Phoeba Nebraska Kirk Walker
Phoeba Nebraska (KIRK) WALKER was born at Elk Prairie, Ill., June 17, 1858, 
and died at her home in Ina, Ill., at 11 o'clock p.m. September 12, 1911, 
at the age of 52 years, two months, and 25 days. Our deceased sister in Christ 
was a daughter of James and Phoebe KIRK. She was one of ten children, of whom 
only three are yet living, towit:  Samuel J. KIRK, Mrs. Martha, wife of F. P. FARTHING, 
and Ann Eliza, wife of B. W. ROGERS, all of Elk Prairie.

During a series of revival meetings at the Old Christian Church at Elk Prairie, 
conducted by Rev. D. P. TRABUE, our beloved sister united with the Church of Christ 
on Thursday evening November 23, 1882, and was baptized with a number of others 
(among them the writer) on the following Sunday, November 26th. Since that time 
some of the baptized have gone to their reward, one of whom was an elder brother 
of the deceased, while some have fallen away, and some of us, praise the Lord, 
have been renewed in faith and love in our Lord Jesus Christ. During all these 
changes our sister has been loyal to the church.

Later, she was married to William T. WALKER at Elk Prairie on January 8, 1891, 
a little more than 20 years ago. For the greater part of her life she was an invalid, 
suffering through long protracted periods, lingering between life and death, yet with 
great fortitude and patience she bore the burden of life through it all.

Many years ago we promised our departed sister and friend, if we survived, to write 
her obituary and now that the fulfillment of the promise is due, we try in our weakness 
to do honor to her memory. It seems that Providence has ordained that we should 
fulfill the promise, because we came home, yet not knowing that our friend had departed.  
While we bid her farewell, let us ever cherish the hope that death is only the threshold 
of a new and brighter existence; let us live in the atmosphere of real love and kindness 
one for another, that there may be left no regrets, no broken vows or lost opportunities.  
Let us cherish in our memory of the departed and beloved sister those noble principals 
that characterizes and immortalizes her as a true and loving wife, an affectionate sister, 
a kind and obliging neighbor, and true and patient Christian woman. Peace to her memory, 
sympathy for her sorrowing friends and a kind and loving farewell to the departed.

A Brother in Christ

Funeral Services were conducted on Tuesday morning at the KIRK home north of Ina by 
Rev. Jessie RICH assisted by F. P. FARTHING and Mrs. Viola ROBERSON, after which the 
body was laid to rest in the KIRK Cemetery. The pall bearers were composed of six of 
her old friends: Mrs. E. B. DALBY, Mrs. Lucy HODGE, Mrs. Mollie ROTH, Mrs. Lou HARMON, 
Mrs. Kate and Ann DAVIS.

(Other siblings that I have are: James Dekalb KIRK; Harriet Jane Kirk SWEETEN; Winfield Scott KIRK; 

Source: Mt. Vernon Daily News
Date: Tuesday, September 19, 1911
Submitted by Mary Zinzilieta

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