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1904 East Side School in Jefferson County 
Teacher-- Olive Hopper 
4th grade 
1st row: John Hutchison, George Love, George Webb, Orville Whittlesey,
Claud Cantrell, Gaylord Buck, Krekel Owen, Albert Blair, Wilbur Ellison,
Walter Packaway

2nd row: Byron Houlihan, Joe Marguis?, ?, Ruth Patterson, Lucille Johnson,
Aline Emerson, Grace Greer, ?, Bessie Moss, Kathryn Aldridge, ?, Jewell Booth

3rd row: Kerr Patterson, Edwin Miller, Robert Moss, Koyle Gornam, Katherine
Oehms, Elsie Klump, Floyd Brooks Edna Glenn, ?, ? Gott, Nellie Fansler,
? Cotton

4th row: ?, ? Collins, Marsh Harpool, Will More, Arthur Tucker, ?,
Earl Hefley, ?, ?, James Bryant, Arthur Gritley, Will Mount, Otho Rogor,

Submitter can not attest to the validity of the names since she does
not know who wrote them She has no further information. Anyplace there
is only a ? was blank. submitter: J.B.Hinson 

The following list of names was submitted by: Mary Jane Ohms June 2001. 
1904 East Side Grade School - Fourth Grade 
Teacher - Olive Hopper 
First Row 
1. John Hutchison  2. George Love 3. George Webb 4. Orville Whittlesey
5. Claude Cantrell 6. Gaylord Buck 7. Krekel Owen 8. Albert Blair 9. Wilber
Ellison 10. Walter Rackaway 

Second Row 
1. Byron Houlihan 2. Joe Marquis 3. 4. Ruth Patterson 5. Lucille Johnson
6. Aline Emmerson 7. Grace Greer 8. Elsie Green 9. Bessie Moss10. Kathrine
Aldrich 11. 12. Jewell Booth 

Third Row 
1. Kerr Patterson 2. Edwin Miller 3. Robert Moss 4. Doyle Gorham 5.
Katherine Oehms 6. Elsie Klumpp 7. Floyd Brooks 8. Edna Glenn 9. 10. Carrie
Gott11. Nell E. Fansler12. Maude Cotton13. 14. 

Fourth Row 
1. Marsh Harpole 2. 3. ? Collins 4. 5. ? Wilmore 6. Arthur Tucker 7.
8. Earl Hefley 9.10.11. Ellis McMackin12. Arthur Griffey13. Will Mount
14. Otto Robor 15. 


Waltonville High School 1915
Left to Right  Back row & 2nd Row  C.M. Laur, Pete Hirons, Joe Jumper, Hattie Carver, Gilbert Cameron, Anderson Mattie Campbell, Ruth Carver, Gordon Jumper, Beatrice Tuttle, Teacher M. Anderson Victora Hagle, ????, Coats Boy & Girl, Iva Mannen, ???  Third Row  ???, Oral Newburg, Jewel Lewis, Aline Hirons, Lillian Green, ???, ???  Fourth Row (Kneeling)  ???, Jim Jumper, Emla Hamlin, Jim Green, Claud Place, ???, ???, Charlie Reidelberger  Submitted by Gerri Williams Gerri found this photo in an antique mall and has donated to our site.  Thanks Gerri!!  Submitted Nov 29, 2001 


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