Jefferson County



Webber comprises one of the east tier of townships of the county and 
lies east of Mount Vernon.  It is bounded north by Farrington Township, 
east by Wayne County, south by Pendleton Township, west by Mount Vernon 
Township, and according to the congressional survey is Township 2 
south, range 4 east, of the Third Principal Meridian.  

The surface of the township is somewhat rough and broken, and is mostly 
timbered land, but takes in a small portion of Long Prairie.  The 
timber growth is several kinds of oak, black hickory, wild cherry, sassafras, 
hazel, etc.  The streams are Puncheon Camp Creek, which received its 
peculiar name from the puncheon camps erected along its banks by the 
early hunters; Bear Creek, Four Mile Creek and Two Miles Creek.  

Puncheon Camp Creek rises northeast of Mount Vernon and empties into 
Horse Creek; Bear Creek has its source in a sulphur spring on Pope's 
farm and runs east and north into the Puncheon Camp Creek.  Four Mile 
Creek empties into the Skillet Fork of the Little Wabash. Black Oak 
Ridge, running nearly through the center of the township, forms a 
water-shed, the waters on the east side flowing into the Skillet Fork, 
finally reach the Ohio River, while those on the west side flow into 
Big Muddy, and thence through it to the Mississippi.

Source: The History of Jefferson County, Illinois
by William Henry Perrin
Published by Globe Pub. Co. in 1883)

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