Jefferson County



Elisha Plummer was first blacksmith who came to Mt. vernon in 1820.
John Cooper, another blacksmith came in 1824.

A man named Lane was the first gunsmith. He was in the area as early as
1822-23. Buffington was also an early gunsmith;

Rhoda Allen's sons were the first cabinet-makers. The first child born
in the county is believed to be the son of Isaac Hicks,
born in 1817. The first marriage was a daughter of Joseph Jordan, to Garrison
Greenwood, a son of Fleming Greenwood, but the date is not remembered. 

*****Elizabeth's mother was Elizabeth Estes, sister of Absalom and Joseph Estes, both of whom lived in Franklin and Jefferson countys and of Chism Estes of Gallatin county. About 1833 Joseph Jordan and Garrison Greenwood along with others left Illinois and settled in the Republic of Texas. On your Jefferson County marriage page you show the marriage of Garrison Greenwood to Elizabeth Jordan on 16 Sep 1819. So I guess the date is remembered after all ;-) submitted by: Bill Brunson-Kelley Oct 18, 1997