Sebern M. Settle
Sebern M. SETTLE, one of the best known men of the south part of 
Jefferson County, died last night at Eldorado in a hospital to 
which he went for an operation, which was performed last Friday 
morning.  Mr. SETTLE's family with the exception of a daughter in 
Racine, Wisconsin, were with him when the end came.  A number of 
other friends of Mr. SETTLE and the family also were present.  
Shortly after death the body was taken to the home of Mr. SETTLE in Ina.  
Funeral services will be held at the M. E. Church in Ina tomorrow 
afternoon at 2 o'clock, conducted by the Rev. A. H. MYERS, assisted 
by the Rev. W. J. LESLIE.

Mr. SETTLE is survived by his widow, who before marriage was Miss Carrie 
COCKRUM and three children, Roy of Benton, Ray of West Frankfort, and 
Fern SETTLE who is employed in a state hospital in Wisconsin.  Mr. SETTLE 
and Miss COCKRUM were married about 28 years ago.  One sister, Mrs. 
Minnie WATKINS with her husband, is employed in the Illinois State Hospital 
at Kankakee, Ill.

Mr. SETTLE was a son of the late Samuel SETTLE and wife and was about 50 
(or 56) years old.  Mr. SETTLE was a member of Ewing Lodge 706, A.F. & A.M., 
and a member of Andrew D. WEBB Chapter, Mt. Vernon.  Mr. SETTLE was operated 
on a year or so ago for appendicitis, and had never fully recovered from the 
operation, and it is stated infection developed in the incision made for the 
operation.  It was decided to again operate and he went to Eldorado for that 
purpose, it is stated on the recommendation of an Eldorado physician, who was 
a very close personal friend.

It is stated that Mr. SETTLE had twice been "etherized" for operations, and 
that his condition was such it was deemed absolutely unsafe to resort again 
in the use of anything except local anesthetics, and only local anesthetics 
were used.  It was thought the operation necessary to be performed was not of 
such nature as to cause any fear of consequences and that only local anesthetics 
would be necessary, but it is stated when the operation was performed, his 
sufferings were very severe and it proved much more serious than was anticipated, 
the result being he died about 10:30 last night at Eldorado.  Mr. SETTLE had been 
for many years very active in politics in Jefferson County, both as a party worker 
and an office holder, and was one of the wheel horses of the Republican Party in 
Jefferson County.

In the last presidential campaign while representing his precinct as committeeman 
he got out the biggest per cent of the Republican vote of any committeeman in the 
county.  As an organizer he had no superior and few equals in Jefferson County.  
Mr. SETTLE served about two years ago for a time as chairman of the county Republican 
central committee, being elected to fill a vacancy.

He served many years as committeeman from his precinct in Spring Garden Township, 
and several years ago made the race as the Republican candidate for sheriff of 
Jefferson County, but was defeated.  He had previously represented Spring Garden 
Township on the board of supervisors.

He was appointed deputy game warden for Jefferson County by Gov. Frank O. LOWDEN a 
position he held many years and later was appointed district game warden or inspector 
of game having almost twelve counties as his territory.  He held the later position 
up and until a little more than a year ago.

Mr. SETTLE had a wide acquaintance with politicians and others throughout 
Southern Illinois.  Before he was appointment as deputy game warden he farmed 
his farm being located but a short distance south of Ina.  Mr. SETTLE was very 
successful in politics and had many friends not only among politicians but among 
all classes.

(There is a nice picture included with this obituary.)

Source:Mt. Vernon, IL Register News
Date: August 7, 1928
Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta 

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