Jefferson County


Submitted By: Janet Fryar Rohlfs

George W. Allen died on or about Aug. 18, 1866.  **

BOX 23.   Eliza M. Allen, widow relinquishes claim to articles 
Nov. 22, 1866.  She died Sept. 21, 1867.
John Rhodam Allen, Admin. and James E. Ferguson and John R. Moss 
Bond $10,000 Aug. 22, 1866 their signatures.
Owes: J. H. Crosno, Admin. of estate of David J. Ford, dec'd. $63 
Nov. 9, 1865 G. W. Allen and John Darnall, Sr. their signatures; 
G. W. Allen guardian of Julia A. Piper 1865-1866; H. H. Cole guardian 
of Sarah L. Dare $70 George W. Allen, John R. Allen, & John R. Moss 
Feb. 4, 1860; H. R. Dare $6.50; James D. Johnson guardian of Wiley S. Piper 
1864-1866 $754.25.  Notes and accounts: Henry D. Allen, James A. Allen, 
William Chaffin, Seaton Allen, Atchison and wife for land $75, 
Pavey Allen & Co., Thomas C. Allen for work, Samuel K. Allen, etc.
Sale Wednesday, Oct. 3 & 4, 1866 at 10 am 4 miles SW of Mt. Vernon.  
Buyers of note: Hicks, Moore, Moss, Ferguson, Thomas C. Allen, Eliza Allen, 
James A. Allen, L. B. Allen, James Dare, Seaton Allen, Crowder, 
Samuel K. Allen, B. H. Y. Dalby, Terry, Jones, Wells, Isaac S. Jones, Cash, 
Abram Marlow, Hobbs, Maxey, Harvey, etc.  Total $7260.05  BOX 23  


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