Mrs. G. T. Terry

Mrs. Augusta Terry, wife of George T. Terry who died at eight o'clock 
this morning, was a most highly respected lady with a great hoast of 
friends in the mentions of the county in which she resided. She had 
been suffering with diabetis for some time, but had been critically 
ill for only a short time. She was the daughter of James and Sarah Leach 
and a native of the community where all of her life mostly in McClellan Township.
The family is well known in McClellan Township. Mr. Terry having served 
as township supervisor, and been active in political and business affairs 
for years. Mrs. Terry who was about sixty years of age was the mother of 
nine children. Eight of whom survive. 

Announcement of the funeral and Obituary will be published later.

NOTE: This is all I found for Augusta Jane Leach Terry

Source: Mt Vernon Register News
Date: Jan. 16, 1922 
Submitted by: Barbara Mason 


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