Jefferson County


Mt. Vernon City Schools 1925

Benjamin Franklin School
Built in 1889, replaced the East Side School
which was destroyed in the cyclone of 1888

West Side School
Built in 1886 name later changed to 
Eugene Field School This school was 
razed in 1949 and the present school
was was renamed Dr. Andy Hall School

Thomas A. Edison School
Built 1899 to replace the South Side School 
that was built in 1894 fire destroyed that 
building, fire also destroyed Edison in 1976.

Abraham Lincoln School Built in 1914

Booker T. Washington School
Built in 1898 to replace a school that was established 
for Black children in 1894. 
This school was closed in 1962 when all children were 
intregated into the system
Newspaper article 
about the sale of the school

Zadok Casey Junior High School
Built on the Casey home site opened in 1937

Mt. Vernon Township High School Building B
Built in 1904

Horace Mann School
Built 1914


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