John Logan Kirk
Entire Community Shocked by Sudden Death of J. Logan Kirk; 
One of Our Best Citizens Gone

Our community suffered a great shock when a message came up about 10 a.m. 
Monday that J. Logan KIRK had dropped dead at Benton.  To his friends Mr. KIRK 
appeared to be in his usual health.  He was naturally robust and strong and seemed 
to be in the prime of life. 

After returning from Park Avenue Church at Mt. Vernon Sunday night where he had 
taken his wife and niece and some friends, he returned about 11 a.m. and about 
two hours later called his wife and complained about severe pain in his left chest.  
She gave him treatment and next morning he was able to arise, ate his breakfast, and 
before starting to work at Benton made a call at the store of Gilbert WILSON.  He 
told Mr. WILSON about the pain in his chest, and remarked he believed too much smoking 
might be causing an injury to his heart.

He then gathered up the boys and girls who are attending the Benton High School, and 
make the trip daily with him as he goes and returns from his work, and made his usual 
trip.  The children, bearing no complaint, did not suspect anything was wrong with their 
good, faithful friend.

A short time after reaching Benton he made a call at the McCORMACK store where he was 
seen to fall.  A physician was called but nothing could be done.  He never regained 
consciousness and died in a few minutes.  An inquiry was held over the body by 
Coroner D. J. CLAYTON.

Mr. KIRK was born in Elk Prairie on September 19, 1885.  At the time of his death he 
was 46 years, 7 months and 20 days of age.  His father was a Civil War soldier, and named 
this, his youngest son, in honor of John A. LOGAN, distinguished general of that war.

He received a good common school education and entered Ewing College where he took a 
teachers' course.  He followed teaching for 10 years and was recognized as one of the 
best instructors in the county.

In 1910, he married Anna LEE, the surviving widow.  Some years after his marriage he 
left the farm and located in Ina.  About 15 years ago became associated with the 
STAMPER MYER Grocery Co. at Benton and after the retirement of Mr. MYERS he was 
associated with F. H. STAMPER. 

Mr. KIRK was a good substantial citizen, quiet, pleace loving, never speaking ill of 
anyone and always ready to help a friend or neighbor.  He stood for the best interest 
of his community and was always ready to do his part in any worthy enterprise.  His 
death is a distinct loss to this community, where he has lived and labored and given 
the best years of his life.

He is survived by his wife, Anna KIRK, two fine boys, Aubrey and Max, who are students 
in the Illinois University, and one brother, J. V. KIRK of Alton.  

Funeral was held at the Ina Baptist Church at 2 p.m. Wednesday.  Services were conducted 
by Eld. C. W. MAULDING of Mt. Vernon, assisted by Eld. Frank HOOKER of Mt. Vernon.  
A large crowd, with a great number of friends from nearby towns attended the funeral.  
The beautiful floral offerings contributed by loving friends, was a token of the high 
esteem in which he was held by those who knew him best.  Body was laid to rest in the 
KIRK Cemetery.


Source: Paper Unknown (maybe Ina Observer)
Date:  May 12, 1932
Submitted by: Mary Zinzilieta

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