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Photo Album of Dr. William Harold Boswell

Submitted by: Jerry Boswell Barber
I have a small (4X6) scrapbook that was my grandfather"s. 
I do not know it's history and wonder if anyone can help with that.
Inside the front cover is the Name "John H. Hatfield". Opposite: 
"Compliments of Dr. W. H. Boswell Mt Vernon Ill" 
(The "Dr" means it was no earlier than 1896 I believe.) 
Photographs in order are 
(some better quality than others...the book was on a semi-open backporch when I rescued it.):
United Brethren Church North Union St.; 
Methodist Church;
North Side Square 
Mt. V.; Residence of R. F. Follis Johnston City Ill; 
Post Office Mt. V.; 
South side square; 
Residence of I. S. Boswell;
1st Baptist Church; 
Dr. W. H. Boswell; 
Court House Mt. V; 
J. H. Hatfield S. P. Boswell; 
J. H. Hatfield; 
North Side Square; 
Several blank pages then: 
John Cuneo Dep. States Atty; 
Dr. Boswell; John O'Day S P Boswell; 
S P Boswell; 
Dr Boswell; 
untitled man; 
J H Hatfield; 
untitled but I know to be S P Boswell; 
John Boswell; 
Dr Boswell. 
The rest has various 'practice' signatures apparently written by my father as a child, etc.
Dr. William Harold Boswell was my grandfather. 
His father was Isaac Street Boswell. Samuel Phillip Boswell was Isaac's youngest son. 
The Cuneo and O'Day photos appear to be some official function...a trial..a swearing in??? 
In one my grandfather appears to have his hand raised to be sworn in. Uncle Sam and Mr. O'Day 
are wearing formal attire with tophats. I know that Uncle Sam was supposed to have been a 
reporter for the (maybe) Chicago Sun during the Boxer Rebellion. 
I also know that Isaac Boswell was indicted for counteerfeiting...but that was much earlier.
DR. WILLIAM HAROLD BOSWELL Dr. William Harold Boswell was my grandfather.  His father was Isaac Street Boswell. Samuel Phillip  Boswell was Isaac's youngest son.

Samuel Phillip Boswell and John O'Day

Residence of I.S. Boswell Mt. Vernon, IL 

Belle Boswell
This was sent to me by Janet Rohlfs in 1993 

J H Hatfield and Sam P. Boswell 

Note from Jerry: 

I would like very much to know who J. H. Hatfield was. S. P. Boswell was Samuel Phillip Boswell, son of Isaac Boswell. Uncle Sam was a printer and newspaperman. Oral tradition says he was associated with the Chicago Sun and went to China during the Boxer Rebellion. The only proof of this story is the existence of a Chinese Sword. Uncle Sam died in Almyra, Arkansas where he had served as Post Master and Mayor. Dr. Wm. H. Boswell, his older brother, was the First Mayor of Almyra. Note the old alarm clock and the lamp on the desk. I only wish I could read the framed certificate on the wall.  It seems to say "State School of ?????". 




Mt. Vernon Post Office

North Side of Square

Methodist Church Mt. Vernon, IL
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