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Daniel Barbee GAR Post of Sugar Camp before 1895
We need help in identifying these folks!

Row 1, L to R: Vincent M. Winkler, John Nooner (?), Orval Nooner, Richard
Ward Birkhead,
 _?_, _?_, George W. Capps (?), _?_

Row 2, L to R: Emily Catherine Wallace Winkler, Sarah Birkhead Waters
Barbara Peavler Birkhead, _?_, _?_, Emma Jane Page Capps (?), _?_

Row 3, L to R:  Unidentified

Here's what we know about this photo:  It was taken before 1897
because Vincent Winkler died during that year. He was the only one 
identified in the photo when I received it.

Also, from another picture I found of the Winklers, we were able to
identify his wife. 

An article in the Mt. Vernon Register, October 25, 1885, (Reprinted
in the May 1995 

Preserver from the Jefferson Co. Genealogical Society) reports the
organization of a new 

Post of GAR 537 in Moores Prairie.  It was named the Barbee Post
in honor of Daniel Barbee 

who was killed at Fort Donelson.  The following names were given:
R. C. Nooner, W. G. Wyrick, E. Kirdendall, Thomas Hank, T. C. McClure, 
J. T. Waters, N. E. Skinner, Wm. T. Hicks, Wm. Drew,D. S. Hunter, Martin Moore, 
Josh Epperson, John Fisher, Vincent Winkler, Thos. Wilkey, John Drew, 
E. J. Finn, Thomas Drew and Harvey Capps.

According to Harold Felty's Civil War Soldiers & Veterans, Hamilton
Co., IL, the GAR Post 537 moved from Moores Prairie to Dahlgren about 1895.
I believe this photo might have been taken before that move.

We do know the building was not Wilbanks Stand as we had thought. 
The stand was demolished before this time.  However, it might
have been a a store called 
Sunflower.  I believe the banner says "One Country--One Flag."

If you can help identify members of this photo, please contact 
Shirley Payne

Submitted By: Shirley Payne
Feb 10, 2001

This photo may be of a man named Luke Anderson.  It was probably taken in Springfield, IL Submitted By Misty Flannigan

Can anyone identify this pin which was on the lapel of a  man in probably late 1800 to very early 1900.  What does the pin represent? 

The second is a photo of Jefferson House with a woman and 2 men standing in front. Can anyone identify the people and provide a history of Jefferson House? Please let me know if you can be of help.  Janet Fryar Rohlfs of Ohio,  formerly of Mt. Vernon, IL  April 30, 1998 


Unknown Family
Submitted By: Janice Staples



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