J. Lester Robinson
Lester Robinson died Saturday evening at Benton where he had been 
for the past few weeks at the home of his brother, Pearl Robinson.  
His death was due to tuberculosis from which he had been a sufferer 
for some time.

He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John T. Robinson and in the death of 
this brilliant son they have sustained a great loss.  He was of a ??? 
type of young manhood and was ??? and painstaking in his every ???manner 
and this was a distinct characteristic of his life.  He suffered deeply, 
yet it was an uncomplaining suffering and he lived daily by ??? hope that 
some power might restore his health to him. It has not been very long since 
he returned from Arizona, where he went hoping that a benefit could be found 
in the healthful climate, but the sickness had gained such a hold on him that 
the change of climate did not come in time to be of benefit.  During his stay 
in Arizona he was accompanied by his faithful mother and father, who were at 
his command for every desire that was his.

Lester was a graduate from the Mt. Vernon township high school in 1910, and when 
he finished this school he went to the University of Illinois and took up the 
study of law.  He was a studious pupil; was looked upon as one of the most promising 
in his class, but owing to his condition of health he did not complete the course.
He taught school in this county and in this work he was highly successful.  Later 
he went west in search of health but the relief he experienced was only temporary.

Upon the arrival of the body here yesterday morning the funeral party proceeded to 
Hopewell Cemetery where the service was held.  Lester was a young man who was loved 
for the gentleness and strength of character and his friends were just as numerous 
as his acquaintances.

Source: Mt. Vernon Register News
Date: 2-24-1917
Submitted by: Ken Richardson

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