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Submitted By: Janet Fryar Rohlfs

Hubbard R. Dare died July 20, 1894.

William G. Dare, Administrator.  Margaret M. Dare, widow.  
Children:  W. G. Dare &(Mary L.), Martha E. (& Joseph) Cunningham, 
Mary E. (& J. Ed) Junkins, Ettie L. (& Daniel G.) Peterson, Cora L. 
(& Andrew M.) Flint.  Wm. G. Dare, J. H. Crosno, Jonathan Wells, 
Newton Wells, sig. Bond $6000.  Stinson H. Dalby, W. J. Martin, 
Joseph H. Crosno (sig.) Appraisers Aug. 22, 1894.  560 acres and 
propert y worth about $800.  Joel F. Watson holds mortgage on property.  
Owed for numerous supplies for store remedies, hardware, agricultural 
implements, brooms, dry goods, notions, saddles, shoes, leather, etc.   
H. R. and M. M. Dare owe $500 on 120 acres in Madison Co., IL.  H. R. Dare, 
D. G. Peterson, W. G. Dare, and W. T. Dare (sig.) owe Treasurer of Township 
(Elk Prairie?) for use of township Oct. 1, 1886 signed by H. R. Dare and 
Margaret, her mark.  Sale Oct. 23, 1894.  Buyers:  Sam Reynolds, Clark, 
Ray, W. G., Oscar, Tom, Joseph, T. W>, W. T. Dare, Osborn, Arendale, 
Peterson, Ben Black (cutting box $2, log chain .40, 2 garden hoes .70, 
2 shovels .45, 2 grind stones $2.20, stove, handle & sythe .35, wire .50, 
anvil & vice $1.55), James Davis, John Mannen, J. H. Allen, J. H. Hamilton, 
Holloway, A. P. Bumpus, Jerome Mannen, R. W. Allen, Green, Vaughn, Collins.  
A. M. Flint, clerk, G. W. Robinson, crier. 


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