James T. Yandell
James T. Yandell died yesterday at the family home in Field township at 5:30 o'clock p.m.  
Mr. Yandell had been in poor health the last two years and particularity the last few months. 
His condition was serious a few weeks ago, but he rallied for a time and was able to be up and 
about the house, until stricken again.  He was unable to rally the second time and his death 
followed, as stated above.
He was 77 years old August 30, 1922
Funeral services will be held tomorrow (Wednesday) morning at 11 o'clock at Hopewell Church and 
burial will follow at Hopewell Cemetery
Mr. Yandell was born in Tennessee, but came to Illinois with his father's family when 7 years old.  
The family settled in Marion county, where Mr. Yandell was married.  After his marriage he located 
in Jefferson county, where he resided forty-six years, or until his death.
Mr. Yandell  engaged in general farming, but worked much at the carpenter trade, and worked often 
in Mt. Vernon, where he assisted in the construction of a number of residences and other buildings.

He was one of the best known residents of the northeast part of Jefferson county, and had many 
friends in that section and in Mt. Vernon.
Mr. Yandell was a very religious man, an honorable and upright citizen and his influence was 
always on the side of right.  He took great interest in church work, and when possible was regular 
in his attendance.  He was long member of Zion M.E. Church, holding membership in that church until 
his death.
Mr. Yandell was a man of great simplicity of life and habits.  He disliked sham, hypocrisy and 
display in any form.  He lived the simple life and never sought place or power, treated all men 
with fairness and justice, and sought to do unto others as he would have them do unto him.
Quietly he lived and it was his most earnestly expressed wish that his funeral be devoid of display 
of any kind, desiring only the simple rites of the denomination with which he was so long identified.
Mr. Yandell is survived by his wife and the following named children:  Oscar E. Yandell, Mt. Vernon, 
H. M. Yandell, Field township;  Dr. Harley Yandell, Phoenix, Arizona;  Leonard Yandell, Field township;  
Mrs. O. D. Frost and Mrs. Charles Staley, Mt. Vernon.
The pall bears will be Frank E. Patton, Rufus J. Bond, Geo. D. Johnson, Henry Setzekorn, R. L. Lacey, 
Chris Johnson.

Date: 11-4-1922
Submitted by: Ken Richardson

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