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History of Clark Cemetery 
Submitted by: Julie Lusby

How the Clark's and Chambliss' Met

The Clark's met the Chambliss' during their journey to Tennessee from Virginia. The Clark family camped 
along the way in a covered wagon or by a campfire. One morning, they did not have any hot coals for their 
fire. The Clark's sent their son, Jesse, to a nearby house to retrieve some coals. Opening the door was 
Mary Chambliss, the prettiest girl Jesse ever saw. (Mary Chambliss was the sister of Joseph James, Chambliss Sr..) 
The Clark family and Chambliss family became friends. 
The Chambliss' decided to move to Tennessee with the Clark's. Jesse Clark and Mary Chambliss
were married in Tennessee. After Mary's death, Jesse Clark married Sarah "Sally" (Connell) Chambliss,
Mary's sister-in-law. Sarah (Connell) Chambliss was married to Joseph James, Sr. Chambliss who died in
February of 1845 from pneumonia in Tennessee. Jesse Clark and Sarah (Connell) Chambliss were married
June 15, 1850 in Robertson County, Tennessee. Jesse and Sarah (Connell) Clark and children moved to
Jefferson County, Illinois on Apri1 21, 1856. Sarah Clark's mother, "Granny" Sarah Connell, came to
Illinois with them. The family settled near Puncheon Creek.

(The above information was taken from family records ofSusy (Chambliss) Webb and Grace Marlowe.)

The Clark Cemetery is the final resting place for many of the early family members for the Clark and
Chambliss' families.
Ray and Susy (Chambliss) Webb, daughter of Joseph J. Chambliss Jr.;
Wilroy and Vivian (Chambliss) Byars; Emerson and Moneda (Chambliss) Hawkins;
Glen and Doris (Chambliss) Stirewalt and Margaret (Webb) Meador would take care
of the cemetery.
(Vivian, Moneda and Doris are the granddaughters of Joseph J. Chambliss Jr..
Margaret Meador is the niece of Ray Webb.)

Ray and Susy Webb, at their deaths, left a trust fund for the up keep ofthe cemetery.
They choose Vivian Byars and Margaret Meador as the executors. Shortly after the TB Sanitarium
closed, Margaret Meador moved to California leaving Vivian Byars as the sole executor.
Now, the cemetery is being taken care by Vivian's daughter, Glenda (Byars) Bradford, and her family.

The handwritten plot record was in Susy (Chambliss) Webb's personal items that
Vivian (Chambliss) Byars received at her death. It's not known at this time who wrote
the plot record. It does not appear to be Susy Webb's handwriting.

Submitted By: Julie Lusby
March 2006

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