Sarah Lucy Witherspoon Page
The Grim Reaper has again visited our midst and without a warning 
to heed his untimely visit, snatched from us one of our most beloved 
and well respected citizens; one who through pleasure and comforts has 
shared the lot of we mortals in the three score and eleven years she 
has been among us – “Aunt” Lucy PAGE.

No time could have seemed more inopportune, and yet coincidences enter 
into the departure of this loved one that make it seem that such a tale 
was destined to come as it did.  It was while crossing the railroad track, 
almost a six-months to a day following the date of the death of her husband, 
F. B. PAGE, that she was struck and killed by a heavy locomotive.  No one 
can ever explain how it happened, that explanation is only in the province 
of the Divine Ruler.

“Aunt Lucy” was returning to her home from the post office where she had 
been and probably received there words of Christmas cheer from loved ones 
living at a distance; perhaps some of the Yuletide messages were being read 
by her on her homeward journey and had so engrossed in that she was not mindful 
of the swiftly approaching train.  Be that as it may, “”Aunt” Lucy was suddenly 
taken away as suddenly as had been her mate six months earlier, who had also 
left home in apparent good health on an errand similar to hers.

Sarah Lucy WITHERSPOON was born in Murray County, Tennessee, April 3, 1853, 
and died December 24, 1924, being 71y8m21d old.  On April 6, 1876, she was 
united in marriage to F. B. PAGE, and to this union were born six children, 
one of whom died in infancy, the other four remaining to mourn the death of 
their best earthly friend.  These are: Walter E. PAGE of Ina, Mrs. Al REECE of 
Ina, W. L. PAGE of Mt. Vernon, and Oscar PAGE of West Frankfort, and Roy of Alton.  
There are also two sisters who survive, one of these Mrs. Martha KIRKENDALL, with 
whom she had been making her home since the death of her husband, and the other, 
Mrs. Mary HOGAN of Dahlgren.

Early in life, Mrs. PAGE came from Tennessee with her parents, Joseph and 
Susan WITHERSPOON, and has lived in Jefferson and Franklin Counties almost 
continually ever since.  She was mindful of the need of divine guidances at an 
early age, and gave herself to her Lord and Saviour.  She united with the Baptist 
Church in Hickory Hill, in Jefferson County, when a very young girl, and has ever 
since lived true to the teachings of her God.

“Aunt” Lucy’s life of usefulness has really been one that should be patterned 
by those of the present age.  Her true womanhood, her untiring real for the welfare 
of all those about her and her ever present desire to be of help to a neighbor or 
friend in distress and sickness has made us love her more and more, and will make 
her departure more keenly felt.  Sometimes we fear when we see the trend of modern 
ways, that the like of “Aunt” Lucy will be unknown in years to come.

Source: Mt. Vernon Register News, page 7 - Obituary Contributed
Date: 31 December 1924
Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta

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