Jefferson County

The Prairie Historian

Vol. 18, March 1988, Issue 1
Account Book of The Williamsburg Store

	At our March 1987 meeting Louis Norris presented us with a treasure, two 
old account books dated 1879 to 1884 from a store at old Williamsburg owned by 
Thoma Hughes Mannen and J.D. Norris.

	They were sent to us by Ruby Place Ion who found them several years ago in 
the two story frame store building that sat just west of the Post Office in 
Waltonville where she and her husband, Doug Ion, ran a restaurant.

	When most of Williamsburg moved to the new town of Waltonville, J.D. Norris
had a store in the building and lived in the house just to the north, the house
where Larry and Bev. Hodge live today. The store building was torn down several 
years ago. (note-John THompson had a Clover Farm grocery store in it in the 1930's)

	The customers listed in the ledgers are first and second generation settlers
of this area. As you note the items they purchased and the way they handled
their accounts, you have a pretty good idea of how they lived. They purchased
only absolut necessities, many only shpped four or five times a year, and most
settled their account once a year. Each item purchased was listed in the ledger
and a years total purchased might only fill one page. 

	Most accounts were settled in October, either by cash or note. The account
may have been credited along the way with eggs, chickens etc. Traded in.
Manford Fairchild traded in Coal, so coal was mined in some fashion, somewhere
in the area. 

	Few food items were purchased, only basic necessities; sewing needs, some
clothing and shoes, hardware, ttools, ammunition, writing materials, school 
supplies, and stamps made up the bulk of purchases. The only meat mentioned
was bacon and that very rarely. 

	They didn't spell very well, either the names of people or of the items
purchased, and depending on who entered things in the ledger, you find many
variations in spelling the same name or word. 

Some Items Listed

Sugar				Syrup			envelopes
Maple Sugar			yeast, (very seldom)	1 Sanders Speller 25$
Flower, 25 or 50lb.					1 Primer 20$
Coffee 2 lb			tallow			1 First Reder 30$
Tea 1/3 lb			castor oil		Fourth Reder 75$
salt				bottle of biters	Shot by the lb
crackers			box of pils		caps, powder & lead
ginger and nutmeg		1/2 gal coloil 10$	amonition
(no pepper or cinnamon)		onion sets		22 cartrages
(no vanilla)			paper of cucumber seads	1 box blocker(?)
1 gal molasses			cabbage seed		1 blocker brush
1 gal sorgom			hickery tobacco		chane
dried aples			plug of star tobacco	1 box blacken
baking powders			tobacco for chewing	( stove black or shoe?)
soda				tobacco for smoking	razor strap
starch				cigars			milk bucket
6 bars soap 25$			riting paper		axe handle
1/2 bushel meal 35$		stamp 3$		weed hoe
vinegar				writing pens		spading fork
bushel of beans			botle of ink		grane bags
rice				1 pencil		gunnie bags
1 gal whiskey 1.25		slate pencils		tin bucket
alum				salmon & can oysters (the only canned foods)
Items listed continued
Aple pealer			Parasol			thread
chamber 50$			umbreler 60$		thimble
broom				suspenders		knitting cotton
fish pole			gloves			scane of yarn
1 violin string 20$		mitens			goods
poket nife			overalls		goods for shroud
meal sifter			1 pare pans (pants)	buttens
coffee boiler			1 par shoes		incerting
wash bord			1 par boots		lace
chisel				1 par cotten hoes	alpaca
file				1 pare slipers		2 yards bleched (?muslin)
lantern globe			paire genes pans (blue jeans?)
1 doz 1/2 gal cans		hat 			embrodry
rubbers				cap			ribon
close line wire			overcoat		shirting
tacks				straw hat		calico
nales				corset			gingham
spikes				1 box collars		bating(batting)
bolts				silk hankerchef		domestic
hinges				over shoes		coton flanel
rought nales			horse collar		lincey
1 clevis			harness $7.50		ticking
har pins			sadle $7.00		carpet warp
comb				sadle girth		table cloth
corset stays			pump $7.00		paper of pins
indigo & madder (dyes)		set of neves and forks $1.85  safety pins
shirt fronts			set of spoons 25$	1 set cups & sacers
				1/2 set of plates	1 set tumblers

Customers at Old Williamsburg 1879 - 1884
(Information added to identify)

Adkens, W.C
Adams, Willis	
Addams Susan (1836-1919)
	h John Adams
	f Eli Gilbert Jr. 
	m Lucy Fairchild			Bean, Lee (Alexander Leroy) 1839-1881
Balden, Orland					f Peter A. Bean
Baker, Bode (Andrew B)				m Martha Jane Thompson
	f William Baker				w Katherine Bashum
	m Melissa Twitty			Barnet (Barnett) Green
	w Susan Lyle				Barnet, Susan
	w Melvina Abney				f Erastus Fairchild
	w Sarah E. Hall 			h John N. Barnett
Baker, James J. (1833-1905)			Barnet, Eli
	f William Baker				f John N. Barnett
	m Melissa Twitty			m Melissa Susan Fairchild
	w Mary Fleener				Barnet, Frank (Amos Franklin)
Barker, Abby					f John N. Barnett (1834-1867)
Bean, King (Wm. King 1834-1915)			m Melissa Susan Fairchild
	f King Wm. Bean 			w Rosa B. Galbraith Cunningham
	m Elizabeth Rightnowar			Barnet, M. J. 
	w Clemenza Thompson
Barnet, Erastus (1855-1949)			Bravard, Sidney (1857-1898)
	f John N. Barnett			f Christopher C. Bravard
	m Melissa Susan Fairchild		m Elizabeth Mannen
	w Martha Gilbert			w Eliza Peterson
	w Lydia Johnson				m 2d Hosea Harris
Brady, (Braden) John T. (1856-1937)		Bushong, Henry (1816- --)
	f Henry Braden 				1st q ---Dees McConnaughay
	m Amanda Oglesby			2d w Ruth Hamilton 1823-
	w Mandalia Hall Shoptaw			Bushong Andrew (D) 1860
Balwin, F.M.					f Henry Bushong
Baldridge, George				m Ruth Hamilton
Baldridge, William 				1st w ---
Billingsly, James				2d w Anna Morgan Taylor
Benthall, William (1844-1930)			3d w Ida Knox Maxfield
	f Cornelius Benthall			Bushong, Thomas (1857-)
	m Rachel ---				f Henry Bushong
	w Sarah J. Wilson Sturdevant		m Ruth Hamilton
Beasley, Bud					D of Orange Hamilton
	Beasley, John				w-Irene or Arrena---
Buts, Pearce					Bushong, John S. (1846)
Blankenship, J.H.				f Henry Bushong
Bowermaster, George				m Ruth Hamilton
Bowermaster, B.S.				w Naomi Angeline Dees
Black, Robert (John Robt. 1857-1925		Bowls, James
	f Samuel F. Black			Bowles, John 
	m Mary Emily Thompson 2d w		Brickyard Pardners
	w Martha Isabell Mc Right		Campbell D.F. (David 1833-1899)
Black, G.W. (General Wade)			f Edward Campbell w Mary L. Dees
	f Samuel F. Black (1812-1885)		m Mary Lewis	1837-1909
	m Mary Emily Thompson			Campbell, Charlie	(d of Jesse P.
	m Johanna Lutitia Roberts		f David F. Campbell	 Dees)
Black, Henry					m Mary L. Dees
	f Samuel F. Black			w Harriet McConnaughey
	m Mary Ann Rightnowar 1st w		Campbell, Marshall
	w Dicy Hall 				f David F. Campbell
	w ---					m Mary L. Dees
	w Nancy Davis				w Emily Louise Dees
Blazier, John H. 				Cherry, Charlie
Boswell, Wm. 					James C.
Bosel, Ranston					John
Boswell, Ransom (Correct Spelling)		Clampet, Alonzo (1859-1941)
	1829-1884				f William J. Clampet
	f Samuel Boswell			m Melissa Wells
	m Elizabeth Taylor			w Martha Tennessee Drayfield
	w Elizabeth E. Hamilton			w ---
	w Eliza Franklin Ray 			w Ida N. Barnett
Boswell, T.P. or T.F.				Clampet, Newton J.
	h Christopher C. Bravard		bur Ward Com. with 4 ch
	f William Thomas 			& w Millie
	m Elizabeth mannen
Carmickle, Hiram				Dodds, Wm. S.
Cunningham, W.H. Sr. 				f John Dodds
Cunningham, Thomas				m Emmaline Keller
Coffel, J. E. (James, 1856-1924			w Mary C. McConnell
	w Susannah Johnson 			(sis to Hattie who married
Cameron, Charles				Benjamin Hirons)
Castie, Constive				w Anna Hall
Cary, Denis					Dodds, Charlie
Cook, W.J.					Dodds, Joseph
	f Josiah Conlee				f John Dodds
	m Priscilla ---				m Emmaline Keller
	w Elizabeth Jane Philp			w Rosa Knowles
	(who first married Jackson		Dodds, Sunie ??
	McCollough)				Margaret Dodds, d of John,
Carver, Alexander				m 2d Thomas Mannen and had
	f John S. 				a daughter Sunie who married
	w Sarah Hutton				Renzo Muckleroy
	w Mary Campbell				Dodds, C.R. 
	d of David F. 				Dodds, Annie(?Anna Hall, 2d w of 
						Wm. S. Dodds)
Carver, Dock					Dycus, J.L.
	w Lula Webb Matney			Dycus, G.S.
Christman, W.N.					Dycus, M.E.
Daniel, H.P. (Henry Poston) 1838-		Dufur, Sarah
	w Mary (Polly) Gilbert			Dufur, Sofiah-(Dees) w of A.L. Dufur
Davis, J.P. Joseph Pinckney)			Dufur, Edward
	1852-1928				Dudley, William (M.)
	f Clinton Smith Davis 1822-1898		f William Dudley 1826-
	m Susan (Suda) Wells			m Anice Hutson
	w Martha Black				w Luraney Brayfield
	w Mary ann Bean Masters			Dees, Alfred W. (1828-
Davis, Charlie					f William Dees
Denis (Dennis) Henry				m Minta ---
Dasher, J.A.					w Martha Jane Allred
Dial, G.W. or J.W.				w Elizabeth Lowery Evins
Dial, Mila or Wila				(Her 4th Marriage)
Dodds, J.D. (John David)			Dees, George
	f John Dodds				Danel, J.M. (Darnell, James M. 1834-)
	m Lucy Emmaline Keller			f John F. Narnell
	w Emma Frances Philp			m Mary A. Maneese
Dinby, Jackson					(in 1850 census living with 
Dare or Dees, Jack 				Stinson Anderson Family age 16)
Dare or Dees, Louis				Ellis, Henry
Derrington, Thomas				Eliston (Elliston) Joseph S. 
Durock, Alford					f John Elliston
Dickson, Prates					m Nancy Sneed
						w Anna Howe
						w Emma A. Winkler
Eliston, Louis (Lewis H. 1848-1932)		Fairchild, Edam (G. Edwin Daniel 1841-1920)
	f John Elliston				f Erastus Fairchild	      
	m Nancy Sneed				m Elizabeth Giddings
	w Priscilla Cheek			w Jennie Stewart
	w Permelia Hall 			Fairchild, Hohn (?John G.)
Earls, George (1866-     )			f Erastus Fairchild	
	f Hezekiah Earls			m Elizabeth Giddings
	m Martha Hicks				w Eliza Mary Margraves
Earls, Cier					Fred, Preston 1862-
Eliston (Elliston) William B. 			f James Fred
	(1844-1912)				m Sarah Church
	f Joseph T. 				w Annie Mannen (f Thos. H. Mannen)
	m Penelope Green 			Fred, Elijah 1863
	w Margaret Green 			f James Fred
	d of Barnett Green 			m Sarah Church
Elliston, Benet (Bennett M. 1840-1922)		w Martha Bravard
	f Joseph T. 				f C.C. Bravard
	m Penelope Green 			Fleener, Isaac (1824-1906)
	w--- Green 				w Sarah Clampet (1824-1912)
Elliston, James (James Simpson 1853)		Fleener, William (1854)
	f John Elliston				f Isaac Fleener
	m Nancy Sneed				m Sarah Church
Elliston, John 					w Mary E. Newbury 1st w
Foreman, H.C. (Henry C. 1842-1921)		Fleener, John (1850)
	f Stephen W. Foreman			f Isaac Fleener
	m Marg. J. Pierce			m Sarah Clampet
	w Mary E. Gilbert			w Ruth Cameron
	d of Cyrus				Fred, James (1838)
Fagan, J.A. (Jesse Aswald 1851-1933)		f James Fred
	f James W. Fagan 			m Rebecca Barker
	m Malinda Boswell			w Sarah Church
	w Amanda Harris				w Mrs. Marg. E. Hodge
	f Rev. R.G. Harris			Fred, William (1842)
Fairchild, Edmond				f James Fred
Fairchild, Manford (1854)			m Rebecca Barker
	f John G. Fairchild 1828		w Sarah Woodrome
	m Eliza Mary Margraves			w Priscilla Hall Boswell 
	w Diantha Newell			widow of Sam.L. Boswell
	f Nathan Newell				Fred, Fremont (Freeman 1851)
Fairchild, Charles				f James Fred
Fairchild, Lee					m Rebecca Barker
Fairchild, Warren (Geo. Warren 1859-1941)	w Sarah Chrisman (1849)
	f Eli Williamson Fairchild		Fox, James
	m Sarah Louise Place 2d w		Gilbert, M. R. (Menzis Raynor 1831-1908)
	w Maggie Gilbert			f Eli Gilbert Sr.
	w Anna E. Smith 			m Susanna Gale
Fairchild, Stephen 				w Elizabeth Ford
Fairchild, Mary 				w Sarah C. Newell
Fairchild, Eli (Eli W.)				Gilbert, Maggie
	f Erastus Fairchild
	m Elizabeth Giddings
	w Maranda Lutheria Haynes
	w Sarah Louise Place
	w Susan Boswell
	w Jeanette Dixon
Gilbert, James (?Jas. Gale 1824)		Green, Edwin (James Edwin 1823-    )
	f Eli Gilbert Jr. 			f Reuben Green
	m Lucy Fairchild			m Druzilla Does
	w ebecca Jane Campbell			w Nancy Landrum Palmer
Gilbert, Thomas					w Nancy Jane Outhouse
Gilbert, J.W.					Green, George (George Washington (1824-1896)
Gilbert, Samuel B. (Brice)			f Reuben Green Jr	       
	f Eli Gilbert Jr. 			m ?Lucy Matilda Moore
	w Lucy Fairchild			or Mary F. Bishop German
	w Mary Ann Rightnowar			w Mary L. Book or Brook
Gilbert, Waldo E. (1867)			Green, Charlie (Charles C. 1859-1921)
	f Menzia R. 				w Fostina (Kate) Roberson
	m Elizabeth Ford			f Elbert Roberson
	w Martha E. Mannen			f James Edwin Green
	w Louie Cutsall Stewart 2d w		m Nancy J. Landrum
Gilbert, Irvey					Green, Leonard (William L. 1851-1910)
Gilbert, Isaac					f Jesse D. Green
Gilbert, J.F.					m Sarah E. McKinney
Gilbert, Stephen (Stephen U. 1858?)		w Rhoda Place
	f Cyrus Gilbert				Green, Albert (M.) 1865-1945
	m Eliza Jane McClendon			f Barnett Green
	w Mary Hicks				m Martha J. Page
Gilbert, Charles (Charles Bluford		w Laura Bell Green
	1861-1932)				f Reuben Green Jr. 
	f Waldo Gilbert				Gulley, James
	m Helena Hays				Harland, Nearmiro (Neamiah)
	w Amanda Wells				Harland, Jamia
	f Amos Wells				Hagle, A.C.
Gilbert, Cyrus (1823-1902)			Hagle, Mahala (1827-1896)
	f Eli Gilbert Sr.			f Samuel Boswell
	m Susannah Gale				m Elizabeth Taylor
	w Eliza J. McClendon			h John Wesley Hagle (1818-1874)
Gilbert, Walter J. ( Jacob 1860)		Hagle, Andrew (John Andy 1862-1927)
	f Alvin Gilbert				f John W. Hagle
	m Annie M Watkins			m Mahala Boswell
	w Linnie Dodds				w Ella Tuttle
	f Joseph Dodds				f James Henry Tuttle
Gilbert, Catherine				Hamilttn, Isaac
Gilbert, Alvin (1839-1913)			Hamilton, W.F.
	f Eli Gilbert Sr.			Hamilton, Hamar
	m Susannah Gale w Annie M. Watkins	Hamilton, Josiah (Jos. A. 1831-77)
Gaddis, J.M. (John M.)				f Orange Hamilton
	w Katherine Dasher			w Hanna E. Boswell
Green, Barnett 1827-1897) Ill.			f Sam Boswell
	f Reuben Green 				Hamilton, Vinson ( 1856-1943) (Vincent)
	m Druzilla Dees				f Joseph A. Hamilton
	w Martha Jane Page			m Hanna Boswell
Green, Thomas, (1869-    )			w Martha E. Hartley
	f Barnett Green				Hamilton, Charles
	m Martha J. Page			Hamilton, William
Green, Marshall (1863-    )			Hamlin, James
	f Barnett Green 
	m Martha J. Page

Hamlin, Joseph (Joseph Herod 1848-87)		Hicks, Wm. Jr. 
	f Uriah Hamlin (1810)			Hicks, Amandy
	m Nancy Farthing			Hicks, Thomas
	w Sarah E. Gilbert			Hicks, William (1828)
	f James G. Gilbert			f Isaac Hicks
Hamlin, Marion (Francis Marion 1838- )		m Rebecca Casey
	f Uriah Hamlin				w Martha Ames
	m nancy Farthing			Hicks, James (James W. 1817-1888)
	w Nancy J. McBride			f Isaac Hicks
Hall, Moses (1854-1935)				m Rebecca Casey
	f Nantan Hall 				w Amanda Dodds
	m Mary (Polly) Clampet			Hicks, Joseph (1855-1934)
	w Charlotta Fred McCowen		f James Hicks
	1st h Geo. McCowen			m Amanda Dodds
Harris, Rebechy (Rebecca)			w Mary Catherine Bravard
	f Edward Campbell			Hicks, Isaac (1846-   )
	m Mary Lewis				f David J. Hicks
	1st h James G. Gilbert			m Elizabeth Finch
	2d h. Rev. Robt Glidewell	        w Mary Alpha Gilbert
			Harris. 		w
Harris, H.B. (Hosea Ballu 1858-1928)		w Dora Ray Porter
	f Robert G. Harris			Isaac could be (1852)
	m Harriet Byington, 1st w		f James Hicks Jr. 
	w Elzora Gilbert			m Amanda Dodds	
	d of Waldo Gilbert			w Minerva Dycus							
	w Sarah Campbell			Hicks, Ed (David Edward 1864-1953)
	d  of David F. Campbell			f David J. Hicks
	w Eliza Peterson Bravard		m Elizabeth Finch
	d of Wm Thos. Peterson			w Hattie Harris
	widow of Sid. T. Bravard		d of rev. R.G. Harris
Harris, Rachel					w Cora B. Reed
Harris, G. (Robt. Glidewell Jr.)		Ed, teacher & Post master at Waltonville
Hester, David (David Jackson Hester)		           
	f James Alman Hester			Hicks, Laura (1855) d of David J. 
	m Patsy Isom				Hicks, John (1847) s of David J. 
	w Mary Ann Hicks or Davis		Hicks, Frank (1852)
Hicks, Amanda (Dodds, 1824)			f James W. 
	f Joseph Dodds				m Amanda Dodds
	m Rosa Knowles				w Agnes ---
	h James W. Hicks			Hicks, Nuten (Newton, 1861-    )
	s of Isaac Hicks			f James W. Hicks
Hicks, J. W. (?John Wm. 1842-    )		m Amanda Dodds
	f James W. Hicks			Hicks, Charlie
	m Amanda Dodds				Hicks, J.F.
	w Corinna Philp				Hicks, J.M. of G.M.
Hicks, J.W. Could be JohnW. 1820-		Hirons, B.L. (Benjamin Lelel 1823-    )
	f Isaac Hicks				f John Hirons
	m Rebecca Casey				m Deborah Pettijohn
	w Jerusha Rightnowar			w Augusta Emily Place
						Hirons, Emily (1828-1916)
						f Sidney Place
						m Rhoda Dufur
						h Benj. L. Hirons
						h Cyrus Gilbert

Hall, Wm					Johnson, Willie
	w Charlotta Fred McCowen		Johnson, A. S.
	f Nathan Hall				Johnson, Nathaniel
	m Polly Clampet				Johnson, John
Hall, Moses					Johnson, Henry
	w Mary E. Mezo Allen			Johnson, Mckenney
Hetherington, George				Kline, John
Hirons, Sidney T. (1850-1910)			Keller, G.R.
	f Benjamin L. Hirons			Keller, G.M. 
	m A. Emily Place			Keller, B.H.
	w Susan Dodds				Klaum, John 
	f John Dodds				Kerr, J.G.
Hirons, C.A. (? Carrie Bryan Hirons		King, Gemma
	1854-1943)				Latmer, J.G. (Latimer)-(J.G. or J.E.)
	widow of John C. Hirons			Lennington, Issac (1823)
	d 1883 age 35				w Naomi Ellen Hirons
Holoway (Holloway) John C. (1835)		w Lucy Margaret Osborn Hays
	w Lucinda Darnell			Lennington, Al (Alexander 1856)
	f John Darnell				f Issac Lennington
	(Parents of Pearl Holloway)		m Naomi Ellen Hirons
Isom, Robert 1863				Lennington, John 
	f John R. Isom				Linn, Columbus
	m Mary B. Place				Keller, B.H.
Isom, William (1838)			        *Laswell, Peter
	f Bolin Isom 1805-			Ketchem, Hannor (Ketcham)
	m Elizabeth Roberts			her house was moved from
	w Susan ---				williamsburg to Waltonville,
	w Electa Ward				the old Jake Green House
Inglett, A.J. (Andrew J. 1842-  )		f John Place
	f John Inglett				m Lydia Jackson Garland
	m Clarinda McLaughlin			h Henry Ketchum
	w Susan A. Wilson			Laur, James ( William 1855-1923)
Jiles J.T. (? Giles)				f Capt. Joe Laur
Jones, Thomas					m Mary Eliza Philp
Jones, Calven					w Sebell Brown
Jumper, William H. 				w Lucy Sneed
Junkins, James (James Hiram 1808-94)		f David Murray
	w Susannah Ward				(Jas. Wm. - Co Coroner 1920s,
	f Lloyd Ward				when he died, wife Lucy finished
	w Mary Lucinda Hartley			term. Post Master, Ina 6 yrs, Co
	widow of ---Fitzgerrell	Central Committeman 12 yrs, Auctioneer)
Jefferies, J.W. (Dr. J.W., 1844-1928)		Laur, B.M. (Benjamin M. 1847-1924)
	began practice at Williamsburg)		f Capt. Joe Laur
	w Malissa Gilbert			m Mary Eliza Philp
	w Sarah Jones				w Jane Bay
	W Florence Corn				w Maranda Lutheria Fairchild
Johnson, J. B. (James B. 1833-1909)		Laur, Joseph (Capt. C.W. 1814-95)
	w Lavine Green				f Charles Laur
Johnson, A.D. (Asa D. 1841-)			m Lucy Deaume
	w Hardinia F. Dycus			w Mary Eliza Philp
Johnson, Job
Johnson, Frank
Laur, John K. 					Mathus, J.W.
Lacey, C.H.					Mandrel, J.W. (?James E. Mandrell
Lee, Logan					w Jerusha A. Rightnowar (1854- )
Lee, Joel S. 					Mandrel, Wes (Wesley 1837-1901) 
Lee, Eliza					w Sarah 1839-1921
Lee, Jesse A. 					Masters, E.N. (Ebenezer, 1852-1891
Loweman, Elias (Loman) (1834-93)		f Wm. M. Masters
	f Isaac Loman,				m Sarah Ellen Lennington
	m Phoebe Davenport			w mary Ann Bean 
	w Sarah Gilliam				f Wm. King Bean
Loweman, Charles				2d h Jos. P. Davis		
Loweman, Joseph					Masters, Jacob (1863-    )				
Loweman, Vade					f Wm. M. Masters	
Loweman, James (Loman)				m Sarah Ellen Lennington
	f Isaac					w Luna Ford
	m Phoebe Davenport			Masters, Wm. M. (1830-1906)		
	w Sarah Jeanetta McClaine		f Jacob Masters
Mannen, J.H. (Josiah H. 1840-1927)		m Mary Moore							
	f Sidney Smith Mannen			w Sarah Ellen Lennington				
	m Eliza Agnes Walton			w Margaret C. Martin	
	w Ellen Lee				w Adeline Matthewson	
	w Mary B. McNail			Matthewson, P.N. (Patterson Norman)				
	w Cora Saddler				1856-1935)	
Mannen, John J. (1841-1919)			f William Matthewson			
	f Sidney Smith Mannen			m Sarena Thomas Willis				
	m Eliza Agnes Walton			Matthewson, James			
	w Nancy M. Pickett			Matthewson, Sarina			
	w Mary Jane Harris Wells		Maddox, James W. 						
Mannen, R.W. (Robert Walton 1851-1909)		w Vianna Gilbert (1864-1949)
	f Sidney Smith Mannen			f Cyrus Gilbert
	m Eliza A. Walton			Maddox, Wm. 
	w Amanda E. Lizzie) Dodds		Maddox, Jonathan
Mannen, S.S. (Sidney S. Jr. 1853-1928)		Morgan, Wm (Morgan)
	f Sidney Smith Mannen			Mezo, Cornelius (1843)
	m Eliza A. Walton n			w Nancy Short
	w Eliza S. Stewart			w Jane Hamilton
Mannen, Gerome (Jerome S. 1857-1930)		Murray, John 1826-1906
	f Sidney Smith Mannen Sr. 		f Mark Murray
	m Eliza A. Walton			m Elizabeth Copes
	w Belle Ingram				w Jane Harland
Mannen, Leslie (Leslie C. 1847-1900)		(John, from Monroe Co. Ky to 
	f Sidney Smith Mannen Sr. 		Williamsburg 1861, was a 
	m Eliza A. Walton			blacksmith)
	w Lucretia Hamilton			Murray, David (1842-  )
Mannen, T,H, (Thomas Hughes Mannen		f Edward Murray
			1839-1923)		m Elizabeth Redden
	f Sidney Smith Mannen Sr. 		w Mary A. Boswell
	m Eliza A. Walton			Murray, Elmer
	w Isabell Norris			f David A. Murray
	w Margaret Dodds Norris			m Mary A. Boswell
Mannen, Sarina ???				Minson, William
        Annie ???				??WM. Sr. m Mary Dees
        B. ?? (Belle)				f Wm. Jr
						m Lovica Taylor
						m Mary E. Cameron
Minson, Marion					Newell, Ich. (Ichabod N. Newell)
	w Eliza Ray				1850-1910)
Morrison, James					f Asa Blake Newell
Muckleroy, Robert				m Eleanor Shuttlesworth
McConnaughay, James A. (1827-1906)		w Ida Ethel Philp
	f David Platt McConnaughey		Newell, Phillip (Phillip O. Newell)
	m Elizabeth Beam			f Asa Blake Newell
	w Millie Green				m Eleanor Shuttlesworth
McCan, Escy					w Lina Henry
McAtee, J.W.(James Wm. a blacksmith		Nickels, Conrad (Nichols)
	at Williamsbuty and at Waltonville	w Anne Fagan
  	f Edward McAtee				Nickels, Peter
	m Susannah E. Thorne			Newbury, J.H. (James H. 1843-1918)
	w Eliza Belle Bravard			f Joseph Newbury
	w Laura Ann Bravard Wells		m Margaret Allrad
	widow of John Wells			w Martha Clampet
McAtee, Susan (b 1832 Ba.) (Susannah E.)	Newbury, Joseph (1816)
	w of Edward McAtee			f Thomas Newbury
	b 1818 Scotland				m Polly Peyton
McAtee, Theodore				w Margaret Allred
	f Edward McAtee				Newbury, S.S.
	m Susannah Thorne			Newbury, C.W. (William Carroll 1850- )
McClendon, Stephen				f Joseph Newbury
McDowal, Nelson					m Margaret Allred
McIntosh, S.A.					w Elizabeth Wells
McCowen, Jarrett (1867-1943)			f Amos Wells
	f George McCown				Newbury, L.S. (Stephen Logan 1861)
	m Charlotta Fred			f Joseph Newbury
	w Mary Josephine Reynolds		m Marg. Allred
McKinney, S.H. (Samuel ?)			w Anna Elizabeth Shurtz 
	w Elizabeth A.Lee			Norris, W.H. (William Harrison Norris)
	f Wm Lee				1845-
	m Bardella How				f Joseph H. Norris
Newell, Douglas (Stephen Douglas		m Rebecca West
	Newell, 1858-1922)			w Mary J. Wells
	f Asa Blake Newell			f Amos Wells
	m Marg. Luch Osborn Hays 2d w		Norris, O.P. (Dr. Oliver P. 1843-  )
	w Emily Fairchild			f Joseph H. Norris
	w Lucy Place Hamilton			m Rebecca West
	widow of Orange Hamilton		w Sarah Smith
Newell, George (George D. Newell, 		Norris, E.J. (Edward J. Norris "Ned")
	1844-1922)		        	(1854)
	f Asa Blake Newell			f Joseph H Norris
	m Eleanor Shuttlesworth 1st w		m Rebecca West
	w Sarah C. Gilbert			W Emma Gilbert
	w Henrietta Fred			Norris, J.D. (Jos. D. "Judge" 1850)
Newell, Levi (1842-1914)			f Joseph Norris
	f Asa Blake Newell			m Rebecca West
	m Eleanor Shuttlesworth			w Druzilla Gilbert
	w Rachel Ellen Fred			f James G. Gilbert
	w Margaret Cameron Place		Norris, M. F. (Millard F. 1848)
Newel, Oscar (1849-1922)			f ? Joseph Norris
	f Asa Blake Newell			m Rebecca West
	m Eleanor Shuttlesworth			Norris, R.R.
	w Ella
Newel, Ed. (Newell)		
Newel, Curt
Nowland, Thomas (Isaac T. 1865-  )		Quinn, Clifton (1855-  )
	f William Nowland			f Samuel Quinn Sr. 
	m Margaret Philp Wever			m Martha J. Taylor
	3d w					w Annie Harvey	
	w Alice Wells				w Harriet ---
	f Amos Wells				Quinn, Samuel Jr. 
Nowland, S.O. (Strauder O. 1858-1934)		Quinn, Dorcas
	f William Nowland			Reed, J.L.
	m Edith Hamilton 2d w			Read, J.L. (Reed)
	w Oliver Mannen				Rigs, E.D.
	f Thomas Hughes Mannen			Rigs, Landen
	w Anna Menzel				Reliford, William
Nowland, William (1833-1916)			Reliford, John 
	f Henry Nowland				Retherford, J.F. (? Francis Rutherford)
	m Mary --m2d--Church			Robinson, James (Robinson)
	w Nancy Davis d 1853			w Polly Hall
	w edith Hamilton			Robinson, Albert (Wm. Albert Robinson)
	w Mary Philp Weaver			1847-1924
	f Thos. Philp				f Isaac Robinson
	1st h Albert J. Weaver			m Margaret Knox
Pearson, C.N.					w Mary Green
Picket, W. A.					w Lillian Miller
Pittman, Isaac					Rightnowar, R.L.
Peterson, James					Rightnowar, R.S.
	w Nancy Bowman				Rightnowar, Jan (john)
	f James Bowman				f George R. Rightnowar
Preast, Grase					m Jerusha Rose
Philp, J.W. (James Ware Philp			w Matilda Isom
	1833-1891)				w Mary D. Howe
	f Thomas Philp				Rightnowar, Adam
	m Elizabeth Baltzell			f George R.
	w Augusta Jane Kinney			m Jerusha Rose
Pasham, Mike					w Ann Eliza Eleanor Howe
Peary, J.S.					Ridelberger, Peter
Place, Frank (1861-1929)			Sheller, John (Schellar)
	f Paul Haun Place (1835-1872)		Shehorn, Pink
	m Margaret Cameron			Shehorn, J.R. 
	m 2d Levi Newell			Sicworth, Johney
	w Maude Newell				f Sidney Sigwerth
	f Phillip Newell			m Lizzie Sury
Place, S.S. (Sidney 1807-1890)			Sinclare, Douglas
	f John Place				Shelton, Pink
	m Lydia Jackson Garland			Skillman, Joseph
	w Roda Dufur				Stephens, Jacob
	f David Dufur				Smith, Edward
Place, Elizabeth				Smith, Babe
Place, Marcus T. (1847-1905)			Stilley, W. 
	f Isaac Place, s of John 		Shrum, J. N.
	m Elizabeth Taylor			Stewart, Hester
	w Mary Margaret Lance			Storts, Joseph
Place, Eliza (Tayor 1807-1890)			Stephens, Wm.
	h Isaac Place (1801-1875)		Smith, Isaac
	f Orange Hamilton			Smith, E.S.
Pashong, Nicholas

	Customers, cont. 
Shirts, Andrew J. (Shurtz, 1834-1903)		Wever, Mina B.
	f Robert W. Shurtz			f Albert J. Wever
	m Hannah Cole				m Margaret Ann Philp
	w Catherine Wheeler			2d h Wm. Nowland
	w Martha McConnaughay			h John Cherry
	w Mary Elizabeth Thomas			Wells, John (1848-1895)
	f Barney H. Thomas			f Amos Wells
Shirts, John (John M. Shurtz 1862-		m Nancy Redden
	f Andrew J. Shurtz     1955)		w Laura Ann Bravard
	m Martha McConnaughey			f C.C. Bravard
	w Hattie Nowland			Wells, Amos (1815-1892)
Thomas, Charles W. (1869-1949)			f Robert Wells
	f Barney Hughes Thomas			m Sarah (Sally) Norris
	m Nancy Booth Hargett			w Nancy Reddon 1825-1876
	w Agnes Mahala Ward			Wells, Mandy (Amanda 1862-1932)
Thomas, Joseph E. (1862-    )			f Amos Wells
	f Barney Hughes Thomas			m Nancy Redden
	m Nancy Booth Hargett			h Mar 1886 Chas B. Gilbert
	w Margaret A. Page			Wheeler, Marice
Thomas, Barney Hughes (1831-1901)		Wright, William J. 
	f William P. Thomas			w Mary Troutt
	m Elizabeth Mannen			Wright, John
	(sis to Sidney S. Mannen)		Wright, Robert T. (Taylor)
	w Nancy Booth Hargett			w Elizabeth E. Kelly 
Thomas, George E. (1865-   )			Ward, John B. (1820-1902
	f Barney Hughes Thomas			f Lloyd Ward Jr. 
	m Nancy Booth Hargett			m Catherine Wilson
	w Anna Melinda Fagan Nichols		w Prudence Reeves
Taylor, John R. 				w Mrs. Pearlina Davis
Taylor, Amy					Ward, Louis
Thompson, John W. 				Wilson, W.
	f Andrew Thompson			Walker, B.F. (Benjamin, 1842-1894)
	m Sarah Keller				f Robert Walker
	w Anna Hutton				m Harriet Bailey
Thompson, James M. 				w Catherine McConnaughay
	w Laura M. Barnett			f David P. McConnaughay
Thompson, Odine (? Bodine)			Walker, J.F.(John Fletcher 1873-1958)
Trout, Wesley					f Benjamin F. Walker
	(?W.C. Trout mar			m Catherine McConnaughay
	Mallissa Catherine Rightnowar		w Emma Lemmon
	f Henry Rightnowar			f James B. Lemmon
Tutle, Henry (Tuttle 1828-1893)			m Josephine Place
	(James Henry)				Williams, Walt
	f John Amos Tuttle			Williams, Elias
	m Mary Ann Douglas			Whitlow, James
	w Mary Elizabeth  Bowers		Whitlow, W.K. 
Vaughn, L.R.					Warren, Jackson
Vaughn, Rush
Vaughn, W.E. (Eli ?)
West, C.C. (Christopher Columbus)
Weast, Ancil
	w Sarah Ellen Wells
	f Amos Wells
	m Nancy Redden

On the last page of the 1883 ledger was a listing of notes divided by 
M. & N. (Mannen and Norris)			Issac Lennington $19.00
						Alvin G. Gilbert $28.85
Accounts Settled By Note:		 	Alfred W. Dees $59.30	
						D.F. Campbell $51.90
Isaac Smith $.75				James Fleener $11.00
W.H. Cunningham $8.25				S.O. Nowland $5.75
M.H. Storts 12.75				R. Rightnowar --
Peter Laswell $2.35				E.W. Masters (can't read)
Eli Adams $2.50					Levi Newell
John Fred $6.10					James H. Newbury
R. Boswell $2.04
J.C. Coffell $22.00
Calvin Green $7.25
William J. Wright $18.25
J. Lor F. Braden $6.50

The last page also contained a list of subscribers to something, but I 
couldn't make out what it was they were subscribing to, perhaps it was a 
newspaper of some sort. 

V. Hamilton			E. Green
W.B. Elliston			G.W. Black
J.D. Norris			John Sheller
J.A. Norris			J.F. Elliston
C.F. Campbell			W. Stilley
C.R. Dodds			James Hamlin
A.J. Inglett			W.N. Dodds
J.W. Jeffries

Submitted by: Stacey Jones


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