack							 9
Oats									10

The following handwritten note accompanied:

							Nov the 29 – 1904
This is to certify that Jannie Atchisson widow of the late Ambrose Atchisson 
decese dose take all the property at prase value.
							Jannie Atchison  }  seal


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