Josiah H. Mannen
Josiah H. MANNEN, one of the best known men of the southwest part of 
Jefferson County, died this morning at his home in Waltonville.  Mr. MANNEN's 
age was 86 years.  He was a son of Sidney S. and Eliza A. (WALTON) MANNEN and 
was born in Bracken County, KY.  The family came to Illinois in 1841.  
Mr. MANNEN was the second oldest of nine children.  The father after locating 
in Illinois became an extensive dealer in stock and farmed extensively.

Josiah H. MANNEN was three times married, two wives preceding him in death.  
He was married to his last wife about 16 years ago, and she with one son, Josiah, 
aged 14, survives.  Before marriage Mrs. MANNEN was Miss Cora SADLER.  The first 
wife was a LEE and the second, a McNAIL.

Other Children Survive:  Children by Mr. MANNEN's first marriage were Hardy MANNEN, 
Ray MANNEN, Sebern MANNEN, Mrs. Will WALKER, Mrs. John ROSENBERGER, and Jerome MANNEN.  
Mrs. Anna LONG is a child of the second marriage.  All of the children mentioned are 
living in Jefferson County.

Leaves Brother and Sister:  One brother, Jerome MANNEN lives in Mt. Vernon and one 
sister, Mrs. Aaron WEBB, in Franklin County.

Very Successful Career:  As a farmer and stock buyer and as a business man, Mr. MANNEN 
was one of the most successful men in the history of Jefferson County, and when "land was land" 
and its ownership much more to be desired than in recent years, he at one time, is said 
to have been the biggest land owner in Jefferson County.  Mr. MANNEN never done anything 
on a small scale, and in his farmings and stock business he operated a large scale buying 
and selling, and when he fed stock, feeding in large number.  He often went to other 
portions of the state of neighboring states in his stock buying days and his reminiscences 
of the years spent in that business were very interesting when he had leisure to indulge 
in reminiscences.  He was a money maker in very sense of the word, was a capable business 
man and his judgment on the problems that arise in every day life was highly respected by 
those who knew him best.

Retired Years Ago:  Mr. MANNEN retired from active life several years ago, distributing 
many hundreds of acres of land among his children.  His was such a nature, however, that 
he could not long remain inactive, and so, although at the age most men are to absolute 
retirement, he continued to deal in stock to a greater or less extent, and bought land 
aggregating about 300 acres.  He will long be remembered as a successful farmer and stock 
dealer in a section proverbial for successful men, many of whom engaged in similar activities.

Had Hundreds of Friends:  Mr. MANNEN had many friends not only in Waltonville and in the 
southwest part of the county, where his life was practically spent, but in Mt. Vernon, 
where he was know to many business men and others.  His friends were not confined to any 
particular section, however, as he had friends in all parts of Jefferson County and news 
of his death was received with genuine regret, notwithstanding a ripe old age.  Mr. MANNEN 
was strong in body, considering his years, and his keen mentality was not dimmed by the 
passing of time, and until the last he was the same "Joe MANNEN" of his younger days and 
middle life.  Mr. MANNEN was a man of unusual attainments in many ways, and of strong 
individuality.  He loved the society of his friends, and was of a social, friendly nature, 
kind hearted and loyal to the core.  He held a number of township offices, and, while 
taking an active interest in politics, never sought office, devoting his time to business 
pursuits in wh!
ich he was engaged.

Be Buried Wednesday:  Funeral services will be held Wednesday at 10 o'clock a.m. in the
 Baptist Church at Waltonville, conducted by the Rev. D. B. BAKER, and burial will follow 
at Knob Prairie Cemetery.     END

Information from the marriage record in Jefferson County, IL:  
Groom - J. H. MANNEN, resided at Waltonville, was a farmer; 
age next birthday 61, white, caucasian; born Germantown, KY; 
father Sidney S. MANNEN; mother Lize E. WALTON; marriage #4. 

Bride - Miss Cora SADLER, resided Waltonville; age next birhday 29, 
white, caucasian; born Jefferson County; father Ben SADLER; mother Mollie McKINNEY; 
first marriage; married at Mt. Vernon in the County of Jefferson and State of Illinois 
on January 1, 1913; no witnesses listed; married by George E. McCommon 
(not sure of the spelling of his name), pastor of First M. E. Church; filed on January 29, 1913.

Source: Mt. Vernon, IL Register News 
Date: April 11, 1927
Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta

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