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Will of Charles B. Allen  
Jefferson County, IL Probate Box 17

I C. B. ALLENE in the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois do here by make and declare 
this my last will and testament in manner and form folowing’ to wit: 

FIRST it is my will that my funeral expenses and all my just debts be fully pade.

SECOND two of my horses of her own choseing and six cows or cows and calves of her own choseing 
and all the crop on hand and growing to my wife JANE and one yoke of oxen and ox wagon and bugy 
and harness and all the provisions on hand of every kind and twenty hed of hogs and fifteen hed 
of sheep and also all the farming tools and also all the poltry and also all the house hold and 
kitchen furnature to my wife JANE and I will also that she give to each of my single daughters 
and also her single daughter each of them one cow and calf and one bed and beding to be given to 
them when she thinks they neede them and I will also that she have money out of the Estate to pay 
the present taxes also the South half of the North East quarter and the North East quarter of the 
South East quarter in Section five town four South rang three East also seven and a half achors 
which I bought from JOSEPH WILBANKS as my deed will sho to have and to hold during my wifes natural 
life time then to return as a common property to my children and my wifes children and my two grand 
sons Charles Allen and Adolpus E. Allen and also my wifes four children and the above named grand 
children to be equal heirs with my own children accept my two daughters MARTHA KINMAN and ANTHAS 
YOUNG the above named daughters is not to have any of my estate but there children is to heir there 
share of my estate I will also that my son WILLIAM ALLEN shal have all my stock of boocks except the 
family Bible which my wife is to retain and also her saddles and lastly I hereby constitute and 
appoint JOSEPH H. CROSNOE and my son ROBERT S. ALLEN executors of this my last will and testament 
revoking and annulling all former wills by me made and ratify and confirming this and no other to 
be my last will and testament.

In witness whereof I the said C. B. ALLEN have here unto set my and seal this twelfth day of 
February in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty one.

Signed C. B. ALLEN

Signed sealed published and declared by the said C. B. Allen as and for his last will and 
testament in presents of us who in his presents and in the presence of each other and at his 
request have subscribed our names as witnesses thereto.





Heirs of C. B. Allen and Jane Allen, widow:

Anthus Young, excluded, child included: Laura B. Young; Wm. Allen; Elizabeth Hayes; N. Hayes 
husband; Mary and Samuel M. Butler; Martha Kinman, excluded, children Wm. and Fletcher her children; 
Richard R. Allen; Matilda Drivers heir, John M. Drivers; Sanders D. Allen; Robt. Allen heir, 
Robt. G. Allen; Hellen Mae Allen; Morning Allen; Sarah A. Allen; Charles Allen grandchild and 
legatee; also Adolphus Allen; Lorinda Crosno; Elizabeth Crosno; Margaret Howard; Charles Howard.

Submitted by: Mary

Submitted By: Janet Fryar Rohlfs
Charles B. Allen died testate on or about April 1861.  ??

Joseph H. Crosno, Exec. Son-in-law, husband of Elizabeth Allen.
Jane Allen, widow.  She died Oct. 21, 1887.  Lorinda Crosno & Margaret Hayse - 
heirs of Elizabeth Crosno, Charles Howard, and Joseph Crosno, son-in-law.
Will:  To wife Jane, to each of his single daughters, to each of her signal 
daughters, to my children, my wife's 4 children, my 2 grandsons - Adolphus E. (J?) 
Allen and Charles Allen, my 2 daughters Martha Kinman and Anthus Young, son 
William Allen.  Appoint Joseph H. Crosno and my son Robert S. Allen Executors.  
Signed C. B. Allen Feb. 12, 1961.  Wit: William Wells, R. S. Crosno and F. M. Carroll.
Heirs listed including those excluded from will:  Anthus Young (excluded) & Laura B. 
(included) - children included, William Allen, Elizabeth Hayse and N. her husband, 
Mary and Samuel M. Butler, Martha Kinman (excluded), William Kinmon and Fletcher, 
her children, Richard R. Allen, Matilda Drivers heirs - John M., Sanders D. Allen, 
Robert Allen heir Robert G. Allen, Hellen May Allen, Mourning Allen, Sarah A.. Allen, 
Charles Allen - grandchildren an legatum.  Also  Adolphus Allen, Lorinda Crosno heirs - 
Elizabeth Crosno, Margaret Howard, Charles Howard.  Filed April 19, 1861 by J. H. Crosno, 
Admin.  BOX 17


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