Jefferson County


A Collection of Photos 
Submitted by: Mary "Holloway" Geist
[email protected]

Page 1
Zebulon Sledge Family
Ophelia Josephine "Mitchell" Sledge and Daughters
Zebulon Sledge
Zeb & Josie with Family
Elizabeth Sledge
Burrell Warren & Mary J. "Robinson" Sledge
Page 2 
Will Sledge
Oliver Sledge
Daughter of Will Sledge
Will Sledge Family Dinner
Page 3
Frances Ellen "Sledge" Vaughn
Frances Vaughn with Children & Grandchildren
Page 4
Oliver Sledge
Mr. & Mrs. Oliver Sledge
Jess Sledge Family
Mett "Sledge" & Orval Dowdell
Page 5
Brookman Home
Sledge Family
Brookman Family
Page 6
Ulysses Grant and Sarah Jane (Sledge) Holloway
Ulysses Grant and Thomas H. Holloway
Walter David and Erma Elsie (Offenstein) Holloway
Page 7
Daniel C. and Lydia M. (Holloway) Kincaid
Kelly and Mary Rosetta (Holloway) Chambliss
Lewis Roy and Maggie (Pierce) Holloway
Page 8
Cora J. Holloway
John Holloway Obituary
William Sledge Creative Photography
Page 9
Martha Ann (McGinnis) Adams
James and Belle (Burchell) Adams & Bruno
Martha Adams with Alvin (probably Adams) and Jiney (?)
Adams Family
Page 10
Sisters Ophelia Josephine & Alice Mitchell
Ophelia Josephine (Mitchell) Sledge
Will Mitchell Family
Page 11
Anna Cora Mitchell Loomis
Isaac Dawsey & Anna Cora (Mitchell) Loomis Family
Children of Mathew D. & Mary O. (Mitchell) Davidson
Page 12
Sanders Family
Minnie Stitch?

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