Amos T. Lacey
The funeral of Amos Thompson LACEY was held Thursday at 2 p.m. at the 
M. E. Church at Woodlawn, conducted by Rev. T. J. DAVIS, a life long 
friend of the LACEY family and Rev. W. R. BRADLEY, the pastor.  
Interment at the I.O.O.F. Cemetery.  The pall bearers were L. H. HAUSS, 
James PAYNE, A. L. HALL, Arthur MORGAN, John SPANGLER and J. A. GRISSOM.  
The music was furnished by W. B. PHILLIPS, S. B. JACOBS, Miss Florence LYON, 
and Mrs. E. C. PINNELL of Mt. Vernon.  They sang the following hymns; 
"Come Ye Disconsolate", "Abide With Me", "It is Well With My Soul" and 
"A Charge I Have to Keep".  These were the favorite hymns of the deceased, 
and were sung with an expression that filled the soul of all those that heard them.  
The floral offerings were numerous and beautiful, being tokens of love and esteem 
from his many relatives and friends.  The undertaker, W. E. MAYNOR, assisted by 
L. F. GOWDY, of Enfield, have been highly complimented for their very efficient work.

The sermon and remarks by both ministers were well received by the large audience 
that came to pay their last respects to the memory of one of the best me that ever 
lived in the community.

The out of town guests were:  Hon. Cyrus THOMPSON of Belleville, Elmer E. LACEY of 
St. Louis, V. F. LACEY of Centralia, J. D. BALDRIDGE of Centralia, Mr. and Mrs. 
William MILLER and L. F. GOWDY of Enfield, Mr. and Mrs. G. Gale Gilbert and daughter 
Helen, Rufus J. BOND, Rufus GRANT, Curtis WILLIAMS, Chester T. TAYLOR, Lambert O. THOMPSON, 
Claud E. WARD, Henry PETERSON, Mrs. Wilton WILLIS, Mrs. John ALLEN, Mr. and Mrs. 
James R. PIERCY, Mr. and Mrs. Will WILLIS and son Harry of Mt. Vernon; Mr. and 
Mrs. Frank WHITTAKER and Mr. and Mrs. Steve CAMPBELL of Waltonville, and Mrs. RYAN 
of St. Louis.

The following obituary was read at the funeral:

Amos Thompson LACEY was born near Belleville, St. Clair County, Illinois, 
September 1, 1834.  Died at his home south of Woodlawn, IL, October 22, 1912, 
after an illness of seven weeks, aged 78 years.  His wife, Mrs. Nancy REED LACEY, 
preceded him to the home beyond less than two years ago.

He is survived by his 8 children; Charles S. LACEY of Poplar Bluff, MO, 
Robert L. LACEY of Mt. Vernon, John Logan LACEY of Independence, Kan., 
Fred H. LACEY of Woodlawn, Mrs. A. E. EDDINGTON of Enfield, Mrs. G. M. LEWIS 
of St. Louis, Mrs. Lou ROGERS and Mrs. Emma SIDES both of Woodlawn:  fourteen 
grandchildren:  Dr. R. I. EDDINGTON of Chicago, Charles Lacey ROGERS of St. Louis, 
Mrs. Dr. MORELAND of Cairo, Ralph Lincoln LACEY of St. Petersburg, Florida, 
Miss Etta Mae, Charles Jr., and Harry LACEY of Poplar Bluff, MO, Miss Worth L. 
and Alice R. LACEY of Mt. Vernon, Harold and Florence LEWIS of St. Louis, Virginia 
and Anna Lee LACEY of Woodlawn, and Little Maxine LACEY of Independence, Kans. 
Two great-grandchildren, Ethel Evelyn MORELAND of Cairo, IL and Camilla ROGERS of 
St. Louis.  He is also survived by one sister Mrs. Pamelia LACEY PALMER of Colorado.

Mr. LACEY was a remarkable man in his domestic relations, as a husband and father 
he was not only kind, loving, tender, self-forgotful, he was always so in a marked 
degree.  He was a remarkable man, too, in his church relations, having been identified 
with the Methodist Episcopal Church for over 50 years.  It was largely through him and 
his influence that this church building where he now lies, stands here today, he being 
one of the charter members of this organization.  He always stood for right.  
Of decidedly religious parents, Mr. LACEY himself was a religious man.  He was a 
pious man in the best sense.  His piety was, however, not of the sickly sentimental 
sort, but was of that kind for which Jesus played for His disciples, "Not that Thou 
shouldst take them out of the world, but that Thou shouldst keep them from evil."  
His religion was such that he considered it as great a duty to pay a debt as say a prayer.  
In the strength of his life he was superintendent of this Methodist Sunday School for 
18 consecutive years.  While thoroughly loyal to Methodism he had that broad spirit of 
christian charity which acknowledges good in other societies.

For such a man to die is infinite gain.  He has entered upon his reward.  The wife 
of his youth, the dear parents to whom he was devotedly attached and the great majority 
of friends of his youth and manhood were on the other side, and he longed to see them.

He was triumphed even in death,
O' may we triumph so
When all our warfare's past,
And, dying find out latest foe

Source: Mt. Vernon Register News
Date: 1912
Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta

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