Van Wyrick

Van WYRICK, Engineer at the State Hospital, Instantly killed in a tornado
Wife in critical condition as result of injuries and  their baby blown throug
a window of thei home, but only light injury

Mrs. Tillman SHIRLEY, residing on Lamar Ave. in Mt. Vernon
has recieved  world that her son-in-law Van WYRICK was killed
instantly in the cyclone which struck Elgin, Ill Sunday afternoon.

Her daughter, Mrs. Van WYRICK, the former Miss Goldie SHIRLEY,
seriously injured and was unconsonscious at the time of this message 
was sent to her mother in Mt. Vernon

Mrs. SHIRLEY had gone to Elgin to be at the bedside of her daughter.

The four month old baby of Mr. and Mrs. WYRICK'S was blown through
a window when the house in which they lived was destroyed by the 
cyclone    but according to press dispatchers and the word drcieved 
by the Grandmother here, that the children escaped without serious
injury, but was badly bruised.

Van WYRICK was the Engineer at the State Hospital in Elgin,
a former resident of the souther part of the county, it is reported
by relatives here.

He and Miss SHIRLEY were married about  five years ago  He   
entered the Military and was injured  in the war  and one his
returned he went to Elgin where he was head Engineer at the Elgin
State Hospital.

Mrs. SHIRLEY, when left for Elgin stated that probably the body of
Mr. WYRICK would be brought back to the county for burial in Black
Oak Ridge Cemetery.

She also plans to bring her daughter to Mt. Venon is her condition
is such, that she can be moved.

Press dispatches from Elgin says that Mrs. WYRICK was unconsious
when they took her from the debrise and is expected to die.

Mr. WYRICK is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles WYRICK of Moore's 
Prairie Township.

The father left today for Elgin.  He was about thirty years of age and all his 
early life was spent in the county.

From the Online Illinois Death Index
M/W  Age UNK  
Death date: 1920-03-28 
County: KANE  
City: ELGIN  
File Date: 20-03-30

Source: Mount Vernon Paper
Date: Unknown
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