Sarah Jane Payne
Sarah Jane Payne, Lifetime Resident, Dies At Age 87

Mrs. Sarah Jane Payne, widow of Alonzo Payne, died at 11 o'clock last
night at her home in Mt. Vernon township at the age of 87 years, two
months and 18 days.

Funeral services will be held Wednesday, March 25, at Liberty Methodist
church, conducted by the Rev. C. M. Prince and the Rev. Gail Hines.

The body will remain at Myers Chapel until 2 p.m. Tuesday, when it will
be removed to the home.

Mrs. Payne was a respected lifetime citizen of Jefferson county.  She
was the last charter member of the Liberty church.

She was born January 4, 1855 in this county, the daughter of John and
Catherine Johnson Waite.  She was united in Marriage with Alonzo Payne,
who preceded her in death July 21, 1928.

She is survived by one son, John O. Payne of Mt. Vernon; six daughters,
Mrs. Alice Wood of Opdyke, Mrs. Cora Hutchison of Mt. Vernon, Mrs.
Effie Auten and Mrs. Myril King of Rupert, Idaho,  Mrs. Cecile Summers and
Mrs. Ethel Sexton of Mt. Vernon; two brothers, Luther N. Waite of
Anna, Ill. and Otis L. Waite of Oakland, Calif.; a sister, Mrs. Effie
Bright of Oneonta, Alabama; two half-brothers, Walter W. Waite and William
N. Waite; 14 grandchildren, 11 great grandchildren and two great-great


Sarah Jane Waite, daughter of John and Catherine Waite was born in Mt.
Vernon in Mt. Vernon township of Jefferson County, Illinois, just south
of the Liberty school on January 4, 1855. She spent her entire life in
Mt. Vernon township, and departed this life at her home near Liberty
March 22, 1942, at 11;00 P.M. o'clock, having reached the age of 87
years, 2 months and 18 days.

She was united in marriage to Alonzo Payne at Mt. Vernon, Illinois, on
October 3 1871. The young couple made their home on a farm near
Liberty, and in the following year, namely 1872, they both united with the
Liberty Methodist Church as Charter members. The church at that time was
a log building.  For the  past eight years Mrs. Payne has been the
last surviving Charter member of the church.

Mr. and Mrs. Payne experienced the hardships of the early days of the
settlement of this country, but deriving help from God and with a deep
faith in His leadership, they established their home and reared their
family. Seven children were born to this union, all of whom survive.
Death came to the home on July 21, 1928, and Mr. Payne was taken to his

Mrs. Payne is survived by her seven children, namely; Mrs. Alice Wood
of Opdyke, Illinois;  Mrs. Cora Hutchinson, of Mt. Vernin, Illinois;
John O. Payne of Mt. Vernon, Illinois; Mr. Effie Auten of Rupert, Idaho;
Mrs. Myrtle King of Rupert, Idaho; Mrs. Cecile Summers of Mt. Vernon, 
Illinois and Mrs. Ethel Sexton of Mt. Vernon, Illinois. She is also
survived by two brothers, namely, Luther N. Waite of Anna, Illinois;
and Otis L. Waite, of Oakland, California; by one sister, Mrs. Effie
Price of Oneonto, Alabama; by two half brothers: Walter W. Waite and
William N Waite both of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

She is also survived by 14 grandchildren, 13 great-grand children and 2
great-great-grand children, and many other relatives and friends.

Mrs. Payne's life, long and useful as it has been, has been marked by
the spirit of our Lord of whom it is said, "He went about doing good."
Her readiness to help, her uncomplaining bearing of her own suffering
and distress, and her word of kindness and charity for all have made her
life as a benediction to her loved ones and friends that shall live
for them as long as time shall be for them.

How fitting this tribute can be paid to her:


In pain thou gavest me birth. In my infant days I laid upon thy lap,
the helpless object of thy ceaseless care.  Thou laidest me down to go
about the thousand other tasks but to return at my vain cry to cover my
cheeks with kisses and to sing some sweet song to lull me to slumber.
If my baby feet stumbled, I fell into thy arms.  When I fell asleep my
last vision was the watchful eye, the last sound the soft whispers of
thy prayer. When I awakened, thy face, clothed in radiant hearty
beaming, smiling, glowing, greeting me, a rush of love words leaped from 
they heart while thy arms folded me to thy bosom.

Days, weeks, months, years!!!  Ever watching, ever toiling, ever
loving, Mother! Thy eyes never wearied, thy arms never failed. Other
children came.  Some how thou didst find time for all. But lo, a hundred,
yea, a thousand, yea, more sat at thy feet. Each one found a place in
thy heart. Yet thy love waned not, rather grew, glowed, fed by eternal
fires.  With all, thou never didst forget me. Had I a burden? It was
twice thine. Did my cup fill with sorrow? Thou drankest it to the
dregs. Did my feet slip and I fall into sin?  Never so deep but that thy
arms reached all the way.

Consciously thou has blest thousands. Unconsciously the stream from
thy heart brushes untold shores bringing life and joy. The secret?  A
soul, pure, cultured, strengthened, filled with all the fullness of God,
a great soul.

Now thy body, worn, broken, rests. The spirit, clothed with
righteousness, covered with the trophies of victory, crowned with the 
glories of heaven, shines among God's great immortals, as the stars, 
forever and ever.
My Mother.

Source: Mount Vernon Register News
Date: March 1942
Submitted by Brenda Heriford 
Relationship: Great Granddaughter

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