William Franklin Kirk
William Franklin KIRK, universally known to his friends as Frank KIRK, died 
very suddenly and unexpectedly shortly after eating dinner yesterday. Mr. KIRK 
was sitting at the table eating when he was stricken, and was hastily removed 
to a couch where he died about 30 minutes later.

Mr. KIRK was a member of an old family, and his age was 77 years and four months.  
He was preceded in death by his wife sometime ago, but is survived by eight children, 
six daughters and two sons, and many other relatives.

In the Days of his active life he was a successful farmer but had retired. Funeral 
services will be held Sunday morning at 10:20 o'clock at the Ina M.E. Church.  
The KIRK family is one of the oldest and most highly respected families of Jefferson 
County, and members of the family have always been prominent in the life of the community 
of which they formed a part. Mr. KIRK made his home with F. M. KNOWLES family.

Dr. G. L. TAYLOR, coroner, was notified of Mr. KIRK's death, and visited Ina where he 
held an inquest yesterday afternoon, the jury returning the verdict of death due to 
neuralgia of the heart. Testimony showed that Mr. KIRK suddenly placed his hand on 
his heart and said "That pain is coming back", and fell forward in his chair. A neighbor 
called and all that possible was done, and Dr. J. W. HAMILTON was summoned but found him 
dead on arrival.

Source: Mt. Vernon IL Register-News
Date: Saturday, January 9, 1932
Submitted by Mary Zinzilieta

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