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Submitted by: Janice Staples

Sandusky's Market

Sanduskys store was located at 1016 N 8th in Mt. Vernon. 
It was ran by Kenny  Sandusky and his wife Cleo.
Kenny was a man who loved life, full of fun and jokes and always had a  smile 
as did Cleo,  he loved to chat with his customers and  was  concerned about 
their problems and their families.
He sold groceries on a "store bill" which would be like a credit card  today. 
The meat was cut fresh, and about anything   you could want was  sold there.
Today, the store is  there, looking more modern than back then. 
Kennys son has a notary business, and there were a few things such as model 
airplanes and little odds and ends  still sold but not a grocery store.
Kenny up until he lost his wife use to come in and help the son, and if I  
remember right Kenny did the notary before his son moved back.
Last  time I was in there,  a big train with all sorts of 
buildings and tracks  run along the north end of the store.
They also use to have a barber shop quartet that met there and maybe they  
still do.....Jan

Sandusky's Market 2001

Opals Restaurant
was located on S. 10th Street

Flota's Antique Store 
Located on S. 10th Street

Dillon's Store 
Located on S. 10th Street

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