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The only person I can identify is my grandfather, B Floyd Smith. He is 
in the center of the front row in the dark hat.
He was born in Macedonia, IL (Franklin County) in 1892 and his family 
moved to Mt Vernon when his father took a job with the 'car shops'.  
Floyd appears to be in his twenties so I would date this picture 
1912-1915. He married in 1915 and lived in Benton (Franklin County), IL, 
after that date.  He later was the Principal of Benton Township High 

Submitted By: Sheila Cadwalader 

My father's first grade class at Bethel School.  
My father, Grover Crowder is the first little guy on the right.  
This would be around 1920

Submitted By: Jean Crowder-Gonzales

Sandusky's Market

Submitted By: Janice Staples


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