Mary Parker
Mrs. Mary PARKER, wife of Nathaniel PARKER, departed this life at the
residence of Mr. Wesley BAYLES, in Wayne County, Ill., on the 29th of
September, aged 86 yrs. 11 mos. and 18 days. The immediate cause of her
death was a cancer upon the side of her face and neck, which developed
itself about eight months ago. Up to that time her strength and
activity were remarkable; she had but recently returned from a visit to
relatives in Kansas. The honored remains were brought to Pleasant Grove for
interment at 10 a.m., Saturday morning, October 2nd, Rev. BROWDER
officiating at the funeral service.
Mrs. PARKER's most prominent trait was purity. For 70 years she had
been a member of the M. E. Church. She and her husband were active
workers in the first society that was organized at Short's camp-ground and
acted well their part in the religious work of that neighborhood till
his death about 16 years ago.
Born in Wilson County, Tenn., October 11th, 1799. She was married to
Nathaniel PARKER in 1813, and after a few years residence in Allen
County, Ky., came out with the little colony of MAXEYS and JOHNSONS to
Moore's Prairie, May 1818. After one season spent there, dissatisfied, they
returned to Ky., and remained there till 1827, when they came out and,
after living for a time near Old Union, settled on the farm near the
camp ground where they lived so long. Ten children grew up around them
there, of whom only three survive. They were Jack, who went to Ark.,
and died there in 1842; Harriet, wife of Geo. LEONARD, mother of G. B.,
of this city, Mrs. LAIRD, etc; Sarah, wife of Wm. VICK; Samantha, who
died in youth; James M., married to Miss Michy HUTCHINSON, father of Dr.
PARKER, of Field township, etc; Elizabeth, wife of J. Stephen McAVICH;
Franklin S., married to a Miss MAXEY, father of Mrs. KNOLE, of this
city, etc., and now living in St. Louis; Parmelia, married first to 
Thos. HAILS, now deceased, now the wife of Wesley BAYLES, of Wayne
County; Mary, first wife of Johnson HUTCHINSON, of this city; and Salina
who died at the age of twelve.  The three surviving are Mrs. LEONARD,
Mrs. PARKER was the last survivor of 13 children. Her mother was a
sister to Mrs. Emily MAXEY the mother of the elder MAXEYS of this county,
and also to Rev. Rhodam ALLEN; and had five children by Mr. THOMAS, her
first husband. The five were James and Wilson, who remained in Tenn.,
William, who came out during the war and died at Thad MOSS's; Mrs.
Edward WILKINSON, mother of Mrs. STOCKARD, of this city; and Mrs. PARKER.
Mrs. THOMAS's second husband was John WILKINSON with whom she came to
this county in 1818. The 8 WILKINSON children were Mastin, John
Ransom, Betsy, wife of Ben WEBBER, mother of Jas. WEBBER of this city, etc.;
Sally, wife of Littleton DANIEL, mother of W. F. DANIEL, of this city,
etc.; Jane and Emily, who married James and Jessie HILL; and Martha or
Patsy, wife of W. H. LYNCH.

Source: The Mt. Vernon News 
Date: Wednesday, October 6, 1886
Submitted by Mary Zinzilieta

MRS. MARY PARKER Among the pioneers of this county few have made a better record than Aunt Polly PARKER, and few came nearer being related to all the rest. Her mother, Mrs. THOMAS, was a sister to Rhodam ALLEN and William MAXEY's wife; and was the mother of two sons, James and Wilson, who never lived here, and a son, William, died at Thad. MOSS'. Mrs. Edward WILKERSON, Mrs. STOCKIRD's mother, was daughter of Mrs. THOMAS. Mrs. THOMAS had for her second husband John WILKERSON, and raised eight children by him, thirteen in all. These eight, half brothers and sisters to Mrs. PARKER, Mastin, John, and Ransom WILKERSON; Betsey, wife of Ben WEBBER; Sally, wife of Littleton DANIEL; Jane, wife of James HILL; Emily, wife of Jesse HILL, and Martha, wife of W. H. LYNCH; and Mrs. PARKER was the sole survivor of the thirteen. She was born in Wilson County, Tennessee, October 11, 1799; married Nathaniel PARKER in 1813, and shortly afterward removed to Allen County, Kentucky, where they resided til 1818. They then came to Moore's Prairie, but after a few months experience there returned to Kentucky. In 1827 they again come to Jefferson County, lived a short time near Old Union, in Shiloh, and then located about four miles east of Mt. Vernon. Here they reared a family of ten children. Jack, who went to Fort Smith, Ark. and died in 1842; Harriet, wife, now widow of George LEONARD; Sarah, who was married to William VICK; Samantha who died single; James, who married Miss Micky HUTCHERSON, and is now dead; Elizabeth, wife of Stephen VICK; Franklin S., who married a MAXEY, and now lives in St. Louis; Pamelia, married to Thomas HALLS/HAILS, deceased, now wife of Wesley BAYLES; Mary, wife of Johnson HUTCHERSON, and Selina, who died at the age of 12 years. Only Mrs. LEONARD, Mrs. BAYLES, and Franklin S. are now living. Mrs. PARKER had a strong and vigorous constitution; but less than a year ago a cancer appeared on the right cheek, and this extending to the face and neck, caused her death. Several weeks ago she went to Wesley BAYLES' in Wayne County, where she passed away on the 2_? of September 1886 at the age of 86 years, 11 months and 18 days. Her remains were brought to Pleasant Grove for interment October 1. The funeral services, at 10 a.m., being conducted by Rev. W. A. BROWDER, of the Mt. Vernon circuit. Aunt Polly was a member of the M. E. Church for more than seventy years. She and her husband were members of the first society formed at Pleasant Hill or Short's Camp-ground, and were ever, foremost and faithful in the Master's work till his death in 1870. In the loneliness of widowhood, her piety seemed to gain strength, and age added fervor and intensity to her religious enjoyment. Source: The Mt. Vernon News Date: Thursday, October 7, 1886 Submitted by Mary Zinzilieta

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