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William Fletcher JOHNSON, was born of very pious parents, James and 
Clarissa MAXEY JOHNSON, in Sumner Co. Tennessee where the present
city of Gallatin, now stands, on the 17th day of November 1817. It is a 
pleasurable duty to write the obituary of such a man as this.

When an infant his parents brought him to this county, settling in what
is now Moore's Prairie township, near Lowery's Hill. In the fall of 1818, 
his parents moved from Moore's prairie and settled on the farm where the only 
surviving brother, Abraham T JOHNSON has ever lived. 

Here the subject of this obituary grew to manhood. He was the third son of a
family of sixteen children. Eight sons and eight daughters, all of whom
are dead but two, Mrs. Jane ARMOUR and Abraham T JOHNSON. He was married to 
Lucretia H HOBBS, December 13, 1836, and in the following spring settled on the 
farm where he ever afterwards lived. Here their children were born. John F. who 
died when about one year old, Martha E, Permelia C., James T., Druscilla J., 
William Henry, George D., and Mary C. 

In early life he professed religion. As a class leader he was careful and admonishing, 
as an exhorter he was especially fervent, instructive and upbuilding. He loved to 
sing the old Methodist hymns. As a Sunday school teacher and officer, he was ever at 
his post. As a citizen, he was loyal and true, a neighbor, kind and obliging; as
a husband loving and kind. He loved his family and home. When he and Aunt Cretia 
moved into their humble pole cabin sixty-six years ago, they dedicated it in solemn 
prayer to Almighty God.

As their children, eight in number, were born they dedicated them to God in Holy Baptism. 
As a steward of the church he was diligent and kind, often paying to the support of the 
ministry beyond his means, yet God blessed him and he was happy. His house was ever
the home of the weary itinerant minister. 

He sweetly fell asleep in Jesus, at one thirty o'clock, December 8, 1902, aged eighty-five
years and twenty one days. A good man has fallen, Peace to his blessed memory. Aunt Cretia, 
the wife of his youth, preceded him to the better land, May 4 1894.

They were the last of the founders of Hopewell church.

Virginia R. Black

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