Stephen Asa Newell
Stephen Asa NEWELL (December 31, 1935) 

The hand of sorrow has again been laid upon us and that
unwelcome guest death came upon us suddenly when it summoned
Stephen Asa Newell has passed serenely into the Kingdom above 
while helping a neighbor thrash. He was unable to walk away and 
sat down when he suddenly collapsed,from whence he never regained 
consciousness. Asa Newell was the eldest son of George and Sarah 
Gilbert Newell, early settlers of Blissville Twp. 
He was born January 15, 1865 on the farm where he grew to manhood. 
His boyhood and early life was passed in his native county where he 
learned many duties incident to farm life and it may truly be said of 
him that whasoever success he achieved in life, was due to his good 
judgement. He was married to Huldah South August 31, 1887 and in this
union were born these children: Mrs. Orvall Mannen, Mrs. Frankie Van 
Nelson and Harry Newell, all of Waltonville. 
Besides his life companion and the above named children, the following
named sisters and brothers. Mrs. Chas.Lemons, Mrs. Roy Freeman of 
Scheller, Illinois; Mrs. Mina Fairchild of Woodlawn; Mrs. Gifford Taylor, 
John Everett Newell; Earl Newell of Waltonville; Norman Newell of 
Mt. Vernon; Oscar Newell of Waltonville and step-mother, Mrs.
Henrietta Newell of Waltonville, Illinois and four grandchildren and 
one great-grandchild are left to mourn his sudden demise.

The place where a person of strong individuality has made is not easily 
filled. We love our friends for what they mean to us in our relationship 
to them. Mr. Newell was a man of many virtues, absolutely unselfish,  
freely making any sacrifice that might benefit his loved ones. His kindly 
nature, his consideration for the welfare of those around him endeared 
him, in all who knew him. It can truly be said of Asa Newell, that he 
was a man among men, he thought not of self, but lived his life for others,
and it can also be said of him that his home was his kingdom. He leaves 
his impress for good and will be remembered for his life of unselfish 
devotion to others. His death comes as a great schock, not only to his 
own immediate family, but to the many friends of middle life who knew and
loved him when he was their father, neighbor and friend. His life will 
prove an inspiration to his children and his friends will ever cherish 
this memory. 
Only pleasant memories will stir their hearts while tears 
dim their eyes and they dwell in loving remembrance of years suddenly 
eneded in death. We bow in a great sorrow and bring the choicest tribute 
of affection that our words can express. With great faith in God we simply
said Farewell until we come into the morning of mornings of that great 
Sabbath Day of rest. Mr. Newell was a member of the IOOF Lodge of 
Waltonville for twenty-five years. His age was 70 years and 10 days. 

The funeral services were conducted by Rev. G. A. Phelps of Makanda, 
Illinois at the Methodist Church in Waltonville, Illinois at., 
Thursday, Jan.2, 1935 at 2 p.m.,Internment was at Knob Prairie Cemetery.

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