Joseph J. Oakley
Joseph J. OAKLEY, aged and respected resident 
of this city, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. 
E.W. THRELKELD, 612 North street, at 6 o'clock yesterday 
morning. His age was 82 yrs. 11 mos. and 19 days. 
He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. William C. Oakley, both of
whom died many years ago. He was united in marriage with 
Sarah A. JINES in 1872, she preceding him in death. With the
exception of a short period in which he lived in Opdyke, at 
the time his wife was living, Mr. Oakley spent his entire 
life in Mt.Vernon. 

He worked several years as a machine wood workman in the car 
shops and for a number of years operated a junk business in 
this city but was obliged to give up the business in order 
to devote his attention to his invalid wife. He was a retired 
carpenter and mill worker, his last employment being at the 
Mt. Vernon Car Manufacturing Company plant. 

Funeral services were held at 2:30 this afternoon at Myers Chapel 
with Rev. E. R. HENCEY and Rev. R. B. GUTHRIE officiating.
Burial followed in Sursa cemetery. 

Surviving him are one son, O. O. Oakley of Richmond Heights, MO., 
two daughters, Mrs. E. W. Threlkeld and Mrs. Maud Oakley SMITH, 
both of Mt. Vernon, one brother, James Oakley of Danville and one
sister, Mrs. George HARPOOL of Mt. Vernon. Mr. Oakley was a most 
devout man. Religion to him was sacred and his life was most 
spirtual. He loved the house of worship and his greatest happiness 
was experienced in attendance on church and religious services 

June 16, 1923(or 1928) The Register News published a story of the 
long wedded life of Mr. and Mrs.Oakley which had then covered a 
period of more than 50 years. After giving many other interesting 
facts regarding the lives of the couple the Register News concluded 
with the following: " Mr. Oakley's friends know him only by the name 
he went by in his boyhood days, "Jodey" Oakley. No one ever referred 
to him as Joseph Oakley, and probably no one would know who was meant
if Joseph Oakley was mentioned." "Mr. Oakley's devotion to his 
invalid wife in her last years is truly touching. For the last 12
years he has devoted his life in a great measure to administering
to her. For that period he has practically retired from active life, 
had not attempted to run a business or take steady employment, and 
has allowed nothing in the least to interfere with his care of her." 
"With tender, solicitude he has anticipated her every wish when 
possible and willingly and cheerfully performed the household duties 
that devolve on women, and in addition has given her the tender care 
a mother gives a helpless child. Year after year he went on living 
for her and devoting his best energies in her service." " The married 
life of Mr. and Mrs. Jodey Oakley has been said is an inspiration 
to others, and he has proved a model husband as well an excellent 
citizen." "Far from strong physically, Jodey Oakley is a man among 
men and the example he has set is worthy of emulation." 

October 12, 1936 Mt. Vernon Register News
Submitted by: Sharlet Bigham LaBarbera
(Jodey Oakley was my GG uncle) 

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