Edward Pace

Death Of Hon. E. C. PACE Thursday Morning 
Masks the Peaceful End of a Well Spent Life 

Hon. Edward C. PACE, of Ashley, died at 11:20 o'clock Thursday morning of 
cancer of the tongue, at his home in Ashley. Mr. PACE was well known not only 
in Mt. Vernon, where he had many relatives, but throughout the state, where his 
friends were legion. 

He was born in Jefferson Co., Ill., Sept. 25, 1832, his parents being Joel and Pamela PACE, 
two of the county's most prominent and highly respected pioneers. He was one of a large 
family, of whom Finley, Chas. T., NEWTON C., his brothers, Mrs. Letitia HAYNES and 
Mrs. Eliza MCCREERY, sisters, passed away prior to his decease. Two brothers and one 
sister, Dr. W. C. PACE, of Ashley, Addison M. PACE, of Oklahoma, and Mrs. C. W. PAVEY, 
of this city, survive him. He was married to Miss Mary WOODIN, of Fairfield, Sept. 23, 1857, 
who, with her children, Mrs. Lulu LEWIS, of Cairo; Mrs. Rinnie WATERS, of Mt. Vernon; 
Mrs. Mary WALL, of Sparta; and Albert EDWARD of Ashley, survive him. 

The deceased was for many years, with his brother, Dr. W. C. PACE, engaged in the banking 
business. The bank was conducted principally by him, and was known as a solid and substantial 
financial institution during the many years of his management. Mr. PACE was a member of the 
Methodist church and took the front rank in the order of Mason's, of which he was an able and 
conspicuous member. He was prominent in politics and in 1896 was the Democratic nominee 
for State treasurer, but met defeat with the rest of the ticker, although he received a most flattering 
vote. He engaged at one time very extensively in fine stock breeding and was a prominent exhibitor 
at fairs and similiar institutions. 

The funeral will be held in the M. E. church in Ashley Saturday morning at 8:30, and the body will 
be brought to this city for interment, which will occur at 1 p.m. Saturday at Oakwood. 

May 7, 1903 
Mt. Vernon Daily Register 
Submitted by  Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera 
Sept 20, 1997 

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