Nancy Bruce Pace

Died in this city, on the 30th of October 1875, of general 
debility, Mrs. Nancy Pace, wife of Harvey T. Pace, Aged 68 years 6 months and 
five days. 

At the end of her decease, she was one of the few surviving 
pioneers of Jefferson county, having with her parents, brothers and sisters 
emigrated hereto, from Wilson county Tennessee, October 25th, 1823. 

She was a resident of this county just 52 years, during 46 of 
which, she was a citizen of Mt. Vernon, having resided a greater number of years 
therein than any person, living or dead, her husband and one son, who came with 
her, and Mrs. Mary E. Fly, (daughter of Judge D. Baugh, now of Iowa) who came to 
Mt. Vernon about the same time, and still resides therein, alone excepted. 

She has lived to witness the departure by emigration or death, 
(the above three alone excepted), of all her earlier associations, with the then 
frontier and obscure "Western Town," and observed from day to day, the removal 
of the "old landmarks," to make room for buildings better adapted to the wants 
and demands of a growing and prosperous community, till, strange as it may 
appear, the only building remaining is a small frame she and her family occupied 
the day she became a citizen of Mt. Vernon. 

Her funeral occurring on Sunday, the Christian church in the 
membership of which she was the pioneer in this city, (being a member for more 
than 32 years,) was densely crowded, all available space being occupied, the 
aisles not excepted. 

On repairing to the cemetery, every available vehicle was brought 
into requisition, many persons walking and others remaining at home, for lack of 

The services were conducted, in a most appreciative manner, at the 
Church, by the Rev. C.E. Cline, Pastor of the M.E. Church of this city, assisted 
by the Rev. W. Sanford Gee, of the Baptist Church, and concluded at the grave by 
the Rev. Cline. 

We have thus made notice more extended than usual, on such 
occasions, but this being an occurrence, seldom met with, we feel it not only a 
duty, but that it will be of interest, to the readers of the Free Press, in this 

We will prolong this notice no farther, as we are informed, that 
the Rev. Mr. Cline has by numerous parties, been requested to arrange his 
discourse for publication, and he having consented so to do, the history of our 
aged friend and fellow citizen, will therein be more fully reviewed. 

The Free Press - Mt. Vernon, IL. 
November 4, 1875 
Submitted by Mary Jane Ohms
July 5, 2001 

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