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Submitted By: Janet Fryar Rohlfs

Jane Allen Oct. 1887.  ??  widow of CB

J. H. Crosnoe, Admin. (son-in-law)  Nov. 1887.  Estate of 
Charles B. Allen, dec'd.  Laura Young, Wm., Elizabeth Hayes, 
Mary Butler, R. R., Sanders D., Robert, Helen M., Mourning Farthing, 
Sarah Oliver, Adolphus, Lorinda Crosno, Wm Crosno, Mary Hayse, 
Charles Howard, Wm & Flethcer Kinmon, John M. Driver.  
Suit filed Sept. 1898 estates of Charles R. and Jane Allen, dec'd.  
Joseph H. Crosno, Elijah Collins, & J. C. Quinn, Admin. Bond $400, sig.  
Newton Wells, Thomas Puckett, D. G. Peterson, Appraisers.  Sale Nov. 30, 1887.  
Buyers: Crosno, Mitchell, Hayse, Wells, Thomas Black (1 red cow) Arendale, etc.  
Total $111.57 divided among heirs as per C. B. Allen will:  Laura Young*, 
Wm. Allen*, Elizabeth Hayse*, Mary Butler*, Wm. Kinmon**, Fletcher Kinmon**, 
R. R. Allen*, John M. Driver*, Sanders D. Allen*, Robert Allen*, Helen M. Allen*, 
Mourning Farthing*, Sarah Oliver*, Adolphus Allen ($12.39 2/3), Lorinda Crosno*, 
Williard Crosno*, Margret Hayse*, Charlie Howard*.  * $6.19 5/6   ** $3.09   
Approved Jan. 6, 1891.  Charles, Joseph, William, John, & Wilburn Kinmon are heirs 
of the late William Kinmon, dec'd (@1878) - only children and heirs.  William 
was heir of Jane and Charles R. Allen, dec'd.  Wm. Got $3.09 to be divided 5 ways.  
They want $6.18 each.  Sept. 21, 1898.  

(Note: Lorinda Crosno & Margret Hayse are heirs of Elizabeth Crosno, dec'd.  Not 
sure about Charles Howard.  Joseph H. must have married Elizabeth Allen.)  BOX 57



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