Pauline Vivian Vaughn
Promising life ended early today:
Pauline Vivian Vaughn dies after
illness of a week. Funeral Monday

Pauline Vivian Vaughn died at the family home, 300 Harrison street, 
this morning at 7:10 o'clock. She was the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fred 
Vaughn. She was an affectionate and dutiful daughter. 

Burial will be had Monday afternoon at 2 o'clock at East Salem cemetery 
and the services will be conducted by the Rev. Frank Karn, of this 

She was in her sixteenth year, and was a second year high school pupil, 
and gave great promise of a useful life, had she been spared. Her death 
is most deeply mourned be her parents and other relatives, schoolmates 
and many friends, for she was a favorite with all who knew her. 
Studious, obedient, kind, affectionate and ever considerate of others, she 
made friends wherever she went, and a friend once made, was always a 
friend, for love and respect for her increased with acquaintance. 
Schoolmates and other friends wishing to view the body may call at the 
home Sunday afternoon, during which time the body will lie in state. 
She had been sick about a week but had been in poor health a 
considerable time. The parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vaughn, and one younger 
sister, Isabell, survive. 

(NOTE: Mrs. Fred Vaughn is Nell Annabelle (Lisenby) Vaughn. 

The following is an additional funeral notice. 
Many attend funeral. 
Mt. Vernon Register News 5 October 1920 

The funeral of Miss Pauline Vivian Vaughn was held Monday afternoon at 
2:30 o'clock at East Salem cemetery and was largely attended by many of 
the young and old friends of the deceased. The services were conducted 
by the Rev. Frank Karn, of this city. 

Many of the Mt. Vernon township high school pupils, schoolmates of Miss 
Vaughn, were present. 

An impressive feature was the singing of a favorite hymn of Miss Vaughn 
by ten boy and girl high school pupils. The song was "My Faith Looks Up 
to Thee." 

Date: 2 October 1920 
Source: Mt. Vernon Register News 
Submitted by: Lori Lisenby Leonard  

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