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Perrin's history says the first school in the four townships was established
in McClellan Township on the J. W. Lee farm in 1837.  It was made of round
logs and was 18 X 20 feet.  Judge Baugh was the first teacher.

Perrin also says that a school house was established near the Eli Gilbert house, in Knob Prairie, very early, in a log building 16 X 18 feet.  The cracks were daubed with mud.  It was taught by a man named Bellis.
This was the ancestor of Four Corners School and was no doubt located near the same spot.
Four Corners consolidated with Waltonville shortly after WWII, but the building remained and was used as a storage shed until it was carried away by a tornado on December 18, 1957.
Pictured here is the Four Corners Class of 1894, together with a list of names.  Many people in this area have ancestors in this picture. FOUR CORNERS SCHOOL, MARCH 1894 Front Row L to R 1. Roy Gilbert 2. Sidney Lennington 3. Claude Newell 4. John D. Newell 5. Gilbert Harris 6. ------- Dodds ? 7. Leona Harris 8. Mae Fairchild 9. Sally Newell 10. Ethel Newell Second row from front 1. Asa Newell 2. Rolla Gilbert 3. Warren Newell 4. John Everett Newell 5. Earl Newell 6. ---------- 7. Fay Fairchild (Newell) 8. Rhoda Newell 9. -------------- 10. Ola Newell (Davis) 11. Maude Newell (Place) Third Row 1. ---------- 2. Elizabeth Fairchild (Shurtz) 3. Lola Fairchild (Fagan) 4. ------------- 5. Myrtle Dodds (Norris) 6. ----------------- 7. Rufus Green 8. Annie Robinson 9. Lydia Robinson (Wicks) 10. Della Newell (Laur) 11. Annie Nix 12. Daisy Lennington Fourth row 1. ----------- 2. ----------- 3. Norman Newell 4. Mary Ellen Fred 5. Grace Green (Newell) 6. George (Hawk Bill) Newell 7. Minnie Newell (Taylor) 8. Ed or Joe Robinson 9. John Robinson 10. Sam Fred 11. George Bushong


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